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Dig Deep Into the IMTS 2016 Toolbox for Innovative Solutions

Jim Lorincz
By Jim Lorincz Contributing Editor, SME Media
Audi AG and Emuge have created a new type of tool for helical thread-forming and a completely new technology for
machining threads.

In conventional metal (material) removal processes like milling, turning, drilling, boring, and grinding, the challenge is always to hold the tool securely and rigidly against a fixtured workpiece without interfering with the process. The meeting of the tool and workpiece is violent, generating a lot of heat and forces, both of which must be contended with to ensure a quality part result. There seems to be an endless number of competing concepts, devices, and considerations about the best ways to connect spindle, tool, and workpiece.

For manufacturing engineers, IMTS is a giant toolbox where they are likely to find something new, innovative, and ultimately useful. So, as you survey the offerings of leading global suppliers of these tooling solutions, keep one thing in mind…if you can’t find the solution you require at IMTS, it probably hasn’t been invented yet. Or it’s in the process of being developed, so check back with us from time to time throughout the year and Manufacturing Engineering will keep you posted as the newest innovations come out.

“Every once in a while, a new design comes around that can be truly called revolutionary, and the Punch Tap, developed in association with Audi AG, is one of those products,” said Bob Hellinger, president, Emuge Corp. (West Boylston, MA). The Punch Tap was developed to significantly reduce the cycle time associated with threading aluminum castings. Audi and Emuge not only created a new type of tool for helical thread-forming but also a completely new technology for machining threads. “The new process produces internal threads at a significantly reduced energy consumption and faster by approximately three quarters compared to the conventional technology,” said Hellinger. “This product is still in development but the results shown thus far are quite dramatic,” said Hellinger. You can learn more about the Punch Tap at this micro-site:

Advanced Solutions Linked or Intelligent Machining

Caron Engineering Inc. (Wells, ME) will outfit a Tsugami B0205 auto-loading Swiss-type automatic lathe with its machine enhancement technologies to completely automate and improve the machining process, while providing valuable information about the cutting process and health of the machine. The setup will demonstrate how its Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System (TMAC MP) optimizes milling on the Tsugami machine with FANUC robot unload and Keyence laser measurement. TMAC MP learns the optimum power for each tool and continuously maintains a constant tool load, resulting in typical cycle time savings of 20-50%, longer cutter life, and more machine uptime. The robot unloads the machined part, places it in the Keyence Laser 2D measurement gage, and sends the data to the AutoComp software to determine if any tool offsets need to be automatically adjusted to keep the part in tolerance.

A Caron Engineering DTect-IT vibration sensor, which is attached near the spindle on the Tsugami to monitor bearing health for analysis, monitors any area of concern on the CNC machine tool or fixture. DTect-IT can identify machine anomalies using vibration, strain and power sensors combined with several monitoring modes including limit analysis, bearing analysis, and fault detection. Caron’s Tool Connect system is a tool identification system that will automatically transfer tool presetter data to the machine control, using RFID tags in toolholders.

Intelligent Toolholder, End Mill Assemblies for Okumas

Caron Engineering will exhibit tool monitoring and adaptive control technologies that completely automate and improve the machining process of a Tsugami B0205 auto-loading Swiss-type automatic lathe.

Velocity Products, a division of Morris Group Inc. (Windsor, CT) will introduce a new line of intelligent tools designed, tuned, and optimized for Okuma machining centers with the OSP-P control. Velocity Smart Tool is the result of a collaboration among several companies with expertise in toolholding, cutting tools, machining dynamics, and distribution. “A component of the Internet of Things, the intelligent tool is a natural fit for sophisticated Okuma machining centers,” said Robert L. Bauer, Morris vice president and head of Velocity Products.

Bauer credits partner companies Briney Tooling Systems (Bad Axe, MI), BlueSwarf (State College, PA), and Fullerton Tool Co. (Saginaw, MI) for their roles in developing and manufacturing Velocity Smart Tools. Products will be sold as complete and balanced toolholder assemblies consisting of a pull stud, toolholder, solid carbide cutting tool, and BlueSwarf Dashboard interface for the Okuma control. Replacement cutting tools exclusive for the Velocity Smart Tools will be sold separately through Velocity Products. The new Velocity Smart Tool products will be integrated into several machining demonstrations at the Okuma booth.

Operator Safety, Tool Security Drive Rego-Fix Developments

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. (Indianapolis, IN) will showcase its precision tooling products for demanding part-machining applications in a wide range of industries. “Our tooling solutions include powRgrip toolholding system, secuRgrip anti-pullout toolholding system, intRlox Mini Nuts, and the retrofit reCool coolant-through system for live or static tooling used in both emulsion and oil coolant applications,” said David McHenry, engineering and technical manager.” The well-known powRgrip toolholding collet system includes a holder, collet and mini-press, and relies on the interference between holder and collet to generate very high clamping forces. “Unlike other clamping systems where heat or hydraulics are used to expand the material, the powRgrip uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force with runout below 0.0001″ [0.003 mm],” said McHenry.

Also being shown is the secuRgrip toolholding system, which locks the collet and cutter to the toolholder body to eliminate cutter slippage with a patented locking system that includes a small, profiled locking key insert that fits into a standard Weldon end mill flat. The secuRgrip locking system has a TIR of 0.0001″ (0.003 mm) and can be used in powRgrip, ER collet or Rego-Fix milling chuck systems.

Rego-Fix’s new intRlox Mini Nuts feature a patented anti-slip design that uses rounded locking grooves around the ER nut profiles as opposed to end face surfaces. Wrenches grip from the sides of the nuts and the action of tightening or loosening temporarily locks wrenches in place.

intRlox mini clamping nuts, which feature a frontal milled slot on their outside diameter that mates perfectly to a corresponding wrench, prevents slippage during the tightening or loosening process. “Since being introduced, the intRlox mini nuts have been well received. One company indicated it wanted to adopt the intRlox plantwide,” said McHenry.

The reCool coolant-through system is able to convert an existing tooling system in as little as two minutes. It brings the benefits of internal cooling to the live tooling used in CNC turning operations and static toolholders on Swiss automatic machines when used with the inteRlox anti-slip nut design. “reCool has been redesigned with materials that have extended its use to handling oil, as well as emulsion coolants,” said McHenry.

Rohm Products Focuses on Improving JIT Efficiencies

Rohm Products of America (Lawrenceville, GA) is going to focus on products that help its customers improve their JIT manufacturing efficiencies, according to Matthew Mayer, CEO. “We have the products that deliver quick changeover and quick setups, the keys to saving time and money,” said Mayer. Last year, for example, Rohm introduced two different chucks, a matched set, that improved pipe and coupling threading for the oil & gas industry, saving 10 minutes per pipe in production. “When the energy industry comes back, they’ll be ready,” said Mayer.

