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Bruker Alicona Upgades µCMM Software

By Alicona

The new µCMM operating software MetMaX answers the question of what to measure, not how to measure, according to the company. Bruker Alicona published a press release on April 11 that stated that the operation of the micro coordinate measuring machine is designed in a way that operators do not need to have any special metrology or user knowledge to use the measuring machine. The knowledge of how to measure and evaluate 3D data is part of the µCMM software MetMaX.

A Bruker Alicona µCMM that will host the new MetMaX software.

When CAD data of a component has been uploaded, the user selects by mouse click which GD&T or PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) characteristics are to be measured. µCMM uses MetMaX to automatically configure the measurement strategy for 3D measurement of the part. The µCMM software autonomously calculates probing directions, tilt and rotation angles and travel directions in XYZ. Before the measurement is started a virtual simulation ensures a collision-free measurement sequence. The measurement is started by the operator with a mouse click and is then fully automatic. After the part has been measured in 3D, the data is automatically evaluated. If, for example, form deviations are to be verified, µCMM decides independently with MetMaX which geometric form, such as cylinder, plane, or sphere must be fitted.

A reporting system which complies with modern industry standards and can be configured to specific users gives an ok/not ok result.

Bruker Alicona had planned to introduce MetMaX at Control show. Instead, they are offering a live webinar on April 23rd where the software is demonstrated live for the first time. The webinar is broadcasted from their measurement center “Metrology Lounge” in the headquarters.

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