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For an SME Member, Anything’s Possible

Brock Strunk
By Brock T. Strunk Chief Structures Engineer, Epic Aircraft SME Member Since 1999

I’ve been involved with SME for over 19 years—first as a scholarship winner and then as a student member at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Little did I know that I would go on to become even more involved in SME both locally and nationally.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to serve as co-chair of SME’s Technical Communities; chair, vice-chair and representative on the SME Member Council (I’m currently serving another two-year term); vice-chair of the Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community; co-chair of the former Finishing Processes Tech Group; an advisor for the Composites Manufacturing Tech Group; vice-chair and treasurer of Denver Chapter 77; and vice-chair of the Oregon Institute of Technology S036 student chapter. In 2008, I was also recognized with SME’s Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award.

Regardless of your involvement level or what you expected to gain from your SME membership, I hope my personal story is useful to you. When I joined as a student, my goals were obviously very different than they are now. Today, as an industry professional, it’s essential for me to stay in touch with composites manufacturing experts; through SME, I’m able to do this. Perhaps you joined at an event, wanted a discount off your certification or just wanted to network with other manufacturing professionals in your local chapter—the great thing about being an SME member is all of that and more is possible.

To encourage further involvement in SME, please consider these engagement opportunities:

SME Connect is the only place you will find a complete list of members who, like you, have made an investment in SME. Location isn’t a barrier; knowledge in and of manufacturing, technological expertise and areas of interest are prerequisites for participation—all of which you possess. With time being a commodity these days, I’d rather utilize a site like SME Connect to ask my questions and network because I know the individuals I’m having conversations with are like me—someone who cares about manufacturing and values my membership and involvement in SME. Login today at

Volunteer for your local chapter. Not only can you make an impact on SME’s future, it’s also a great way to interact with other members, gain additional leadership skills and improve your resume. Our local chapters are always looking for more members to assist them with organizing plant tours, updating their websites, judging a student competition or reviewing scholarship applications. Members are automatically assigned to a local chapter when they join; however, you can join and participate in as many chapters as you like. Visit to see a complete list of chapters.

Recognize your peers. As a previous award winner, I can’t stress how important it is to recognize those around you—it was a humbling and meaningful achievement for me. We all know someone who’s deserving of one or more of these awards; nominations can be submitted at any time. In fact, SME is currently seeking nominations for the 2019 International Honor Awards, Award of Merit, Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers and SME College of Fellows. Award criteria can be found at

What I’ve outlined above is obviously not the full breadth of SME’s products and services—there’s much more available to you. If you’re not already an SME member, I urge you to join at to begin collaborating with other manufacturing practitioners and sharing your valuable expertise.

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