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RAD Torque Releases B-RAD BL S Torque Wrench

By RAD Torque Systems Press Release

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia, Canada – RAD Torque Systems has launched what it calls its most advanced battery tool, the B-RAD BL S. The new torque wrench is an addition to the battery-operated series known as the B-RAD. Like its predecessor, the B-RAD BL SELECT, the new S tool has a brushless motor for speed and efficiency but is integrated with a torque transducer for high accuracy regardless of joint conditions, according to the company.

B-RAD 1400-S.png
The B-RAD BL S advanced battery tool.

“Integrating a transducer into our powerful B-RAD series with a brushless motor was imperative based on industry demands,” said Dan Provost, founder and owner of RAD Torque. “The ability to have a battery-operated torque wrench that can read torque measurements in real-time with the added bonus of easily accessible torque is invaluable for big industry applications. We’re excited to get the new B-RAD BL S into the hands of workers around the world.”

The B-RAD BL S automatically records all torque cycles, including torque measurements, through the integrated transducer. The data from the torque measurements recorded on each job can be retrieved wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection and RAD software. This additional control increases the accuracy of torque output, and the transducer measurement enables accurate recorded torque logs, according to the company. The B-RAD BL S also offers angle movement, which is especially useful for difficult and critical applications.

The B-RAD BL S has torque capabilities of up to 5,000 ft/lb. All RAD Torque tools are calibrated to ISO 17025 standards.

For more information on the B-RAD BL S, visit the company web site here and view a product video here.


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