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By Kevin Ayers Consulting Editor, SME Media

Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines making metal parts have been out there for a dozen years. The machines have improved since the initial offerings and the number of companies that now produce them have increased exponentially. Many companies are now ready to invest in this maturing technology, and there are many more companies with machines that vary in technology and materials. Even the experts in AM are having difficulty keeping track of all of the new offerings.

Source Senvol Database

Senvol has dedicated itself to helping all parties involved in AM in making the right decisions. Buying the wrong machine and materials can be an expensive mistake, not just in the capital cost of buying the wrong machine, but also in time lost in training, experience, and beating the competition to the punch. This guide is a beginning to locating what’s out there in additive manufacturing offerings. The information in this guide was provided by the Senvol Database, which is a comprehensive database of industrial AM machines and materials. The Senvol Database is free to use and can be found at This guide is confined to companies that are selling and delivering metal AM machines. There are an estimated 66 companies in the AM industry with plans to come into this market. Hybrid machines and laser cladding machines are not included in this table. 

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