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ToolConnect IoT Upgrade Announced

By VKS Press Release

We're very excited to announce a major enhancement to ToolConnect loT! On top of its existing capability of capturing torque values in real-time, ToolConnect loT now supports the ability to push the required Pset (Parameter Set or required torque value) from a VKS work instruction directly to smart assembly tools.

This new feature represents a major milestone in the future of connected workers. By providing manufacturers with an integrated work instruction solution with the ability to communicate and interact with the outside world in real-time, we're now driving the fourth industrial revolution one step further with its vision on the future of connected work.

Connecting Workers with Digital Instructions

 As the global economy continues to evolve with every passing day, a high level of uncertainty is also created for manufacturers in every industry sector. This is due to the risk of the disappearance of tribal knowledge, the lack of a skilled workforce, and the increase in complex products and production processes.

By connecting employees with digital work instructions in real-time, companies can reduce quality issues and increase productivity, while at the same time also improving employee satisfaction.

"Taking less than a few minutes to set up per work instruction, our new enhancement to ToolConnect loT can inspire quite the retrospective" explains Daniel Frechette, CTO of VKS. "To think that in just a few years, the world has evolved from paper-based documentation to live digital work instructions controlling tools and equipment in real-time as an operator progresses through a task is astounding. The level of innovation happening within the manufacturing sector is at an all-time high."

Contributing to the Evolution of Web Browsers

 Although a groundbreaking initiative in of itself for the manufacturing sector, this new enhancement also represents a step forward from a technological point of view. Being a browser-based solution, the VKS software is able to leverage the latest advancements in cloud-based technology and real-time global sharing of content. Due to the fundamental nature of their functionalities, browsers are typically built without the ability to communicate and control devices in the outside world. By incorporating leading-edge technologies into our platform, we have also been able to expand some of the typical limitations of browser-based technology.

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