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CNC Software Launches Mastercam 2020 Multiaxis Add-On

By Mastercam Press Release

Tolland, Conn.– CNC Software Inc. has released Mastercam 2020 Multiaxis, an add-on for Mastercam Mill 3D, Router 3D, Mill-Turn, and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS. Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness, and Mastercam 2020 Multiaxis improves productivity with simultaneous four- and five-axis machining capability for the CAD/CAM program, according to CNC Software. Mastercam Multiaxis offers a range of multiaxis machining strategies, both basic and advanced. These toolpaths are also useful for advanced control of three-axis machines.

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Mastercam 2020 Multiaxis improves productivity with simultaneous four- and five-axis machining capability for the CAD/CAM program, according to CNC Software.

Cut Patterns guide the tool along specified paths. These patterns can be simple 2D and 3D wireframe, solid primitives, or complex multisurface grids. Mastercam’s Multiaxis machining has many toolpath types to govern the cut pattern.

Tool Axis Control allows orientation of the tool’s center axis to be manipulated as it follows the cut pattern. Users have complete and dynamic control over the tool axis, lead/lag, entry/exit, and tilt, which simplifies even difficult multiaxis jobs, according to CNC Software. Full entry and exit control allow users to determine where and how the cutter enters and leaves the part. An automatic point generator adds greater precision, as well as advanced gouge checking and a five-axis safe zone around the part to ensure safe cuts in even the most complex operations.

Collision Control: When programming five-axis parts, it is often necessary to come close to the part or fixture with the cutter, arbor, or the holder. Mastercam provides “near miss tolerance” fields so users can specify how close they are willing to get with any part of the tool and how to avoid those situations.

Blade Expert Add-On simplifies the toolpath creation process for any multibladed parts, including fans, propellers, impellers, turbines, marine screws, and more. Blade Expert is designed to generate efficient, smooth, and gouge-free toolpaths for these complex bladed parts.

Port Expert Add-On creates engine cylinder head porting toolpaths on port surface or solid data. The Port Expert toolpaths use three-axis machining as far into the port as possible, and then convert automatically to five-axis motion with minimum tilt. This avoids fishtails or inefficient reverse moves, and smoothly transitions where the toolpaths meet at the middle of the port.

Dynamic Motion and Accelerated Finishing: Included in Mastercam Multiaxis are two machining strategies. Dynamic Motion extends tool life with proprietary toolpath strategies that maximize material removal rate and reduce cycle times, and Accelerated Finishing uses profile tools and processes aimed at greater efficiency and higher machining productivity.

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