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Capture 3D Announces New ATOS Q Scanner

By CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company Press Release

Capture 3D, the official US partner for GOM GmbH/Zeiss, in a press release dated May 5, 2020 announced the product release of ATOS Q—the latest addition to the ATOS blue light 3D scanning product line offering improved technology, performance, and design.

ATOS_Q PR 2 768x432.jpg
The new ATOS Q from GOM and available through Capture 3D features interchangeable lens and a blue light source.

With the growing number of industries requiring accurate metrology-grade 3D scanning solutions to meet rising product standards, companies use Capture 3D’s ATOS solutions for process optimization in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, medical to power generation.

ATOS is used throughout product development, quality control, near-line and in-line production to accurately obtain a digital blueprint of parts, components, assemblies, tooling, and molds. It can be used if the object material is cast, metal formed, or injection molded.

Designed for industrial use, the ATOS Q is engineered with 8 million or 12 million points per scan (PPS), a bright Blue LED Light Equalizer, and Triple Scan technology, reducing the number of individual scans needed and accelerating measurement time, even on complex parts. It used in dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, CFD/FEA analysis, digital assembly, and other manufacturing processes. It also features a fiber-optic connection to enable data transmission, an intelligent self-monitoring calibration system, and active temperature management.

The system can be configured with a tripod, industrial camera stand, desktop stand, or fully automated with the ScanBox 4105. It is also easily integrated with rotation tables or the tilt and swivel for semi-automated applications, according to the company. Catering to various measurement requirements, it has five different, interchangeable measuring volumes from 100 x 70 mm2 to 500 x 370 mm2. Like all other ATOS 3D scanners, this solution meets high metrological requirements and is supported by the latest software GOM Inspect Suite, according to Capture 3D.

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