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May 2020 Product Previews — New Technology for Manufacturers

By SME Media Staff

Preconfigured Function Blocks

Preconfigured Function Blocks.jpg

The expanded iQ Monozukuri from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is a series of tools that the company says saves programming time and reduces human error when creating projects by using pre-configured CAM profile function blocks, sample programs, and sample GOT screens. They can also be used for running simulations. The iQ Monozukuri Packaging and iQ Monozukuri Converting are targeted to programmers, OEMs and end users that are working with the company’s compact or modular PLC offerings. The packaging version is available for iQ-F and iQ-R Series hardware. Converting versions are available for iQ-R Series hardware. A free 60-day trial version is available.
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.
847-478-2415 /

Multitasking Machining Center

Multitasking Machining Center.jpgThe Nakamura-Tome MX-100 multitasking turning center is equipped with 96-tool capacity and a 15-hp upper tool spindle with 20,000 rpm and turning capability. An 8,000-rpm milling turret offers 12-tool stations with 24 indexing positions. The MX-100 features a SmartX touch-screen and a PC-based 19" (482.6-mm) LCD panel, which works in conjunction with the FANUC 31i-B5 control. It features a 12,000-rpm (optional 20,000-rpm) upper tool spindle with a 2.5" (63.5-mm) diameter bar capacity. Y-axis travel is 8.26" (210 mm), and X-axis travel is up to 1.9" (48 mm) below spindle center.
Methods Machine Tools Inc.
877-668-4262 /

Door Actuator System

Door Actuator System.jpgThe Safe Machine Door System (SMDS) is a retrofit system for automating any horizontal machine door type, including single-door, bi-parting door, or doors with telescopic-leafed sections. The actuator system offers switchable motion profiles supporting differing types of automatic loading that may occur on the same machine. The SMDS is available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—for doors with opening widths up to 1750 mm. It includes the door drive unit, which contains all the mechanical components needed to operate a single- or double-leafed door and can be installed within one shift.
Dynatect Manufacturing Inc.
800-298-2066 /

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center.jpgThe Chiron FZ/DZ 25 vertical machining center series is designed for double-spindle machining of large aluminum structural components. With a spindle distance of 800 mm and spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm, the machine has a work area of up to 799 mm in diameter per position. Pallet size under each spindle is 630 × 630 mm. Up to 60 HSK 63 tools can be assigned to each spindle with chip-to-chip time of 3.5 sec. Spindles travel independently in the X and Z direction. Travel range in X, Y, and Z are 800 mm, 1100 mm, and 800 mm.
Chiron America Inc.
704-587-9526 /

Fiberglass Routers

Fiberglass Routers.jpgFour new types of solid-carbide fiberglass routers are optimized in composition, cutting angles, flute strength and stability for longer life and lower cost per part. Distinctive cutting ends make these routers ideal for roughing, finishing, edge trimming, slotting, grooving, drilling or interpolation. The Type I (NC end) model is used for side milling, roughing or finishing passes. The Type II (burr end) is used for plunging without damaging side flutes. The Type III (mill end) is best for surface milling molds or grooving with surface finish requirements, and the Type IV (drill end) is used as a router and a drill.
YG-1 Tool (USA) Co.
800-765-8665 /

White Light Scanning

White Light Scanning.jpgThe RS-Squared Area Scanner is now paired with the Absolute Arm portable measurement system. The combined unit takes up to four square “tiles” of 3D point data per second, while maintaining the high accuracy measurement of the touch probe, even in difficult to reach areas, the company says. The RS-Squared does not use reference markers in the traditional way because the Absolute Arm does the referencing for it. The RS-Squared can be removed from the arm at any time and swapped for another sensor or probe without any need for calibration.
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
401-886-2112 /

Drill/Tapping Centers

Drill_Tapping Centers.jpgThe Tongtai VTX series of drilling and tapping centers has rapid traverse speeds up to 2,362 ipm (60 m/min) in all axes and acceleration of 1.2 g. A standard 7.5-hp (6.6-kW), 12,000-rpm, direct-drive spindle provides rigid tap speeds up to 6,000 rpm. The centers have a compact 87 x 63" (2,210 × 1,600-mm) footprint and fixed column/moving table type design with Meehanite cast iron frames and roller-type linear slideways for rigidity and precise movement. Two types of high-speed ATC systems are available including a 21-tool turret-type ATC and a 20-tool arm-type ATC system.
Absolute Machine Tools Inc.
800-852-7825 /

Multi-Material Drill

Multi-Material Drill.jpgThe CoroDrill 860 from Sandvik Coromant has an advanced-GM geometry that offers high-performance drilling across a wide range of materials and applications, as well as significantly improved tool life, the company says. The tool features an innovative flute design with multi-layer physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating on the drill tip. The highly polished flute helps improve chip evacuation and reduces heat build-up during drilling. The tool can be used on a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hardened metals, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and heat-resistant superalloys.
Sandvik Coromant
800-726-3845 /

