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Altair Releases Updated PBS Professional HPC Tool

By Altair Press Release

Troy, Mich.-based simulation developer Altair announced a major update to its Altair PBS Professional, a workload manager for high-performance computing applications.

New features within the PBS Professional base scheduler enable customers to increase throughput as much as tenfold, manage costs and resources more accurately, and access efficient scaling through cloud bursting, according to Altair.

“For our users, the latest version of PBS Professional represents a significant increase in functionality and value. It will provide customers with the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency they need,” said Sam Mahalingam, Altair CTO. “The addition of a hierarchical structure makes PBS Professional a full-spectrum proposition—accommodating workloads ranging from multi-core, long-running HPC jobs to high-throughput workloads that could potentially involve tens of millions of high-frequency jobs in a single day.”

According to the company, user benefits include:

  • High throughput scheduling, with the flexibility to accommodate more diverse and dynamic workloads via hierarchical scheduling. PBS Professional now embraces both high-performance and high-throughput computing workloads. Users can employ a “personal” scheduler to queue their own jobs sequentially within the same overall scheduler.
  • The ability to simulate workloads to find the most productive approach to scaling HPC resources.
  • Allocation management to control and optimize budgets across multiple sites, departments, and HPC clusters by scheduling resources to match an organization’s profile of costs and resources.
  • Cloud bursting via a GUI that requires no specialist expertise, leveraging on-demand resources from both public and private clouds.
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