Rohm’s quick-change focus at IMTS will include Rohm’s DURO-NCSE quick-change jaw chucks for changing jaws in under 20 seconds. “Our quick-change collet system is a modular system. It’s called CAPTIS, and it can be fitted with a cartridge mandrel so that you can use either the collet or the mandrel in a machining center,” said Mayer. “It’s a completely flexible and modular system for OD and ID clamping and round clamping in a machining center for customers who prefer using collet chucks and mandrels for secondary operations.”

Another Rohm quick-change system for machining centers enables operators to quickly change out the whole top plate or chuck with zero point clamping embedded in the bottom of it. “It has been a very popular product line for us lately,” Mayer said.

Rohm Products offers a full line of vises, everything from jewelers inspection vises up to CNC fully actuated or intensified sizes. “We will debut several new vises, including the RZM vise that is designed for five-axis machining. It gets the workpiece up off the table nice and high to overcome any interferences that always seem to be an issue with five-axis multisided machines. The jaws are serrated so you don’t need the dovetail function, because the serrated jaws grip just 2.5 mm on the block of the workpiece. The customer is able to machine all five sides, flip the workpiece over and machine side number six and finish it complete,” said Mayer.

Haimer Gets a Grip on Tool Security

Haimer USA (Villa Park, IL) will display products and technologies that provide safe, secure toolholding for precision machining results. Products include its new modular interface Duo-Lock for carbide cutting tool heads, Safe-Lock tool clamping system, and Power Mill end mills. The modular interface Duo-Lock for carbide cutting tool heads is designed to combat the steadily increasing cost of carbide. As modular cutting systems with carbide heads have continued to gain traction in the marketplace, Haimer has recognized the value of such modular systems and perfected the technology, creating a very stiff, precise interface. The concept of Duo-Lock provides maximum stability and stiffness based on an innovative thread with the patented double cone connection and an additional third supporting pilot at the base of the interface.

The Haimer Safe-Lock Clamping System provides the manufacturing industry with reliable pullout protection that withstands even the toughest materials. The Safe-Lock principle works like this: Spiral-shaped grooves integrate into corresponding carbide drive pins in the toolholder, uniting frictional clamping force and positive locking. This allows for increased cutting depths and feed rates and doubles metal removal rates. The design provides increased MRR without sacrificing runout or balance accuracy. It is available in a variety of sizes, tapers, and clamping systems.

The Power Mill end mill series is made from K20-K40 grade fine grain carbide developed to be matched with Haimer’s premium tool holders. Power Mill end mill geometries utilize unequal flute and helix designs to provide chatter free high-end machining. The Power Mill end mills have integrated Safe-Lock shanks for optional use with the Safe-Lock tool holding technology. Its variable helix design provides vibration-free machining and a runout accuracy <0.0002″ (0.005 mm) for ultimate precision. Power Mill end mills are precision-ground and balanced, so you are also guaranteed consistent and repeatable performance and maximum metal removal rates. An expanded offering is available in inch and metric.

Other technologies and products figuring prominently in Haimer’s IMTS exhibit are the Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machines, Haimer Shrink Fit toolholders and collet chucks, Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines, Haimer 3D Sensors, and Haimer Cool Flash coolant delivery system.

EXSYS Spotlights Productivity Enhancing Technologies

EXSYS Tool Inc. (San Antonio, FL) will spotlight its high-precision pL Lehmann rotary tables as well as that product line’s swissClamp modular clamping system at IMTS in addition to the Preci-Flex tooling system, a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for turning machine tooling changeovers. The Swiss-manufactured pL Lehmann rotary tables allow users to upgrade a vertical machining center’s productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine. The tables are available in four basic models that can be assembled into as many as 240 different configurations. More than 20 different available clamping methods and behind-the-spindle accessories further extend the system’s adaptability.

All pL Lehmann tables consume a minimum of space in the machine work envelope, facilitating optimal tool access to the workpiece. Despite their space-saving dimensions, the tables and spindles offer strong resistance to pull-out torque and axial force while providing high levels of clamping torque. Both single-spindle and multispindle pL Lehmann tables are available in 4th-axis and 4th/5th-axis versions. IMTS attendees will experience the pL Lehmann rotary table’s full 4th axis with faceplate and 5th-axis functionality to simulate its movement within a machine tool work envelope. The 5th-axis table operates in simultaneous machining or 3+2 positioning modes.

Working in tandem with pL Lehmann rotary tables, the new swissClamp system allows operators to mount multiple workpieces on machine tool tables for uninterrupted production and untended operations. For use with rotary and standard tables on vertical or horizontal milling machines, the Swiss-manufactured swissClamp modules mount on faceplates or directly on worktables and extend a shop’s potential part-clamping range from 90 to 200 mm—a 40% increase in workpiece capacity within the same clamping length. swissClamp enables both mono clamping, requiring only one basic body, and duo clamping, where two mono clamps are mounted opposite one another. Configuration options include creating a clamping tower/tombstone on a fourth axis, a horizontal clamping cone that is overhung or with counter bearing, or a clamping bridge on a trunnion table setup where both sides require a different design with mono and duo systems. Operators can also create clamping modules on the fourth or fifth axis.

Heimatec Offers Machine Brand-Specific Tooling

Heimatec Inc. (Prospect Heights, IL) will spotlight its complete line of live tools and showcase them at IMTS and in a series of four new catalogs. Already offering the most complete line of live tools available in the industry, with over 40,000 designs in its database, Heimatec offers machine brand-specific tooling including products for the following popular brands: Mori Seiki BMT 40 NZ/NZX 1500-2000; Mori Seiki BMT60, NL/NLX 1500-4000 MC/Y/SMC/SY; Tsugami BMT 65 M06 D/SD/SY, M08 D/SD/SY; and Miyano ABX 64 TH/TH2/TH3, BND 51 S/SY, BNJ 42 SY3, BNE 51 SY5, BNJ 51 SY3.

Heimatec sets the standard for the highest precision and most advanced technology in the machine tool accessory market. The company is acknowledged as a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multispindle drill heads. In addition to its standard tooling and machine brand specific line, Heimatec also offers custom-designed tooling. Heimatec tooling experts work directly with customers to design solutions to suit specific requirements for all CNC lathes, helping to solve the most challenging applications in multiple markets served by the company, ranging from orthopedic devices to oil & gas drilling equipment.

