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LK Metrology Launches New CMM Measurement Services Department

By LK Metrology Press Release

A spokesman for LK Metrology noted in a press release that the new Measurement Services Department is now providing CMM dimensional inspection for many types of precision engineered components, manufactured parts and assemblies in a new environmentally-controlled lab. The company is now also offering a dedicated Metrology Services Team, that will provide consultancy and training for customers all over North America. The facility is certified ISO17025 for calibration services which allows LK Metrology to certify its CMMs used for contract services, said the spokesman.

Fig. 2 Current LK Metrology Services lab has three LK CMMs (1).jpg
Current Metrology Services lab has three LK Metrology CMMs installed.

According to the press release, LK Metrology’s CMM resources include measurement volumes up to 2.5m x 2m. Equipment includes LK Metrology SCANtek5 CMM, an LK ALTERA ‘M’ CMM, an LK ALTERA ‘C’ CMM and a soon-to-be-installed larger 25.15.12 LK Altera ‘M’. A broad range of CMM probes and sensors that include Renishaw SP25M scanning probes, REVO2 5-axis multi-sensor system, SP80 high-accuracy scanning head and Nikon Metrology L100 and LC 15Dx laser scanners are available.

He also noted that the services include: Full dimensional inspection; First Article inspection; Series inspection; analysis and investigation; process capability studies and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

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