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Siemens expands software ecosystem for industrial additive manufacturing

By Siemens Press Release

Through these new partnerships, Siemens is adding support for new methods of AM production, further strengthening Siemens’ end-to-end solution for industrialized additive manufacturing as part of its Xcelerator™ portfolio of software and services.

Morf3D and Siemens are working together to accelerate the adoption of metal additive manufacturing for disruptive innovations such as this light weighted bracket.

Over the last several years, Siemens said it gathered momentum in the additive manufacturing industry. Through key partnerships, acquisitions and other initiatives, Siemens claims it has not only kept pace with the estimated 25% annual AM market growth but exceeded it over the last three years.

Working with Sintavia, Morf3D and Evolve Additive Solutions Siemens’ aims to strengthen its end-to-end industrial AM solution while expanding support for service providers and AM machine builders.

  • Siemens is collaborating with Sintavia, a leading metal additive manufacturer, to connect all phases of the AM process and increase automation across these processes for optimal efficiency. This agreement is particularly valuable to the aerospace and space industry, as it can enable parts to be designed and produced for optimal sustainability through additive manufacturing. By driving their operations with Siemens’ end-to-end software, Sintavia can deliver AM parts more efficiently and cost-effectively, according to Siemens.
  • Siemens signed an agreement with Morf3D, an additive engineering and manufacturing service provider, who are helping apply Siemens’ AM software to the design, engineering and production of groundbreaking metal-based product innovations across many industries. Through this partnership, Morf3D will accelerate the delivery of more product-enhancing AM applications for companies in a wide range of industries, leveraging design optimization, AM part qualification, and industrial-scale production.
  • Siemens signed an agreement with Evolve Additive Solutions, an AM machine developer whose pioneering STEP technology applies polymer onto rollers, like a 2D paper printer. STEP enables high-speed, high-accuracy and high-volume thermoplastics AM that equals or exceeds the isotropic properties of injection molding. Evolve will equip its breakthrough machines with Siemens’ AM software so that they can optimize build preparation, including part slicing and nesting, as well as global production planning, scheduling and execution. 
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