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Machines Italia 2020 Magazine to be Published

Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media

The Italian Trade Agency via its North American Offices together with 16 of Italy’s leading machinery manufacturers associations will be producing the 2020 edition of the Machines Italia magazine. Normally produced in conjunction with IMTS, due to the pandemic and the switch to a virtual setting, Machines Italia will both produce a magazine to be distributed by SME and feature an expanded menu of digital offerings.

The Italian Trade Agency, with its network of 79 offices in 65 countries around the world, provides information and assistance to foreign entities interested in establishing relationships with Italian companies.

Every day, many Fortune 100 companies ranging from agricultural to aeronautics, use Italian machinery and technology to maintain their competitive edge. Flexibility, creativity, and innovation are the three most cited reasons by end-users for why they chose Italian machinery and technology, according to the ITA.

Some of the topics to covered in the Machines Italia 2020 magazine include:

Training Operators on Advanced Equipment: Workforce issues are front and center in the North American manufacturing industry and equipment producers are playing a key role in maintaining basic workforce skills, providing training on new, advanced equipment, and troubleshooting operating issues

Robotics and Automation: What are the Latest Advances? The related fields of robotics and automation are advancing rapidly, with new technologies and strategies that can help manufacturers improve productivity while requiring smaller labor inputs

Developing Effective, Easy-to-Use Data Strategies that Enhance Productivity: With more data available from manufacturing processes, manufacturers need data strategies that not only enhance productivity but are transparent and easy to use for machining operators, engineers, and company management alike

Advances in Heavy-Duty Machinery: Today, heavy-duty machinery needs to be more energy-efficient, capable of handling multiple applications, and of providing information about how it is operating.

After COVID-19: Planning for Manufacturing Recovery: As challenging as it can be, it’s vital to layout plans for the next stages, drawing the necessary lessons from the response to the epidemic.

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