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LED Lighting: Time to Flip the Switch

By Alex Risen Public Relations, Big Ass Fans

Decision makers take note. Your employees need to be taken care of. Ask yourself, “How do I deliver a quality work environment for my most valuable resource?” One highly visible way is facility optimization. Let’s start with a basic item: LED lighting can help talent acquisition and retention, increase quality control and assurance, reduce maintenance and operational costs, save energy, and decrease your carbon footprint.

By offering a bright, well-lit space that’s inviting and welcoming, manufacturers can appeal to new talent to fill open positions and stand out among peers who fail to take note.

That bright, beautiful facility that has everyone feeling good also allows for increased product integrity and consistency, thanks to a uniform solution that eliminates the mixed bag of halide, halogen and fluorescent fixtures plaguing plants and shops across the globe.

For corporate decision makers operating multiple facilities, providing the same lumen output and foot candle reading at every step of your manufacturing process will ensure your end product is the same quality no matter which facility it comes from.

Focus on Quality

By purchasing a quality LED lighting solution, such as the ones provided by Big Ass Fans, a manufacturing plant gets premium thermal designs, LEDs and drivers that are backed by a premium warranty. Bulb and ballast replacement needs are cut, which reduces operational waste.

The biggest reduction of operational waste comes in the form of energy savings. For example, one facility has increased foot candle readings while decreasing the number of fixtures in use and reducing the electricity used to power them. The results speak for themselves. Money went back into the operational budget and the plant achieved better corporate stewardship by focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness while cutting down on its carbon footprint.

What Makes a Quality Fixture?

IEG Plastics in Ohio recently switched to LED fixtures from Big Ass Fans as part of a full manufacturing facility transformation. (Provided by Big Ass Fans)

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of LED lighting, let’s jump into what makes a quality LED fixture. When looking for your solution, seek a solid return on investment. What’s the most important goal of your project? Is it increased foot candles at a certain location of the facility? Are the energy savings and potential local utility company rebates the selling point? Whatever your goal is, pick the fixtures that deliver.

Premium LED fixtures feature a thermal design that dissipates heat efficiently. High quality drivers and LEDs maximize your investment by reducing maintenance. Additional items to consider include: rotatable light modules; interchangeable optic lenses to shape and direct light where it’s needed; a high lumen-per-watt ratio; maximum operating temperature; occupancy sensors; mounting options; and surge protection.

The bottom line is you want a light that’s purpose-built to endure rugged industrial applications and is designed to outlast expectations. An exceptionally engineered LED fixture will deliver a solid ROI and offer flexibility while crossing off all the items on your project wish list.

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