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Step Up Your High Speed Machining Game with These 5 Books

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Modern machining is all about speeds and feeds. The old school slow, heavy cuts that were very popular back in the day have been replaced with a new way of machining parts characterized by fast, lighter cuts. This practice, commonly known as high speed machining (HSM), typically relies on making light milling passes at a high spindle speed and feed rate to achieve a high metal removal rate.

While this concept might seem counterproductive, shops that can make this switch in thinking will produce accurate parts faster. Mastering the technique, however, is not as easy as it might sound. It requires the right technology, a great amount of planning, and a deep understanding of all the different factors that will affect the results. Material type and features, machine and machining strategy, cutter style selection, cutting data, and CAM programming are all fundamental aspects that need to be considered well before the tool ever meets the workpiece.

Luckily, there are a lot of resources that can help you understand how high speed machining works and provide guidelines for adapting to a more modern way of making chips. To help with your HSM strategy, Practical Machinist put together a list of books on the subject.

From handbooks to guides, these publications include all the technical information you need in order to achieve great results, speed up your machining process, and stay competitive.

Here are, in no particular order, the top five books about high speed machining:

Guide to Hard Milling and High Speed Machining

Guide to hard milling.jpg

This book will give you an overview of the main players in the high machining center market as well as some information about some holder and probe manufacturers. If you are considering investing in new equipment to step up your high-machining game, this book is a must-have. The author’s vast knowledge of all the machining variables comes from his lifelong experience of helping shops develop the high speed machining and hard milling processes required to be competitive in today’s business climate.

High-Speed, Hard-Milling Solutions

High-Speed,Hard-Milling Solutions.jpg

This book will teach you how to invest in technology that will supply maximum results for high-speed, hard milling applications. The text is formatted in a question-and-answer fashion, detailing what an owner, purchaser, or operator should know when making a machine tool investment, specifically targeting the high-speed and hard milling applications, typical of the die and mold market.

High-Speed Machining

High Speed machining 1.jpg

One of the most comprehensive guides available about high-speed machining. This book was written to help machinists set up their equipment to reduce chatter and wear and learn how to use simulation tools to model high-speed machining processes.

High-Speed Machining

high-speed machining 2.jpg

Same title and topic, different book. This book discusses proven productivity improvements, including advanced cutting tools, simplifying machining operations and cost-saving through practical applications. It also addresses the current and future states of advanced machining processes, such as dry, near-dry, and one-pass machining.

Handbook of High-Speed Machining Technology

hanbook of high-speed machining.jpg

One of the first books ever written about the subject, it covers the multiple ways in which high-speed machining systems can solve immediate problems of profiling, pocketing, slotting, sculpturing, facing, turning, drilling and thin-walled sectioning.

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