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Haimer Displays i4.0 Readiness for Consistent Setups

Jim Lorincz
By Jim Lorincz Contributing Editor, SME Media
Brendt Holden, president, Haimer USA LLC, at the Haimer Open House.

The keynote for Haimer USA’s May Open House at its headquarters in Villa Park, Illinois, was delivered by President Brendt Holden, who remarked that his company’s toolholding and related products are designed to provide consistent setup for their customers’ machining jobs. Haimer is a family-owned company, founded in 1977, that employs 800 globally with 500 or so in Germany. It reinvests 8 to 10 percent of turnover in R&D every year and manufactures all of its own products. Its product lines include toolholders, cutting tools, induction shrink fit machines, balancing machines, tool presetters, and 3D scanners and tool management software.

Demonstrations of Haimer’s i4.0 shrink fit, balancing and presetting machines showed how setup data are managed by Haimer’s i4.0 tool and Data Management (DAC) system to connect all hardware components. DAC is the centralized clearing house for data starting with CAD/CAM. In a back and forth process, the DAC tells the tool setter where to find the right tool in which drawer; scans for shrink fit and cool down, inserts a new tool, goes to presetter, scans the HQR labels for measuring tools and scans to balance the tool assembly to quality grade and rpms.

Haimer’s products are designed to minimize the time to set up a machine and do it in an error free manner. The surest way is transferring data seamlessly with minimum or no operator input from device to device. And that’s exactly where Industry 4.0 comes into play for Haimer’s shrink fit, balancing and presetters, for example the Tool Dynamic Comfort Plus i4.0 balancing machine and Tool Dynamic Preset Microset balancing and presetting device in one.

Olaf Stoffels, managing director, demonstrating the Haimer Tool Dynamic Preset Microset at the Haimer Open House.

Power Clamp i4.0 Shrink Fit Machines benefit from the latest networking and scanning capabilities. Every i4.0 Shrink fit machine can be equipped with a scanner to get the shrinking parameters directly from the toolholder. All Haimer tool holders have a laser printed QR code for identification. The parameters of every tool holder are stored on the shrinking machine. Shrink chucks will not be overheated and have higher life expectancy. The display shows the position of the coil and ensures the right and safe induction heating. An updated computer system will be able to collect data on usage of the shrink fit holder.

Microset Tool Presetting Machines Microset machines include entry level machines for low volume users all the way to fully automated presetting with incorporated Haimer shrink fit technology. Balancing machines are similarly controlled by scanning the HQR or RFID chip to learn the parameters for balancing the toolholder.

Also introduced were new shrink and Duo-Lock collets that are compatible with ER collet chucks ranging from ER 16 to ER 32 with multiple collet length configurations. Enhanced cutting tool offerings included designs for aluminum and mold steels, as well as basic mill end mills, well-suited for roughing, finishing and drilling.

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