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Methods to Show Automation Cell

By Methods Machine Tools Press Release

SUDBURY, MA U.S.A. (April 13, 2017) – On May 9 -11 2017, at the RAPID + tct Show Methods Machine Tools Inc., a leading supplier of precision machine tools, 3D printing technology and automation, will be showcasing a revolutionary cell solution designed to make quantum leap production increases in 3D manufacturing throughput. The first-of-its-kind automation cell, to be displayed in booth # 2637, combines additive manufacturing with robotics and subtractive processes, providing fast, highly efficient finished 3D part production.

“We’re really excited about this full production cell which addresses how manufacturers can successfully integrate necessary post-process machining operations in a high productivity, end-to-end solution,” said Methods 3D Inc. General Manager Benjamin Fisk.

The 20-foot Methods cell includes a 3D-printed product in-feeding station which shuttles 3D parts on build plates into a FANUC C600 EDM machine that makes a cut between the parts and build plates. In the next station a FANUC robot snaps the plates from the printed parts and transfers the parts to a FANUC RoboDrill for a final machining operation.

“This automated lights-out manufacturing cell was designed to drastically reduce the total time to complete parts from 3D printing to final post-processing,” added John Lucier, National Automation Manager at Methods Machine Tools, Inc. “It can easily quadruple total part throughput while eliminating manual labor.”

The cell demonstrates Methods’ strength in designing innovative automation solutions for both additive and traditional manufacturing. Methods automation builds flexible automation systems for customers throughout North America, utilizing robotics and a full range of precision machine tools. Methods 3D partner 3D Systems Corporation, the originator of 3D printing and a pioneer of future 3D solutions, will be exhibiting 3D printers and production applications in booth # 911, and in # 2525 which is adjacent to Methods’ booth.

The RAPID + tct Show, billed as North America’s foremost event for discovery, innovation and networking in 3D manufacturing, is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburg, PA. The event runs from May 8-11. Exhibits are open May 9 -11.

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