Hainbuch Demonstrates Workholding Smarter Theme

Hainbuch America Corp. (Germantown, WI) will emphasize Workholding Smarter solutions for new and existing machines under its TTTP—today, tonight, tomorrow—philosophy of helping its customers conserve capital. “In our booth, we’ll have Interactive carts that demonstrate our modular quick-change chucks,” said Michael Larson, marketing director. “The mobile interactive carts have become very popular with our dealers and distributors and their customers around the country. The carts show just how quickly you can switch from one modular adaptation to another, and our customers will be able to have hands-on experience with our Workholding Smarter techniques,” said Larson.

Hainbuch will exhibit its Spanntop high-precision workholding system and its centroteX quick-change chuck system. “The Hainbuch Spanntop high-precision workholding system offers users the option of converting the basic chuck for OD, ID, and three-jaw clamping operations with a changeover time of two minutes or less. In each mode, the chuck delivers proven performance and high repeatability,” said Larson. “The jaw module can be used for both conventional and larger size parts, and accuracy is ensured through engagement of 80% of the part diameter.”

“Hainbuch’s reputation for precision workholding is built around versatile high-precision chucks designed for the fast change of collets, bushings, jaws, and other clamping devices,” said Larson. “The centroteX System takes this even further by facilitating the fast and easy changeover of the entire chuck. This not only increases the range of part diameters that can be machined, but extends the capability of the machine tool in terms of process variability. Further, it allows for workholding devices to be quickly and accurately mounted on multiple milling and turning machines within a manufacturing plant. Changeover time of the centroteX system is typically less than six minutes, while maintaining repeatability and changeover accuracy of < 0.002mm,” said Larson.

Jim Lorincz

Tapping Attachments, Tap Holders


Productivity on CNC lathes can be increased with live tooling using Tapmatic’s ASR, axial, and RSR, right-angle self-reversing tapping attachments. Tapping M8 × 1.25 holes with the ASR50 programmed at 2500 rpm is 32% faster than tapping the same holes on the same machine with rigid tapping programmed at 4000 rpm.
Tapmatic Corp.
Ph: 800-854-601
Web site:

Workholding Trifecta


Self-centering vise, dovetail fixtures and pinch blocks will be displayed. Self centering vises are used to hold a workpiece for either machining on the dovetail on a workpiece or a finished part; dovetail fixtures to machine five sides of a workpiece; and pinch blocks for machining secondary or sixth side for dovetail removal. The RWP-502 is a 100-mm selfcentering vise with basic LWH dimensions of 165 ±100 × 75.7 mm that weighs in at only 14 lb (6.35 kg). The vise automatically centers a workpiece within tolerance of ±0.013 mm with repeatability of 0.001 mm. The functionality of design includes reversible master jaws that will widen from 63.4 to 142.8 mm to accommodate a variety of workpiece sizes. The master jaws are adjustable from either end using a simple 12-mm socket wrench.
Raptor Workholding Products
Ph: 818-841-1785
Web site:

Exchangeable Head Milling Cutter


CoroMill 316 expands solid round tool capability by bringing higher levels of versatility and productivity to machining operations in ISO P (steel) and ISO M (stainless steel) materials. CoroMill 316 is suitable for all general milling operations, including high-feed face milling, slot milling, helical interpolation, shoulder milling, profile milling and chamfer milling. The exchangeable heads allow users to easily and accurately switch between various operations, providing end mills with optimized radius variation, teeth frequency, geometry and grade. Coromant EH is the rotating modular interface of choice for applications up to 32 mm in diameter. Integrated machine adapters with EH coupling are recommended for small interfaces where gage line and swing diameter are critical (BT30, SK40, HSK40/50/63, ER, DTH), as well as different shank types in long overhang applications up to 35 mm in diameter.
Sandvik Coromant
Ph: 201-794-5000
Web site:

Platinum CVD-Coated Carbide Substrate


AC8025P Grade for steel turning achieves higher productivity and a longer tool life for significantly reduced machining costs. The tough carbide substrate features Absotech Platinum CVD coating, providing exceptional cutting edge chipping resistance and adhesion resistance. Significant improvements to the coating adhesion strength control residual stress and provide more than twice the chipping resistance as compared to conventional coatings, while maintaining wear resistance. A smooth surface treatment greatly improves adhesion resistance along the ridgeline of the cutting edge. When machining low-carbon steel, rolled steel and other materials prone to adhesion, deterioration of the surface finish and reduced tool life may occur. AC8025P increases tool life stability and excellent edge sharpness greatly reduces chattering. The AC8025P grade is suitable for a wide variety of steel turning applications, including continuous cutting, light interrupted cutting, and interrupted cutting.
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.
Ph: 800-950-5252
Web site:


Rotary Tables, Angle Heads, Presetters

Tsudakoma tilt ball-drive system rotary tables offer advantages like zero backlash, improved cycle times, energy conservation, and a lifetime adjustment-free transmission system. TBS tilt tables are perfect for dual-axis use on VMCs. Alberti high-pressure offset angle heads feature a combination of high-pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased high-speed option. Another big advantage is the possibility of dry running during machining. Alberti’s Smart Change System enables easy and precise quick-changing of the output adapters. They feature easy-to-use design that creates three points of contact between the angle head, output spindle, and the smart change adapter. Advanced tool presetters from Elbo Controlli feature a new tool management software package. The new E46L and E46L TW models feature an increased measuring range up to 600 mm on the Z axis.
Koma Precision Inc.
Ph: 860-627-7059
Web site:


Five-Axis Vises, Small Table Workholding

DoveLock five-axis workholding line is expanded with two new models: a new reverse model and a smaller footprint model. DoveLock provides up to 4000 lb (1814 kg) of precision clamping force, holding parts without distorting the workpiece while providing easy access to five sides of the workpiece. Dovetail holding feature requires only 1/8″ (3 mm) of material height to hold the part. The dovetail feature simplifies workpiece material preparation so that no machined jaws are necessary. Also exhibited will be an expanded small machine table workholding lineup ranging in size from a 5.0″ (127-mm) length up to a 15.5″ (394-mm) length vise. Models are available in single-station, double-station, and self-centering styles. Manual and hydraulic options are available. Also featured will be the comprehensive small machine table lineup of 20 options for machine tables measuring 16″ (406 mm) and under in the Y dimension.
Kurt Manufacturing Co.
Ph: 763-574-8309
Web site:

Digital Tooling Innovation


EWD EVO is a digital boring head, which when synched with the new Big Kaiser smartphone and tablet app, enhances user friendliness for operators assembling and running Big Kaiser boring tools. Operators will be able to read the cutting diameter change, helping them determine optimal cutting parameters from their tool assemblies. The app will also log historical adjustments for all tools ever synched with it, a critical piece of information for shops joining the smart manufacturing movement. The Smart Damper boring bar features three modular insert holders, optimized for ID turning with common inserts. The HSK-E25 lineup of toolholders is also expanding to now include BIG Daishowa’s high precision, low runout hydraulic chucks. Available in Ø3, Ø4 and Ø6-mm clamping diameters, with 1-μm runout at the nose, these holders are well suited for precision finish milling work on ultra-high speed spindles on machines with small work envelopes.
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling
Ph: 224-770-2999
Web site:


