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CIMdata Publishes CGTech VERICUT Product Review

By CGTech Press Release

Irvine, CA — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic consulting and research firm, has released a detailed product review for CGTech’s numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, and optimization solution suite, VERICUT. The review features the most recent version of VERICUT, V9.0, released in November 2019.

The product review details the full range of VERICUT’s functionality, beginning with the capture of NC programs and related data from a CAM system, verifying and simulating CNC machining, and creating shop floor CNC machine set-up information and documentation. The product review also details the features, functions, and benefits of the VERICUT software module Force as applied to optimizing and improving the run-time of NC tool paths.

“CGTech continues to expand the boundaries of NC verification with their Force capabilities and support for additive manufacturing combined with their established subtractive verification techniques,” says Mike Fry, Director of Manufacturing Systems Engineering Practice at CIMdata. “VERICUT’s broad range of capabilities make CGTech a preferred solution provider for industries as diverse as machine tools, automotive, aerospace, and medical instrument design and manufacturing.”

The review states that CGTech is one of the most rapidly growing NC software providers, and is ranked as the 8th largest provider among all CAM software worldwide. CGTech is the first and only company to have entered the top ten in CIMdata’s ranking of NC suppliers based on direct revenues where the company’s primary focus is not the creation of original NC programs, according to CIMdata.

The complete product review is available at

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