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DMG Mori Emphasizes the Digital Age

Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media

“All things digital” was the message from Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft in a keynote delivered via the internet rather than in live event. DMG Mori is yet another company giving a full virtual showcase of its products to the world, as the current pandemic situation restricts travel and person-to-person discussions. Its virtual showcase was held on October 9, 2020.

DMG Mori’s new traveling column DMFI8 five-axis machining center.

“It is important that we help our customers future-proof” their investments, stated Thönes. To do that, DMG Mori will focus on three broad fields for engaging with customers. These were automation, digitization and customer partnerships. By partnerships, one could gather that is more custom and tailored solutions--beyond simply delivering a machining center. Clearly the company’s view is that the future of the market includes integrated digitization, automation, additive manufacturing, as well as, oh yes, new and improved machining centers such as the new DMF 200I8.

A key element in DMG’s digitization is its CELOS platform, developed by DMG MORI in 2013. The company makes a point that the center of the "CELOS Machine" is an APP-based user interface, which enables access to all production-relevant information via the control system. Typically a third party control system is incorporated in the system.

Building on that and following the current industry fad towards so-called low-code and no-code, the company’s TULIP no-code app development kit was another highlight of the virtual showcase. With TULIP, production staff on the shop floor create Aplications themselves without any programming knowledge. Apps could include interactive assembly instructions, digital test reports or process documentation. It was described as easy to use as making a Powerpoint slide deck.

For those with machining in their blood, the new five-axis DMF 200I8 was an interesting announcement in the showcase. Designed for longer parts the single piece machine bed is made of cast iron. It features three linear guide ways in the X-direction alone. It also features careful focus on cooling for maximum thermal stability. Designed for industries such as die & mold, aerospace, and even medical technology, it features a modular system that allows application-oriented configurations.

Discussions on additive manufacturing, its Taiyo Koki grinding technology and integrated automation rounded out the day’s sessions.

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