Low-Profile Tiny Vise Edge Clamp

The new, low-profile Tiny Vise Edge Clamp is ideal for thin workpieces, and whenever down-thrust action is not required. These mini-edge clamps securely grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. Made in the USA, the clamp’s patented design features a slotted countersink to provide strong, reliable clamping force with the easy turn of a hex wrench. These compact clamps are ideal for fixturing multiple parts, small or large. Each clamp has both a serrated face (for maximum gripping) and a smooth face (to avoid marring finished parts). Available in a wide range of sizes, from a miniature #8-32 thread size, up to a powerful 1″-8 thread size with 2500 lb (113-kg) clamping force.
Carr Lane Mfg. Co.
Ph: 314-647-6200
Web site:


Heavy Load Handling Modular Units

A variety of modular units can be combined in numerous ways for safe and efficient handling and movement of heavy loads in assembly operations. Various modules provide horizontal and vertical rotating, tilting, and lifting of workpieces with hydromechanical or electric operation. Modular units are used in conjunction with carts, floor modules, plates, clamps, or height adjustable tables.
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.
Ph: 800-827-2526
Web site:


Innovative Chuck Changing System

Chuck Changing System (CCS) is designed for quick changeover of workholding on CNC turning machines. Standardized adapter parts allow the use of different kinds of workholding (for example two-jaw chucks, three-jaw chucks, collet chucks, mandrels, and manual fixtures) with the same system. Changing a chuck with CCS takes minutes. A turn of the key connects any workholding device to the machine spindle as well as to the drawtube of the actuating cylinder. Hardened and precision-ground CCS and adapter parts ensure the highest repeatability and accuracy. The CCS can be installed onto new machines or can be retrofitted to any existing CNC lathe and is now available for ASA spindles A6, A8, A11 and for cylindrical spindles for diameters Z170, Z220, Z300.
SMW Autoblok Corp.
Ph: 847-215-0591
Web site:

Securing Workpieces


The clamping elements of the CleverClamp system are specifically tailored to the manufacture of one-off and small-batch parts. They are simple to handle and serve a wide variety of applications while decreasing setup times, increasing machining times and improving productivity. The basic rails of the CleverClamp system are calibrated to fit the Erowa UPC and Erowa MTS production tooling systems. The wide range of clamping elements can be quickly positioned on the serrated base rails and can be used either horizontally or vertically. The base rails provide the flexibility to attach workpieces of varying shapes and sizes in a limited amount of space. An added feature of the CleverClamp system is that it can be universally automated. This increases customers’ machine utilization by making use of marginal and night hours when combined with an Erowa automation solution.
Erowa Technology Inc.
Ph: 847-290-0295
Web site:


Innovative Workholding Devices

Workholding device lineup includes Trimax vises; ultra-low profile Trigrip carbide grippers; the APS zero-point positioning system; air-assisted clamps, supports and locators; One-Touch Fasteners; and the new Fairlane GP-Series rubber gripper pads. Trimax production vises offer the benefits users need to maximize a machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick-change components and easy adjustment for production, five-axis, and machinist applications. Trigrip carbide gripper inserts are designed for ultra-low profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation with serrations designed for steel, hardened steel, titanium and aluminum. The APS zero-point positioning system is designed to connect the clamping device or workpiece with the machine tool for faster setup times and increased precision. The system features receptacles with three air-activated jaws for maximum rigidity, clamping force and repeatability of 0.0002″ (0.005 mm). The pins are released with the application of air pressure.
Ph: 888-794-8687
Web site:

Machine Brand-Specific Tooling

Complete line of live tools features more than 40,000 designs in its database and machine brand-specific tools for popular brands, including Mori Seiki, Tsugami, and Miyano. High-precision machine tool accessories include live tools, angle heads, and multispindle drill heads. In addition to its standard tooling and machine brand specific line, Heimatec also offers custom-designed tooling for all CNC lathes, helping to solve the most challenging applications in multiple markets served by the company, ranging from orthopedic devices to oil & gas drilling equipment.
Ph: 847-749-0633
Web site:


Flat-Bottom Plunge Mills

DiPos•Hexa Plunge mill family is designed to cut axially and produce a flat bottom at the end of the cut. Six smooth-cutting edges per insert provide superior economy as well as performance. The same insert is common to all the DiPos•Hexa cutter types to maximize versatility and minimize inventory. Because plunge milling directs cutting forces upward through the spindle, it creates a very stable cutting environment with minimal deflection, ideal for roughing in unstable conditions and on light-duty machines. This versatile tool is available in diameters from 0.750 to 1.500″ (19–38 mm) and offers multiple corner radii, geometries and grades for use in a wide range of materials including steel, stainless, hi-temp alloys and aluminum.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools
Ph: 815-387-6600
Web site:


Workholding Face Drivers, Chucks

Workholding product lines include face drivers, wheel chucks, cylinders, steadyrests, and specialty workholding products. Also displayed will be a new extra-large chuck, an automatic self-centering, down-clamping and indexing chuck from LMC’s new partner Rotomors of Turin, Italy. The FRB face drivers feature a patented mechanical compensating system, which is highly adjustable and reliable in the most difficult conditions. LMC will also showcase a variety of its workholding chucks, including its wheel chucks for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, buses, and motorcycles. LMC wheel chucks can be adapted to most any type of lathe and are available in quick-change and lightweight models. Hydraulic Atling steadyrests and Richter manual steadyrests will also be exhibited, along with Stiefelmayer specialty workholding and clamping solutions for highly specific applications, including workholding chucks and mandrels.
LMC Workholding
Ph: 574-735-0225
Web site:


Bidemics, Ceramic, Swiss Cutting Tools

Bidemic cutting tools, JX1 and JP2, are developed for high speed cutting up to 1600 SFM (487 m/min) of heat resistant superalloys (HRSA). Both JX1 and JP2 now include honed edge preparation (E02), for available geometries, expanding the scope of manufacturing applications. The SX0 SiAlON solid ceramic end mills increase productivity of milling HRSA with higher cutting speeds of 350 to 1000 m/min. A new line of high feed cutters for milling aluminum will be introduced that maximizes teeth/cutter—from 7 teeth on the 50-mm diameter cutter to 22 teeth on a 125-mm diameter cutter—to reduce production time. The lightweight construction allows more customers to utilize this product and obtain speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Also exhibited are the new modular “Groove Duo” toolholder, new system has the best rigidity in the industry today and 3D-molded chipbreakers designed for optimal chip control in Swiss tooling.
NTK Cutting Tools USA
Ph: 248-668-0100
Web site:


