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Notiphy Launches New Process Management and Communication Software

By Notiphy Press Release

CHICAGO—Notiphy, a workforce process management and communications platform for manufacturers, has launched its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform nationwide. Notiphy is focused on improving worker safety, efficiency and productivity and providing managers with greater visibility into employee work streams and job orders. The cloud-based software provides the data companies need to make intelligent decisions, improve profitability and replace their paper processes and job travelers, according to Notiphy.

“Notiphy is pivotal for the leaders in manufacturing to address the needs of the digital age,” said Notiphy Founder and CEO Bob Wise, who compiled market research to create the software. “Our game-changing platform was created to meet the growing demand for digital process management, content and communications.”

Manufacturers face challenges to lead their workforces into the digital age. According to a research study titled, “What Drives Differences in Management Practices?” published by the Center for Economic Studies (CES) and the U.S. Census Bureau, manufacturing plants that monitor process and employee performance are more successful. In addition, the report states that plants with more structured management performed better than other sites within the same firm, and plants that adopted more of these strategies saw their performance improve over time.

Notiphy says it recognized the need for an integrated platform and created a paperless process through real-time task lists and content, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, while many companies struggle due to a lack of a unified system, Notiphy creates a centralized knowledge base for manufacturers to track and accumulate data related to communications, workflow and job orders, according to the company.

Wise added, “Management will have all of the data related to the time it takes to do one task, an entire task list or an entire job, including the whitespace time a job order sits from one workstation to the next.”

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing work-related injuries
  • Reducing training and re-training times and the cost of hiring
  • Increasing reliability, productivity and quality
  • Increasing employee retention and profitability

Notiphy CTO Doug Gisby, who helped develop technology for BlackBerry and other software companies, agrees companies need simple solutions to get ahead of the current challenges.

“Digital transformation is a major priority for manufacturing companies and internal process management and communications play a critical role,” said Gisby. “Our easy-to-use platform delivers what the industry needs to attract younger workers to manufacturing and what customers need to get ahead of the competition and improve profitability. Manufacturers are struggling to bring on new workers. Notiphy solves for this by allowing current workers to be more self-sufficient and accountable without the need to re-train or hire additional employees."

With Notiphy, the task lists and job travelers are visible to the workers, similar to paper; however, workers are accountable for performing all of the tasks and they have the ability to input data and access related pictures and videos. Through the software, the company receives records and data about production and the time it took to complete tasks.

Gisby added, “One of the best things about Notiphy is the flexibility of the platform. You can start small and attack one problem or entire workflows and job orders.”

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