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7D Kinematic Metrology Acquires iGPS Dynamic Tracking Business from Nikon

By Nikon Metrology Press Release

Leuven, Belgium—Canadian based 7D Kinematic Metrology Inc., has acquired Nikon Metrology’s iGPS dynamic tracking business. The closing of the transaction is expected to take place on March 31.


iGPS is a modular large scale, high-accuracy dynamic tracking solution that transforms large facilities into an accurate tracking-enabled workspace. Within the facility, the movement of an unlimited number of devices like large assembly parts, tools and AGVs equipped with iGPS sensors, can be tracked concurrently. As such, iGPS technology enables advanced manufacturing and assembly of large-scale products such as aircraft or aerospace components. The iGPS technology is also used during the development process of automotive active safety and autonomous driving systems.

7D Kinematic Metrology is part of Amrikart Ultraprecision group. Specialized in real-time assisted assembly solutions, 7D Kinematic Metrology has extensive experience in the implementation of the revolutionary iGPS system and dimensional measurement.

Tadashi Nakayama, corporate vice president of Nikon, welcomed the plans: “This business transfer is in line with the Nikon Corporation strategic review to focus on Optical and X-ray inspection and non-contact metrology”.

Nathalie Tremblay, CEO and owner of 7D Kinematic Metrology, commented: “Thanks to our long-term experience in aerospace manufacturing and the close cooperation with Nikon Metrology integrating their dynamic tracking iGPS solutions in aerospace assembly projects, 7D Kinematic Metrology will be well positioned to expand iGPS business line.”

Further details of the agreement were not disclosed.

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