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Mastercam 2019 Lathe Delivers Toolpaths, Techniques in Turning Software

By CNC Software Inc. Press Release
Mastercam 2019 Lathe features a new Tool Designer, Mill-Turn Environments, and Multiple Plunge.

From accepting and programming any CAD file to dynamic roughing and precision finishing, Mastercam 2019 Lathe from CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, CT) provides a variety of techniques to turn parts exactly as needed. Mastercam 2019 Lathe features a new Tool Designer, Mill-Turn Environments and Multiple Plunge.

Build tools from 3D STEP models using the new Tool Designer, a function panel with tab-style navigation that provides a structured workflow similar to using a wizard. Define tools, assign them to operations, and view them when running Classic Backplot and Mastercam Simulator.

Mastercam 2019 allows Lathe users to run select Mill-Turn machine environments, giving users the productivity benefits of Mastercam’s Mill-Turn programming environment. Experience automated job setup and part transfer, full machine simulation, and simplified programming of C/Y axis toolpaths.

The Lathe Groove toolpath includes a Multiple Plunge option which allows users to rough out a groove with rib cuts. Consistent tool pressure can result in better chip control and more even tool wear. Multiple Plunge gives the option to machine the ribs with a more aggressive feed rate than the initial plunges.

Additional features include:

  • Improved support for cross-centerline turning.
  • Support for Swiss machines. Swiss users with active Lathe and Mill/Mill 3D licenses can now take advantage of familiar Lathe and Mill toolpaths (available in the United States).
  • Full integration of the PrimeTurning toolpath. Mastercam 2019 features improved tool libraries, including 3D tool libraries and the introduction of 3D tool support.
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