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Improved vProbe Offers Production Floor CMM Measurements

By Automated Precision, Inc. Press Release

The improved API vProbe tactile measuring sensor performs accurate CMM-style measurements directly on the production floor, according to Automated Precision, Inc (API.) Integrated with the API Radian Laser Tracker series the vProbe enhances the measuring capabilities and functionalities of traditional Laser Trackers.

Fig. 3 vProbe with Radian Laser Tracker performing part inspection.jpg
vProbe with Radian Laser Tracker performing part inspection.

The vProbe is a wireless, hand-held, lightweight, tactile probe with easy hold grip that allows users to perform extended coordinate measuring functions by inspecting intricate internal and external features or part characteristics.

The RFID probe stylus recognition feature of the new vProbe eliminates the need to manually select the probe stylus, ultimately removing potential for error. Additionally, Smart Buttons create a better user experience, minimizing trips to the computer to select common functions which are now integrated in the probe.

Dynamic tactile scanning capability provides instant coordinate feedback, and the integrated battery provides 6 hours of measurement activity. Styli lengths up to 500mm with a variety of tip sizes can be accommodated.


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