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ProShop USA Supports Student-Run “Eagle Manufacturing” at Brown County (Indiana) High School With Donation of ProShop ERP Software

By ProShop USA

[Bellingham, WA – October 30, 2019]  ProShop USA, provider of digital manufacturing management systems, is donating ProShop ERP software to the student-run Eagle Manufacturing business at Brown County High School in Nashville, IN.

IMAGE Anderson and Townsend - 768x432.jpg
Left Brian Anderson, Implementation Specialist – ProShop USA; right Chris Townsend, Advisor – Eagle Manufacturing

ProShop software is a comprehensive web-based, paperless shop management system engineered to benefit small to medium-sized manufacturing companies. ProShop USA describes the software as a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem comprised of integrated modules for managing a shop’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) operations as well as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and QMS (Quality Management Systems) functions, among others.

Eagle Manufacturing is in its second full year of operation, with 26 students “employed” in the business for the 2019-2020 school term. Brown County High School created Eagle Manufacturing to provide students with the employability and technical skills they need to succeed after high school. As in a traditional manufacturing company, the student business offers a wide range of positions and opportunities to learn. The business operates during the regular school day and as a full time internship in the summer.

"We are incredibly excited to implement ProShop in Eagle Manufacturing,” said Chris Townsend, Eagle Manufacturing advisor. “From a business perspective, ProShop will allow us to go to the next level of efficiency and productivity in order to help better serve our customers. From an education perspective, ProShop will allow our students to engage with real-world, industry management software on a daily basis and further develop their technical and employability skills to prepare them for the workforce.”

Paul Van Metre, President of ProShop USA said, “We’re thrilled to work with Eagle Manufacturing. We believe deeply in investing in the future of manufacturing in North America and especially in showing students how exciting manufacturing careers can be. This mutually beneficial partnership will give the students a solid understanding of how enterprise software works -- experience they can bring to future employers -- while they in turn will provide us with feedback on how easy ProShop is to learn and use and how we can make it even better and more user-friendly.”

For more information about ProShop visit or call 360-515-7576.

For more information about Eagle Manufacturing visit

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