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OMAX Virtual Trade Show to Feature Customer Insights into Waterjet Productivity

By OMAX Corporation Press Release

KENT, Wash.– Attendees at OMAX Corporation’s "Don't Take Our Word for It" virtual trade show, now scheduled for Oct. 8, 2020 (the event was originally slated for Oct. 1), will learn how and why abrasive waterjet technology has become an essential component of productivity for manufacturers in numerous fields. During the event, Eric Vossman, owner of Machine Repair & Design, will host a virtual tour of his shop and share his company's experiences in using two OMAX JetMachining Centers to fabricate parts from concept to reality for the aerospace, industrial, medical and consumer industries.

In addition to customer-driven insights into the use of abrasive waterjets for a wide variety of production runs, this virtual trade show event will present the advantages of OMAX service and support and provide attendees with online training and maintenance resources to optimize their own processes. Presentations from OMAX Vice President of Sales, Steve Ulmer, and Regional Sales Manager, Greg Smith, will share the examples of how OMAX abrasive waterjets have heightened customers’ manufacturing uptime and responsiveness, according to OMAX.

Abrasive waterjet technology enables shops to cut virtually any material with tight tolerances, no heat-affected zones and no extended setup procedures. Vossman's shop routinely uses abrasive waterjet technology to cut materials ranging from 2024 aluminum alloy to 12-inch-thick Inconel 625, as well as steels, titanium, plastics, laminates and other materials. This is the fifth in a series of OMAX virtual trade shows, with a library of previous events available at

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