OSG to Showcase Indexable Tooling Innovation at IMTS

Variety of cutting tools exhibited include the new Phoenix PXM exchangeable head end mill series. PXM features OSG’s proven cutting geometries and coating to achieve excellent performance in a variety of applications and materials such as steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and heat-resistant alloys. In addition, you can achieve high accuracy and repeatability with radial runout less than 0.0006″ (0.015 mm) and axial repeatability ±0.0012″ (0.030 mm). The tool’s two-face contact (end face and taper) enables high rigid clamping. At large and small diameters, the PXM offers efficiency, precision, flexibility and cost savings. Currently, the PXM offers 11 different types of exchangeable heads to tackle various machining situations and materials such as stable machining with long overhangs, silent roughing, high-hardness materials, profile milling and finishing operations.
Ph: 800-837-2223
Web site:


Wi-Fi Gripsafe Gripmeter

Latest version of the Jaw Force analyzer transmits the signal from the load cell in the lathe chuck to a Wi-Fi-compatible device. The Gripsafe unit will measure jaw force in a static condition or dynamically and allows the user to download data to a .CSV file function—all-important information for shop safety.
Pratt Burnerd America
Ph: 800-253-0820
Web site:

Tooling Innovations

Duo-Lock modular interface for carbide cutting tool head creates a stiff, precise interface based on an innovative thread with the patented double-cone connection and an additional third supporting pilot at the base of the interface. The Safe-Lock Clamping system provides reliable pullout protection that withstands even the toughest materials. Spiral-shaped grooves integrate into corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder, uniting frictional clamping force and positive locking, allowing for increased cutting depths and feed rates and doubling metal removal rates. The Power Mill end mill series is made from K20-K40 grade fine grain carbide with integrated Safe Lock shanks for optional use. Variable helix design provides vibration-free machining and a runout accuracy <0.0002” (0.005 mm). Other products include the Power Clamp shrink-fit machines, Shrink Fit toolholders and collet chucks, Tool Dynamic balancing machines, 3D sensors, and R Cool Flash coolant delivery system.
Haimer USA
Ph: 630-833-1500
Web site:


Turn Precision Coolant

Turn precision coolant delivery system produces a direct coolant supply through the insert clamp and along the flank face of the insert. The result is a 30–150% tool life increase (depending on material and coolant pressure) for stainless materials, high temperature alloys, and steels. The new system directs coolant precisely at the cutting edge providing greater lubrication, cooler inserts, and improved chip control. The system is aimed primarily at ISO material groups P, M, and S, with a pressure range of 150– 2250 psi (10–155 bar).
Walter USA LLC
Ph: 800-945-5554
Web site:

CDA Drills, Carbide End Mills

Cyclone high-performance drill line has been expanded with the new CDA drill, which is designed specifically for cutting aluminum. The twin-fluted CDA features an enhanced double margin design and lower thrust point geometry for increased penetration rates. Deeper flute depth improves chip evacuation. The drills’ point relief and edge protection are maximized also for machining nonferrous materials. Reduced cutting forces allow heavier feed rates and improved location when drilling through cross holes. The TuffCut XR7 line of carbide end mills now includes the new series 180CB chipbreaker end mill. The new chipbreaker design ensures that swarf is broken into smaller regular-sized chips to aid evacuation and prevent workpiece damage while prolonging tool life by reducing recutting of chips. This expansion in the Long and X-long lengths allows for higher feed rates and minimized cutting forces, resulting in straighter walls on long axial engagements.
M.A. Ford
Ph: 800-553-8024
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Fixturing for HMCs

There has been a continuing trend toward high-speed horizontal machines which carry lighter pallet payloads. By utilizing Abbott’s lightweight Tenzaloy tooling columns, which are one-third the weight of equivalent cast iron versions, manufacturers can decrease wear and tear on their machines and pallet systems without compromising the strength and vibration dampening characteristics that cast iron fixtures exhibit. Their lighter weight also enables a higher percentage of the pallet payload to be utilized on parts instead of fixturing and workholding. In addition to its full line of custom, made-to-order tooling columns, Abbott is stocking fully machined versions of its popular configurations complete with a universal mounting pattern for use on virtually any machine make and model. These 400, 500 and 630-mm fixtures include top plates where applicable and will be ready to ship the same day.
Abbott Workholding Products
Ph: 785-776-8555
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Hybrid Trunnion Design

Stallion Hybrid trunnions allow faceplates and chucks to be installed without removal of the trunnion table. The versatile workholding workhorse accommodates a variety of vises, fixtures, three and four-jaw chucks and collet chucks for flexible job-shop workholding. Two models are available, the Stallion Hybrid 9 × 20″ (228 × 508 mm) designed to hold a 6″ (152-mm) vise and the 9 × 23″ (228 × 584 mm) designed for double or single-station 6″ (152-mm) vises. Both subplates and quick-change subplates are available with quick-change ballocks. Standard baseplates allow the trunnion assembly to be offset to one side of the machine to maximize machine travel. A pneumatic brake, built into the outboard support, provides up to 600 lb (272 kg) of clamping torque. Trunnions bolt on to any machine’s rotary indexer, allowing operators to precisely mill, drill, tap and contour up to three sides of a part in one setup.
Ph: 859-727-9900
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Solid-Carbide End Mills

V7 Plus A solid-carbide end mill line is a very unique product, having a distinct design that maximizes chip flow and improves productivity in slotting and heavy profiling operations. It has excellent performance in materials (less than HRc 40) like steel, alloys, stainless, and cast iron. The V7 Plus A’s advanced flute geometry and variable helix will also stabilize the cut producing a chatter-free solution for high-speed, high-feed (trochoidal) machining, maximizing both productivity and tool life.
YG-1 Tool Co.
Ph: 847-634-3700
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Manifold Mounting Link Clamps

TuffLink 360 Link Clamps are mounted on the fixture in the most accessible position. The TuffLink’s rotary lug allows positioning the lever anywhere in 360° radius. Making last-minute changes to lever position to accommodate any unexpected variations is easy.
Ph: 800-992-0236
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Mills, Taps, Drills, Coated Inserts

