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Nikon Metrology Partners with NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation

By Nikon Metrology Press Release

BRIGHTON, Michigan -- Nikon Metrology today announced a new partnership with NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation of Wexford, Ireland. The agreement will help customers with Continuous Process Improvement by making use of automated microscopy, according to the company.

NSI is a leader in the field of Continuous Process Improvement by using Automated Microscopy Software. The company specializes in medical device, pharmaceuticals, electronics, wafer technology, and other sectors involving challenging inspection requirements. The company’s platform, the NSI Toolbox, can detect any deviation and categorize it as a defect whether it be a dimension or an attribute surface defect, and then presents it to an operator in a result-driven interface. The NSI technology digitizes a production document, taking any process, converting it into a digital algorithm, and reducing the inspection to a simple one button press action.

The partnership allows Nikon Metrology to target the medical device community in which NSI specializes, but this type of automation can be used in conjunction with any type of microscopy, or even images from the Nikon Metrology’s NEXIV video-measuring system. The software is fully configurable, taking images from an optical device and analyzing them while presenting them on a result driven interface in micro-seconds. Even process specific and customized algorithms can be added to the standard NSI Platform to further improve that process.

Nikon Metrology, Brighton, Mich., announced a new partnership with NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation of Wexford, Ireland. (Provided by Nikon Metrology)

“We work with Nikon because they have a premium optical product which complements our NSI Software Toolbox” says John Moore, Sales and Marketing Director for NSI.

“We recognize that the marketplace is changing and that customers are looking for more automation,” says Darrell Sanderson, vice president of Industrial Products and Services at Nikon Metrology Americas. “NSI brings to us this automation and a degree of artificial intelligence that allows microscopy to move into the next decade.”

Nikon states the partnership between these two technologically savvy organizations is an example of how advanced manufacturing processes are permeating all levels of industry.

“What we’re striving for is to bring microscopy to the fourth industrial revolution,” says Moore. “At first, you might have an operator at a system pressing a button, but in the due course of time this will be an automatic decision-making system in itself that keeps all data centralized for audit management, reusing that data for further process and product optimization. This is what NSI ultimately strive for.”

“We are automating microscopy and applications primarily to move process and technology forward, and that’s a great thing for the customers that Nikon Metrology and NSI will be serving together,” concludes Sanderson.

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