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Willemin-Macodel Gets Machine-Optimized ESPRIT CAM Solutions

By DP Technology Corp., Press Release
ESPRIT’s highly optimized support for Willemin-Macodel. (Provided by DP Technology Corp)

Switzerland-based machine builder Willemin-Macodel is a supplier of cutting-edge, made-to-measure machining solutions for complex, high-precision workpieces offering high added value in industries like watchmaking, jewelry, medical, aviation and more. Its U.S. operations are based in Elmsford, N.Y.

Due to the configurations and complexity of certain mill-turn machines (such as 508MT, 508MT2 X400, 408MT), programming and simulating using conventional computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software can be a challenge. Without the right software to drive those powerful machines, it is difficult to fully utilize their capabilities and realize their complete benefits.

By working directly with Willemin-Macodel and a number of key clients, engineers at DP Technology Corp., Camarillo, Calif. developed highly optimized support for Willemin-Macodel within its ESPRIT CAM software to improve the user experience and programming efficiency for the MT series, including output of machine-optimized, edit-free G-Code.

Some of ESPRIT’s key capabilities for these machines include:

  • Create and sort operations in the required work coordinates
  • Optimize simulation to match the output NC code and actual machine behavior
  • Display various operation information to make programming in ESPRIT easier
  • Provide a simple interface to set global machine settings
  • Offer an easy way to mount vise jaws on the turret
  • Offer a quick solution to mount chuck and collet on the main and sub spindles
  • Allow programming of tailstock engage and disengage cycles
  • Enable programming of vise steady rest engage and disengage cycles
  • Let the user flag a milling operation as a cutoff operation

ESPRIT is known for generating edit-free G-code, according to DP Technology. DP engineers worked closely with Willemin-Macodel machine specialists to create a turn-key digital machine package, consisting of post-processors and virtual machines for the MT series. This eliminates the time spent on editing the G-code and streamlines the machine setup and first article run off for the end users, according to DP Technology.

“ESPRIT post developers collaborated with the team at Willemin-Macodel to develop a WM-specific software solution that enables quick processing of complex parts on our full five-axis, mill-turn machine tools,” said Jim Davis, application manager at Willemin-Macodel.

ESPRIT provides not only a dedicated CAM solution for the Willemin-Macodel machines, but also engineering expertise and knowledge to make sure end users get started quickly and maintain efficiency using MT series machines, according to DP Technology.

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