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BLM GROUP Enhances Automatic Laser Cutting Systems

By BLM Group Press Release

BLM GROUP announced on April 21 that it has enhanced its LT Fiber EVO and CO2-type LT722D automatic laser cutting systems, which process special sections and open shapes up to 6.0” (152.4 mm) diameter, with Active Tools. These patented solutions automatically adapt process parameters for optimal results independent of operator experience.  The suite of Active Tools included with these laser tubes include:

BLM.EVOFiberTube 768x432.jpg
BLM has enhanced its LT Fiber EVO and LT722 with Active Tools that automatically adapt to process parameters.
  • Active Tilt – uses focus head movement to provide fastest processing of small features
  • Active Scan – eliminates errors induced by distorted tubes
  • Active Weld – Adapts laser cutting parameters to ensure continuity and perfect scrap detachment in consideration of bigger weld seams
  • Active Focus – provides error free cuts regardless of changes of material and thickness
  • Active Marking – offers dynamic part marking for complete production traceability
  • Active Speed – ensures higher cutting quality on the most critical jobs
  • Active Piercing – increases piercing speed and reliability even on inconsistent material quality and thickness

The LT722D, available with a 2.5 kW CO2 laser source, can cut mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in some of its alloys, according to the company. The LT Fiber EVO, available with a 2 or 3kW fiber laser, can also cut these materials as well as copper, brass and galvanized steel. 

Both versions process bar weights up to 10.2 lb/ft (15 kg/m) and loading lengths of either 21’ or 28’ (6.5 or 8.5m) and unloading lengths of 11.5”, 15” or 21” (3.5, 4.5 or 6.5m). Additionally, on both versions, the bundle loader automatically adjusts from 0.5”- 6.0” (12 – 152mm) when switching from one tube shape to another. They also feature dynamic nesting for optimization of material usage and minimization of scrap.

These laser tubes manage changeover automatically with loading, handling and unloading automatically adjusted from one job to the next. This prevents potential collisions or production interruptions that can occur from human oversight or incorrect adjustments.  Additionally, programmable unloading capabilities allows users to remove finished parts from one side of the machine while production continues on the other. These features help to eliminate any downtime during production change, improving productivity and reducing cost per part.  

The anti-crush feature allows for processing pipes and profiles of any weight, without deforming even the thinnest walls, according to the company. And, an internal suction probe or ‘spoon’ can be inserted into the I.D. of round pipes to keep the inner surface clean when cutting. The ‘spoon’, which automatically adjusts to the tube diameter, catches dross and cutting debris and vacuums out particles that can adhere to the inside of the pipe to produce a clean dross-free internal finish.

The LT Fiber EVO and LT722D includes the BLMelements integrated software suite uniting design, programming, simulation, and multi-machine production management in a single source. 

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