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ESPRIT Announces Extended Support for Mazak Smooth Ai CNC

By ESPRIT Press Release

Camarillo, Calif. –ESPRIT by DP Technology has announced extended support for Mazak Smooth Ai CNC. ESPRIT produces machine-optimized, edit-free G-code programs, program optimization, and machine simulation for Mazak’s machine tools. The extended support offered by ESPRIT for Mazak’s new Smooth Ai CNCs includes the ability to utilize the ESPRIT digital twin inside the CNC. This new capability is the result of years of collaborative partnership between DP Technology and Mazak Japan.

ESPRIT_Mazak Smooth Ai_PR_Simulation image 768x432.jpg

ESPRIT’s AI engine ensures safe and efficient programming of the machine in complex environments, helping to reduce operator intervention and increase machine throughput.

With this extended support, the ESPRIT project data is synchronized with the Mazak Smooth Ai CNC. The synchronized project data includes the part and stock models, workholding, tooling, work offsets, tool offsets, and G-code program. With the synchronization between ESPRIT CAM and Mazak Smooth Ai, users can now preview the machining process virtually on the CNC, using the ESPRIT digital twin, before executing the program on the CNC machine. As a result, manual data input is eliminated, and the machine operator is offered greater assurance of the machining process. This results in shorter setup and prove-out times, and higher quality first-article run-offs.

To learn more about the partnership between ESPRIT and Mazak, visit ESPRIT’s partnership page.

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