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NAM Chief Says Group Is In Sync With Trump

Bill Koenig
By Bill Koenig Senior Editor, SME Media

DETROIT — The head of the National Association of Manufacturers said President Donald Trump is in sync with the advocacy group.

NAM (Washington) has “strong shared priorities” with Trump, Jay Timmons, the group’s president and CEO said at a Friday speech at the Detroit Economic Club.

The manufacturing group is seeking tax-law changes, including a lower business tax rate, infrastructure investment and reduced regulations. Trump has issued executive orders calling for fewer regulations; proposed investing in roads and bridges; and called for tax reform.

“This guy really cares about manufacturing,” Timmons said after his speech. “We haven’t had a president so focused” on manufacturing issues, he said.

Timmons’s appearance in Detroit was part of a “state of manufacturing tour” to promote NAM’s legislative agenda. The group estimates more than 297,000 regulations apply directly to manufacturers, which cost $35,000 per employee per year.

‘Our Time’

Trump emphasized bringing back manufacturing jobs to the United States during last year’s presidential campaign. The Republican won a majority in the Electoral College over Democrat Hillary Clinton, who led in the popular vote.

“This is our time,” Timmons said in his speech. “Manufacturing animated the presidential race. Manufacturers propelled a change election. And the president of the United States has made manufacturing in the United States a signature issue.”

Timmons said Trump has already moved to pare regulations and “I think we have an excellent opportunity to move comprehensive tax reform” this year.

An infrastructure plan take longer, he said.

“I hope infrastructure investment doesn’t get hung up on ideological issues” in Congress, Timmons said. “If we invest now, we will put America on a stronger foothold.”

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