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Bystronic Introduces ByStar Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 12kW of Fiber Power

By Bystronic Inc. Press Release
ByStar Fiber 12 kW Laser Cutter

Elgin, IL—With the new ByStar Fiber 12kW, high speeds and a large spectrum of applications are possible. The ByStar Fiber from Bystronic is being enhanced with a 12kW Fiber laser and a newly designed cutting head which enables the “BeamShaper” option, enabling consistent cutting quality on varied material qualities up to 1.125 inches.

To compete for cutting jobs, sheet metal fabricators need to manufacture quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively. The best cost per cut part and shortest delivery times are decisive for achieving good production utilization. A laser cutting system with its specific components must therefore enable high processing speeds, a reliable cutting process, and low maintenance costs. Those who position themselves this way are awarded jobs that gradually increase revenue and build the foundation for growth, according to the company.

In order to support sheet metal fabricators amid growing competition, Bystronic is now launching the ByStar Fiber with 12kW. The fiber laser represents precise Bystronic technology, a stable cutting process up to the highest laser power, and a broad spectrum of applications. It is a technological leap from the 3kW to 10kW levels available up until now, to the new 12kW.

With the 12kW laser, the ByStar Fiber’s cutting speeds increase up to 20 percent on average (when laser cutting with nitrogen) compared to the previously available 10kW laser source. This increases productivity throughout the range of sheet thicknesses from .125 inch to 1.125 inches.

Stefan Sanson, Bystronic product manager for laser cutting explains: “This laser power is of interest to companies that want to achieve higher cutting speeds with material thicknesses starting at .125 inch and thicker, in order to increase their productivity per unit of time. The result is higher productivity with lower costs per part.”

New cutting head design for process stability

According to the company, the cutting head is the core element for a stable cutting process and consistently high parts quality. This applies all the more with increasing laser power, which must be delivered to the cutting material precisely and reliably. To enable this, Bystronic has continued to expand the development of the ByStar Fiber cutting head.

A slimmer design for the new cutting head decreases the possibility of contact with cut features during the cutting process. Bystronic is also reducing the number of different components and accommodating important technical functions in the interior of the cutting head.

Optimal cooling in the cutting head ensures consistent cutting performance, particularly for long-lasting cutting operations with high laser power. Bystronic endeavors to protect the lenses and cutting nozzle from high thermal stresses.

High cutting quality for materials up to 1.125 inch

For sheet metal fabricators who want to expand their job volumes into the highest material thicknesses, Bystronic has developed a further innovation. The new “BeamShaper” function enables exceptional cutting quality for steel up to a sheet thickness of 1.125 inches. This option can be selected with the purchase of a new ByStar Fiber or retrofitted at a later date. “BeamShaper” allows for an ideal adjustment of the laser beam profile to cut greater sheet thicknesses and variable sheet metal qualities. In materials up to 1.125 inches, the new function can raise the quality of the cut surface and increase the cutting speed by up to 20 percent.

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