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Marposs Introduces CNC Probing Recorder Software Package for Improved Workpiece Quality

By Marposs Corporation Press Release

Designed to analyze production processes so corrective actions are taken to prevent producing low-quality parts.

Marposs’ CNC Probing Recorder software package, compatible with Mida probes, is an automatic measurement and reporting system for process control in machining operations.

In Feb., 2020, Marposs introduced the CNC Probing Recorder software package. It is an automatic measurement, report and process control acquisition system for statistically analyzing measurement results using Marposs’ optical and radio touch probes. The software is designed to analyze production processes, allowing prompt, corrective actions to be taken to prevent producing low-quality workpieces.

The software features an intuitive design, guided measurement process creation routine, and automatic acquisition of measurement results, allowing inexperienced operators to implement appropriate corrective actions. Designed and developed to be used in the Microsoft Excel environment it supports both Fanuc and Siemens CNC systems, providing interface with the machine tool via an Ethernet connection.

Guided Measurement Process Creation

The CNC Probing Recorder will select the corresponding set of available workpiece measurement cycles according to the machine it is operating. Once the number of measurement processes to run is defined, data is entered via the edit masks. This data includes the measurement’s nominal value, its tolerance margins, the type of cycle, and the desired result. The CNC Probing Recorder will then automatically suggest the name/number of the program to be activated in the cutting program on which the data collection cycle will be run.

Automatic Measurement Acquisition

Once the machine connection is established, the production of each workpiece and the measurement processes are completed, the CNC Probing Recorder will automatically enter the results in the cells corresponding to the workpiece number, the batch number, and the number of the process currently in progress, creating a report showing the trends of the individual measurements over time.

Reports and Statistics

At the end of the production, the data collected can be saved automatically and exported in Q-DAS format so it can be processed in the future using software for statistical calculations. The data can be recalled at any time and a report can be generated for the workpiece or the type of measurement, including statistical data.

Additional benefits include graphic result reports that are intuitive and easy to consult. There is also color-based identification for a rapid analysis of good and reject items

For more information on the CNC Probing Recorder, please visit or  contact Marposs Corp. by phone at (248) 370-0404, email, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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