Walter’s M4000 program uses an innovative insert system that has a single, basic shape compatibility with every M4000 body to reduce tool and storage costs. Standard cutter styles include high-feed, end, chamfer, T-slot, and helical mills. Performance of the DC170 solid-carbide internally cooled drill line has been raised in drilling of ISO-P and ISO-K materials. Its unique appearance with a copper-colored finish (DPP coating) and innovative land design that orients the margins radially provides exceptional performance. New high-end, TC142 blind hole tap is precisely designed for machining stainless steels, ISO M materials, to a depth of 3×D. In grooving, new Precision Coolant tools will be shown for G2042 parting blades in both standard and reinforced shank versions; G1011 grooving holders with coolant supply to both the rake and flank faces of the insert; and G1511 shallow grooving holders.
Walter USA LLC
Ph: 800-945-5554
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Innovative Cartridge Insert System

TIGER IQ line of tools and inserts feature an innovative cartridge system that enables users to replace only the cartridge and not the tool/blade when machining failure occurs, prolonging service life of the tool/blade. Expansion of the insert family includes the introduction of a new CW chipformer intended for use on carbon and alloyed steel. Current TIGER inserts with “Y” chipformer are available in widths from 10 to 20 mm. The new TIGER inserts with “CW” chipformer are available in widths of 14 and 20 mm in the SUMO TEC grade IC808. In addition, ISCAR has added grade IC830 in the TIGER “Y” insert line. IC830 is a PVD TiAlN-coated, extremely tough grade with a special SUMO TEC surface treatment. This insert is recommended for interrupted cuts and heavy load machining of stainless steel, high-temperature alloys and other alloy steels.
Iscar Metals Inc.
Ph: 817-258-3200
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Reduces Workholding Changeover Time

The centroteX System offers significant advantages to manufacturers processing multiple parts of varying sizes requiring various clamping methods. CentroteX facilitates the fast and easy changeover of the entire chuck. This not only increases the range of part diameters that can be machined, but extends the capability of the machine tool in terms of process variability. Further, it allows for workholding devices to be quickly and accurately mounted on multiple milling and turning machines within a manufacturing plant. At the heart of the system is a precision-machined adaptor/flange plate aligned with centrex interface, equipped with a bayonet mount and a drawtube adapter. This in turn accommodates an extensive variety of chucks and holding devices that are easily connected and locked by six simple fasteners. Changeover time is typically less than six minutes, while maintaining repeatability and changeover accuracy of <0.002 mm.
Hainbuch America Corp.
Ph: 414-358-9550
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Workholding Innovations: Smart Factory, Tooling Data Management

Extensive product range includes tool presetting, measuring, 100% inspection, automation, and software solutions to satisfy the demand for gapless documentation and traceability required for smart manufacturing. For easy and fast tool presetting and measuring, tool presetter “smile” with “pilot 1.0 can be used on the shop floor next to CNC machine. Software module for inspection, “pomBasic “can now also be used as an electronic caliper gage for any precision tools to be reground. Version “roboSet 2” of the smart automation solution for tool measurement now can be coupled with the universal measuring machines, “genius” or “titan” and fitted with laser or ultrasound cleaning. The new “Turning Advisor” software function makes it possible to define on turning-milling machines different tool positions with measuring adapters to prevent the need for countless adapters on presetter and measuring devices.
Zoller Inc.
Ph: 734-332-4851
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Vibration Damping Extensions

When machining long overhangs in hard-to-reach areas such as deep cavities, Vibration Damping Technology (VIDAT) can be used to reduce the relatively quick vibrations for chatter-free machining. Without vibration damping, the toolholder is confined to the limits of machining with large L/D ratios. VIDAT extensions provide higher cutting depth increasing the metal removal rate and producing a smoother and chatter-free workpiece surface. VIDAT extensions have an h6 shank tolerance and can be both shrunk and stretched with other clamping devices for cylindrical shanks. Extensions are available with diameters of 6–20 mm with total lengths of 210 or 300 mm and are suitable for up to 80 bar of internal coolant supply.
Bilz Tool Co. Inc.
Ph: 847-734-9390
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Workholding Maximizes Machine Utilizaton

DURO-TA XT key bar chuck is engineered to maximize the potential of milling and turning machines. Up to 75% lighter than competitive designs, the DURO-TA XT features extended and easily detachable guideways that allow for an unmatched clamping range and quick conversion between small and large workpieces. Through the direct mount on the base body, the guideways provide high rigidity, stability, and protection against dirt and dust. The Power-Grip modular, zero-point clamping system meets manufacturers’ demands for customizable solutions to maximize machine utilization. A user-friendly palletization system, Power-Grip reduces both the number of setups required per part and allows setup to take place outside of the machine, eliminating downtime due to workpiece clamping.
Rohm Products of America
Ph: 770-963-8440
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Welding Tables with Storage

Weld-Stor V provides a 72 × 36″ (1828 × 914-mm) work surface of ½” (12.7-mm) steel plate along with compartments for MIG welder and plasma cutter. The unit is equipped with vent-slot doors for air movement, a roll-out heavy-duty shelf for a MIG welder and a full 27″ (685-mm) door for a plasma cutter, providing security, protection, and accessibility from the rear of the unit for wire changing. The right bank houses four 400 lb (181-kg) capacity drawers for storing welding supplies.
Ph: 800-786-7562
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Miniature Toolpost Set

Aloris miniature toolposts and holders for small benchtop lathes are available in three models: super-precision toolpost; AL model made of aircraft-grade aluminium and hard coat anodized for maximum reliability; and a 24-position indexable model manufactured to the same standards as all Aloris indexable toolposts.
Aloris Tool Technology Co. Inc.
Ph: 973-772-1201
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High-Precision Milling/Drilling Chucks

In partnership with Albrecht Precision Chucks, Emuge has introduced its precision/performance FPC mill/drill chucks. They provide rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life for milling and drilling applications. With a 1:16 wormgear, FPC chuck’s patented design delivers 3 tons of traction force. Unique design and body provide 100% holding power for maximum rigidity, and the collet cone assembly absorbs virtually all vibration for maximum dampening. Transferred torque on a tool shank diameter of 20 mm is 400 N•m. FPC chucks are available in four shank styles (CAT, HSK-A, SK, and BT) in 47 different SKUs for a wide range of applications. High-precision FPC collets are available in three size ranges (FPC 14, FPC 20, and FPC 25 from 1/8 to 1 ¼” [3–31.75 mm]).
Emuge Corp.
Ph: 800-323-3013
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Spindle Optimization System

Spindle Optimization System (S.O.S.) focuses on education, spindle and taper maintenance, and a complement of products that enhance milling efficiencies to deliver bottom line results. Training videos are designed to take the guess-work out of every day processes such as checking the spindle clamping force, or installing retention knobs into V-flange toolholders, along with identifying problems that result in lost production, excessive spindle wear and tear, and shortened tool life. Spindle performance enhancing products include patented high-torque retention knobs, patented hydraulic ClampForce gage, patented Taper Test fixture, recently introduced spindle cleaning and spindle restoration kits and their newest product, the Taper Restoration kit. Products deliver guaranteed results, eliminating spindle chatter and vibration; reducing runout, setup times and spindle wear and tear; extending tool life (especially on carbide-tipped tooling); improving tolerances; and drastically improving finishes.
JM Performance Product Inc.
Ph: 440-357-1234
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Indexable, Round Cutting Tools