Enclosed Large Additive System

Enclosed Large Additive System.jpgThe LSAM 1010 is an enclosed version of the company’s other large scale additive system models. The LSAM 1010 features a fixed 10 × 10' (3.048 x 3.048-m) table. A single moving gantry carries both the print and trim heads that can both print and trim, but not at the same time. The print and trim heads can process virtually any reinforced composite thermoplastic materials available today. The 1010 can be purchased as a print-only machine. The company believes the LSAM 1010 can be built to meet European CE requirements.
Thermwood Corp.
800-533-6901 /

Ring Encoder

Ring Encoder.jpgThe ERM 2203 is a mid-range, high-accuracy ring encoder suitable for position measurement applications such as gear-wheel grinding machines that require high tolerance to contamination, but do not demand the accuracy level of an optical encoder. The ERM 2203 retains the same 200-µm signal period as other current ERM products, though the graduation error has been reduced by approximately 30 percent. Also, the interpolation error has been cut in half and reversal error has been negated as compared to other ERM encoders, the manufacturer says.
Heidenhain U.S.
847-490-1191 /

Milling Machine

Milling Machine.jpgFor jet engine and power generation turbine blades up to 1.4 m in length, the Liechti Turbomill 1400 g clamps blades at each end and rotates them between centers for heavy-duty roughing and dynamic finishing of airfoil contours, root forms, and shrouds. The machine generates complex profiles on the leading and trailing edges of the blades and delivers 1 g acceleration/deceleration rates for maneuvering 3D machining paths. Engineered to handle extreme momentum and inertia, the X axis moves via linear drive, the Y and Z axis on ball screws, and direct-drive motors power the rotary B and A axes.
GF Machining Solutions
847-913-5300 /

WCO Software

WCO Software.jpgManufacturing Management Software (MMS) is used for planning, forecasting, controlling, visualizing, and monitoring automated manufacturing processes. The new MMS Domain, Work Cell Operations (WCO), includes all manual production tasks, work cells, and stand-alone machines in the IT-supported planning, control and monitoring of production. For this purpose, the solution can be used either separately for machines or manual workstations or in combination with an automated pallet or workpiece handling system. WCO promises a range of advantages for work preparation, shop floor, and controlling, including time-optimized, automated production planning that takes the entire process chain into account.
Fastems LLC
866-702-0611 /

No-Drip Nozzles

No-Drip Nozzles.jpgThe 1/8 NPT is a no-drip, internal-mix, air-atomizing spray nozzle that mixes liquid and air inside the nozzle. It positively stops liquid flow when compressed air is shut off to reduce dripping. The nozzles are available in three different liquid patterns: narrow angle round, wide angle round and flat fan patterns. The nozzles are available with 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 NPT inlets with a variety of liquid flow values to suit the application. The nozzles are used for pressure-fed applications. Internal mix nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to 300 centipoise.
Exair Corp.
800-903-9247 /

Modular Toolholder

Modular Toolholder.jpgThe QC (Quick-Change) Toolholder is a modular system for Swiss-style machining that enables repeatable insert indexing and tooling changes outside of tight machine work spaces. Users can remove both cutting heads and inserts as a single assembly, and index and reinstall them. Manufacturers can also use a second toolholder set to efficiently exchange cutting heads and inserts. The toolholders include cutting heads for general ISO turning, MDT, threading and parting-off.
Seco Tools LLC
248-528-5451 /

Live and Static Lathe Tools

Live and Static Lathe Tools.jpgThe Citizen tool program from Platinum Tooling is a line of live and static tools for Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes, including most Citizen lathes. Tooling includes high-quality bearings, ground gear components, spindles, and housings to produce tools with maximum rigidity, according to the manufacturer.
Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.
847-749-0633 /

Web Server Module

Web Server Module.jpgDesigned to mount directly onto a drive, the Sinamics V20 Smart Access web server module transforms a mobile device or laptop into a virtual operator panel for drive control. By providing a Wi-Fi hot spot, the wireless connection on the module facilitates setup, programming, commissioning, production monitoring and maintenance on various machines and production equipment. Smart Access provides access to the V20, up to 100 m away, even when the drive is located in difficult-to-access installations. Using WPA2 security, the module works with iOS and Android operating systems, as well as commonly used web browsers.
Siemens Corp.
800-743-6367 /

High-Feed Milling Cutter

High-Feed Milling Cutter.jpgThe Xtra·tec XT M5008 is an indexable, high-feed milling cutter that comes in 5/8 to 2.5" (16 to 63.5-mm) diameters, and permits high feed per tooth at low axial depths of cut. Various grades and chipbreakers are available so that it can be used universally for steel and stainless steel, as well as for cast iron and hard materials with difficult cutting properties. The cutters feature a shallow approach angle, low radial load on the tool, plus a short and stable peripheral cutting edge.
Walter USA LLC
800-945-5554 /

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