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BLM Improves Its E-FORM Tube End Forming Machine

By BLM Group Press Release

BLM GROUP USA announced on March 17, 2020 the enhancement of its E-FORM tube end forming machine with a fully CNC electric rolling device. This device provides maximum precision and repeatability in part production. The punches of the E-FORM reach up to 10 tons of force, molding tubes up to 30 mm in diameter of various materials such as copper, aluminum, iron or stainless steel.

EForm 768x432.jpg
BLM’s E-Form tube end forming machine features a new fully electric rolling device.

The E-FORM has nine available processing stations for shaping, rolling, butting, or cutting that can be configured to the user’s particular needs. Plus, the absence of obstacles in the top part of the machine allows closing previously shaped tubes in the clamp, even those with very complex three-dimensional geometries. Since all of these operations can be performed in a single pass without having to withdraw material from the machine, cycle times are reduced, according to BLM. Edges may also be trimmed directly in the machine, and the CNC automatically adjusts the cutting position.

Equipped with BLM GROUP’s VGP2D software for programming, users select the punch they want to use and the VGP2D will program the most adequate values.

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