Visitors will get valuable hands-on experience with products featured in the interactive Training Zone. Products include the latest indexable chipbreakers and grades, including the new the Pramet HR2 chipbreaker for working in steels, cast irons, and stainless steels. Also the Pramet M6330 indexable milling grade, specifically developed to achieve longer cutting edge durability and reliability in stainless steels and difficult-to-machine materials with or without coolant. The Dormer branded round tools will also be showcased. Specifically featured will be the multi-material CDX for high hole accuracy with its special point design and the MPX, an innovative solid-carbide drill with continually thinned web flute geometry for optimized performance in deep-hole applications.
Dormer Pramet
Ph: 847-783-5713
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Expanded Threading, Grooving Insert Lines

THINBIT/Kaiser Tool Co. has expanded its Groove ‘N Turn line with acme threading inserts, right-hand, counterclockwise face grooving inserts and dovetail grooving inserts. Acme threading inserts are designed to cut thread sizes 4, , 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 tpi. Tools have geometry to cut standard 29° Acme thread profiles. Inserts can be used to cut centralizing or stub profiles by overcutting. The inserts can be used for internal acme threads on parts with bore diameters of 1.250” (31.75 mm) and larger. Acme threading inserts are available in submicron grain carbide grades for ferrous and nonferrous materials either uncoated or with TiN, TiCN, TiAIN or diamond film coatings. Inserts can be used on conventional, Swiss, and CNC machines. Right-hand, counter-clockwise face grooving inserts are designed to cut internal face grooves with major diameters starting at 0.300 and dovetail grooving inserts that are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66° undercut angles.
THINBIT/Kaiser Tool Co.
Ph: 260-484-3620
Web site:


Interchangeable Tip Drills

DrillForce-Meister is a series of interchangeable tip drills for large-diameter holemaking (drill diameter: ø26.0–41.0 mm) that features two effective cutting edges for high speed and high productivity. DrillForce-Meister’s clamping system uses an error-proof asymmetric seat and a screw setting, which allows easy and swift head replacement by simply loosening and tightening the screw. Since a new drill head can be mounted without removing the drill body from the spindle, the full re-setting and re-indexing process is eliminated, shortening entire tool change time. By replacing the head screw regularly, the drill body can be used for an even longer period, reducing tooling cost and inventory requirements. The drill head is supported by a wide contact area on the seat so the drill can withstand the high cutting force generated during high-feed drilling. Drilling depth is 3×D and 5×D.
Tungaloy America Inc.
Ph: 888-554-8394
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Hard Milling Tool Line

Demon is a new hard milling tool line that cuts molds in the most difficult materials up to 450% longer, completely eliminating the need to switch tools midway through the application. Demon tools generate less heat, hold size, and cut the part within tolerance, as well as reduce, or even eliminate, the need for polish. Also Stealth end mill, which is the sharpest diamond-coated end mill available, will be exhibited. An extensive new catalog highlighting all of the company’s diamond tools and DCC coating services can be downloaded at
Ph: 408-653-1700
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High-Precision Rotary Tables

High-precision pL Lehmann rotary tables as well as that product line’s swissClamp modular clamping allow users to upgrade a vertical machining center’s productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine. The tables are available in four basic models that can be assembled into as many as 240 different configurations. More than 20 different available clamping methods and behind-the-spindle accessories further extend the system’s adaptability. Working in tandem with pL Lehmann rotary tables, the new swissClamp system allows operators to mount multiple workpieces on machine tool tables for uninterrupted production and untended operations. For use with rotary and standard tables on vertical or horizontal milling machines, the Swiss-manufactured swissClamp modules mount on face plates or directly on worktables, and extends a shop’s potential part-clamping range from 90 to 200 mm—a 40% increase in workpiece capacity within the same clamping length.
EXSYS Tool Inc.
Ph: 352-588-4345
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Speeds and Feeds Program

New software delivers cutting tool expertise with a database of speeds and feeds software, as well as groundbreaking tool search. The innovative speeds and feeds program takes all the pain away from finding the best tool and knowing how to reduce cycle times, increase tool life, and maximize the machines performance the first time. Users can create an account so they can save results and save the information for each specific job while being able to retrieve data at any time. Robb-Jack’s state-of-the-art tool search gives tool recommendations and speeds and feeds specific to the machine and application, including new machining toolpaths.
RobbJack Corp.
Ph: 800-527-8883
Web site:


Solid-Carbide End Mills

MaxQ solid-carbide end mills feature innovative cutting geometry that results in maximum material removal, maximum tool life and minimal edge wear for end users cutting a variety of materials. The MaxQ line will be available in both four and five-flute configurations that are designed to meet the needs of machinists within the aerospace, job shops and general machining environments. MaxQ end mills, are capable of slotting, heavy profile milling, semifinishing and finishing. In addition, the MaxQ series has been designed to maximize the capacities of their milling machines. The geometry of these tools is quite different, allowing users to capitalize on the advancements of machining centers with increased productivity and tool life. The most exciting aspect of this line is the versatility. Many machinists use a broad range of machining techniques, from classic milling to high-speed machining.
LMT Onsrud LP
Ph: 800-234-1560
Web site:


Rotary Broaching Tools

A new line of broaches called Forte are made of the toughest broaching material available. It is their new standard stock material replacing M2. Forte has a high wear resistance resulting in better tool life plus no chipping. The Forte broaches have the industry leading depth of cut and can be used in non-Somma broach holders as well. ANSI hex and square broaches are stocked for same day shipping. Special “to print” sizes are available in 1-2 days.
Somma Tool Co.
Ph: 203-753-2114
Web site:


High-Speed, Compact, Dual-Axis Rotary Table

TRT70 dual-axis rotary table delivers high speed and accurate positioning for 3+2 and full five-axis machining of small, complex part, typical of those found in the medical, dental, and jewelry industries. At just 18.5” (470-mm) wide and 10” (254-mm) deep, the TRT70 easily fits into even the smallest machining centers, or can be mounted on one end of a larger machine’s table. The TRT70 uses powerful brushless servomotors to provide 60 ft-lb (81.3 N•m) of torque on the tilt axis and 40 ft-lb (54.2 N•m) on the rotary axis; indexing speeds of 410 deg/sec on the tilt axis and 620 deg/sec on the rotary axis ensure short cycle times. The unit provides ±120° of tilt and 360° of rotation to position parts to almost any angle for machining. Maximum platter capacity is 3 lb (1.4 kg).
Haas Automation Inc.
Ph: 805-278-1800


Precision Self-Centering Vises

Precision self-centering vises that quickly and accurately clamp different types of workpieces for five-sided machining can be mounted directly to machine tables or pallet systems like Hirschmann’s Zero Point reference system. Depending on the pallet system used, it can be quickly clamped parallel to the machine table or at 45 and 90° indexes. Standard jaw widths of 65, 80, and 125 mm are available with reversible jaws that allow many clamping possibilities for part sizes 1 to 268 mm in length or width. Optional “RAW” jaws milled to match part geometry are available as well as jaws for gripping saw-cut workpieces.
Hirschmann Engineering USA Inc.
Ph: 847-468-9700
Web site:


High-Performance Universal End Mills

Adder high performance universal end mills feature a 40° helix design and a variable flute geometry that allows for chatter-free milling in tough hard ferrous materials. The Adder design with Cobra’s proprietary coatings has allowed the user to dramatically increase speeds and feeds and take deeper depths of cuts. Machinists have seen extreme stability, incredible accuracy, excellent surface finishes and much longer tool life in difficult-to-machine materials. After running the tool in 1018 carbon steel at 1060 sfm (323 m/min) at 162 ipm (4115 mm/min) and a 250 radial doc, one user put the tool back in the drawer.
Cobra Carbide
Ph: 951- 280-4700
Web site:


Multi-Pocket Selectable Toolholder

SpinSelect multi-pocket selectable toolholder increases productivity and consistency of the range, complexity and volume of parts can be produced on a lathe by reducing downtime associated with tool and insert setups and changeovers. SpinSelect’s patented design allows for quick indexing between its five pockets with a simple one-quarter turn of a socket head cap screw. Each pocket can hold a different tool, allowing for quick changes between operations without having to requalify the tools. SpinSelect excels at cutting harder materials, as the pockets are 30% stronger than traditional shank tools, allowing more rigid tools to be loaded. Designed for use on most lathes having a turret or tool post, SpinSelect offers significantly better throughput on machining tasks such as heavy roughing, harder material removal, and short runs, reducing changeover/setup times up to 85%.
Modern Industries Inc.
Ph: 814-455-8061
Web site:


Tool Selection Program

Tool Architect is a powerful tool selection program that makes specifying the most effective and ideal Wohlhaupter boring tool configurations quick and easy. Tool Architect identifies and specifies boring tool configurations to virtually build a complete tool assembly and create 2D and 3D models for review. Several configurations can be saved.
Wohlhaupter Corp.
Ph: 937-885-1878
Web site:


Tilting Rotary Tables

Kitagawa TT and TW series tilting rotary tables offer high-production capacity and are available in single and twin-table configurations. The compact, versatile, and robust rotary tables feature dual-axis design that allows any compound angle and eliminates additional setup. Kitagawa rotary tables are available in horizontal and vertical three-hole tilting models with side and rear-mounted motors. Recent additions include the compact CK 160 with and without seven-port rotary joint and the TP530 rotary table. The TP530 is designed for the oil and gas and aerospace industries for handling pipe and other workpieces up to its 13.6” (345-mm) through-hole. Also being exhibited are Kawata Touchdex indexers, MST angle heats, MistCapture filterless mist collectors, the Super Ario workpiece accumulator, and Super Reach toolholders.
Tecnara Tooling Systems
Ph: 562-941-2000
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Tooling System Solutions

LinA broaching tools, crown gear technology for heavy-duty machining, adjustable angle heads for machining difficult angles, and production-enhancing modular quick-change tools will be exhibited. LinA broaching system changes the rotary motion of the live tool turret into a linear motion for broach and spline machining on turning centers, making ID and OD profiles easy to manufacture. Solidfix modular tool changing allows the user to preset tools for precise, repeatable cuts, with tool changes in 15 seconds. Adjustable angle heads do the work of multiple tooling heads and feature a worm gear that allows fast and easy angular adjustments. Once in place, the wormgear helps to prevent the angle from being knocked out of position. Available in custom sizes from small to large, they are ideal for general manufacturing and short-run production requiring frequent angle changes.
Benz Inc.
Ph: 704-529-5300
Web site:

Centering Dovetail Solutions

Amrok’s centering dovetail vises (CDV) improve five-sided machining with less waste and higher accuracy. Designed to locate and mount on the industry standard 2” (51-mm) grid system, the CDV allows for between-center mounting, on-center mounting, T-slot mounting, and Bridgeport mounting—all with no additional subplate for tombstone mounting. The CDV system has a centering accuracy of 0.001” (0.030 mm) using Amrok’s locating pins, and the CDV system can meet a wide range of workholding applications with vises ranging from 3 to 23” (76–584-mm) long, with a clamping width up to 5” (127 mm). For aerospace and special applications, the vises can be mounted end-to-end for workpieces longer than 23” (584 mm). For most machining environments, the hard-anodized aluminum centering dovetail vises are adequate; but for demanding, hard-metal machining, we also offer a standard 4340 alloy steel (Rc 32-36) vises to meet those harsh machining environments.
Advanced Machine and Engineering
Ph: 815-962-6076
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Single and Double Vise

The patent-pending DV56, which is making its debut at IMTS, features a design that incorporates a single and double station vise on a common platform. Featuring heat-treated reversible jaws, the Deuce is the most space-efficient vise available, providing maximum rigidity and clamping force in a compact design. Available in two sizes: 5.5 and 9.5” (140 and 241-mm) clamping range. Debuting at IMTS 2016.
5th Axis Inc.
Ph: 858-505-0432
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Expert Series Tooling Packages

Lous Belet SA precision carbide “Expert” series tooling packages are designed for Swiss machining of aluminum, brass, titanium, stainless steels, and composite material groups. The packages incorporate newly optimized geometries and coatings for drills, end mills, slotting saws, thread mills, engraving and spotting tools for greater productivity, higher material removal rates, superior surface quality and extended tool life over a wide range of industry applications. Also featured will be Utilis Multidec CUT3000 cutoff inserts with new geometries. The Type GS cut-off insert features optimally tuned carbide and coating for high cutting speeds with excellent chip control for carbon steels cutoff work. The Type SPT 06 chipbreaker, available with CUT1600 and CUT3000 series holders, is ideal for stainless steel part-off work. New from PCM are high-precision live tools designed for greater tooling speeds for specific Citizen, Tsugami and Star machines.
Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.
Ph: 413-562-4800
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This article was first published in the August 2016 edition of Manufacturing Engineering magazine.

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