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Metal Cutting: Cells and Machining Centers

By SME Media Staff

Manufacturers can ramp up productivity

There will be more than one new machine introduced at IMTS 2006 that will be billed as a China beater, or as an India and rest-of-Asia beater, for that matter.

U.S. manufacturers ranging from entrepreneurial job shops to Tier suppliers and general engineering manufacturers will have a chance to hone their competitiveness with the latest advanced technology. The usual ways to sharpen that edge are to reduce labor content and cycle times, extend untended manufacturing capability, and deliver parts machined complete in one setup to required precision-finish quality.

“There is wide-ranging interest within the machine-tool industry about the need for higher precision and better surface finish,” says Richard Curless, VP-product and technology development, Cincinnati Technologies (Hebron, KY). Curless believes that some of the answers lie in better software to control machines, advanced simulation techniques, stiffer machines for hard-metal machining, and multihead solutions for advanced multitasking capability. “All of these will be exhibited at IMTS,” he says.

The emphasis on automation will continue with an added twist. “Manufacturing systems are going beyond traditional delivery and load/unload mechanisms to package a whole manufacturing solution including the machine tool, inspection system, parts cleaning, and even packaging,” Curless explains.

To meet the impending ramp-up in the aerospace industry for machining titanium, superalloys, and other difficult-to-machine materials, Cincinnati Technologies is introducing its MEGA5-800 five-axis HMC. The MEGA5-800 features twin ballscrew-driven Y-Y-Z axes a B-axis table, and an A-axis tilt spindle with 180° sweep to make five-side machining, as well as full five-axis contouring, possible. The IMTS machine is configured for optimized machining of titanium. The specific machine and process enhancements include: the application of damping technology to change the machine’s natural frequency and reduce chatter; a new coolant and coolant delivery system adjusted for titanium machining; new tooling that delivers extended life cutting titanium; and a specialized method of chip evacuation and removal.

Cincinnati Technologies, comprising Cincinnati Machine, Giddings & Lewis and Cincinnati Automation & Test, is a group of the MAG Industrial Automation Systems company (MAG-IAS; Sterling Heights, MI), serving the aerospace, heavy equipment, power generation and general machining markets.

The MAG-IAS group of companies will flex its newly configured $1.2 billion-muscle in an exhibit space of 100 x 270′ (30.5 x 82.3 m), and display machines ranging in price from the low 20s to as much as $3 million.

Rounding out the MAG-IAS groups are Powertrain Technologies (Cross Hüller Ex-Cell-O Lamb), Special Machining Technologies (Hülle Hille, Hessapp and Witzig & Frank); Maintenance Technologies for all MAG aftermarket service and support; and the Blue Technologies.

The principal brand name in Blue Technologies is Fadal (Chatsworth, CA). Shown will be its VMCs and a full line of CNC lathes that is being added, VMCs from Cincinnati Machine UK, HMCs in 500 and 630-mm sizes, and 250 and 400-mm chuck-size inverted-spindle VTLs.

Two of Fadal’s three new HMCs, the HMC-400 and HMC-500, will be introduced. A third size is the HMC-630. The HMCs will be branded with the Fadal name in North America, and with the Cincinnati name in Asia and Europe.

The new lineup of machining centers and CNC lathes gives Blue Technologies a portfolio of machines that it says covers about 50% of the range of machine tools consumed in the US. It includes CNC lathes between a 6–18″ (152–457-mm) chuck size, VMCs with Y axis from 14 to 35″ (355–890 mm), and HMCs from 400 to 630-mm table size.

Hardinge Inc. (Elmira, NY) is expanding the breadth of its product offering by introducing what it calls baseline products in both turning and milling. “We have always been known for our high-end super-precision products,” explains Pat Ervin, president, chairman and CEO. “We are adding the baseline products to enable us to serve all of our customers’ requirements for small-to-medium cube-size parts,” he says.

Included in Hardinge’s baseline product are its Bridgeport XV-Series 710 and 1000 machining center. The Bridgeport GX 1000B machining center is being introduced in a box-way version for heavy machining operations and high metal removal rates, effectively putting an end to the need to argue linear guide ways vs. box ways as Hardinge now offers both.

The timing is right for IMTS. “Business is good,” explains Thomas R. Dillon, president, Mori Seiki U.S.A. Inc. (Rolling Meadows, IL). “The industry and the economy are both at a point where people are eager to invest in technology, and have the time to thoughtfully and carefully consider their options. And, for Mori Seiki, we will use IMTS to demonstrate our commitment to R&D and the resulting technology.”

Dillon is referring specifically to the Driven at the Center of Gravity (DCG)-design technology that was developed to improve rigidity and vibration dampening and increase accel/decel of its VMCs and HMCs. At IMTS, Mori Seiki will unveil the NT5400 DCG/1800XZ mill-turn machine, the NX3000 DCG production machining center, and the NMV5000 DCG five-axis machining center.

The NH4000 DCG will be displayed with the Mori Seiki CPP (Carrier Pallet Pool) for increasing the efficiency of parts machining while minimizing setup in untended production. Five of the 21 machines that Mori Seiki exhibits will employ automation to some degree, but with the provision that the automation doesn’t interfere with the visitors’ ability to see what’s going on in the demonstrations.

“Our engineers have challenged themselves to showcase the most compelling capabilities of our machines,” Dillon says. “Specifically, we want to emphasize part processing that is not routine. We want the demonstrations to be meaningful to our customers and create maximum impact—we want them to be as exciting as a Fourth of July fireworks display.”

Chiron America Inc. (Charlotte, NC) will exhibit a twin-spindle machining center for high production parts manufacturing, as well as multiaxis machines for medical device and precision-parts machining. “Manufacturers have a very real thirst to reduce manpower costs, as it is a big portion of the cost-per-part equation,” explains Chiron’s Ross Clark. “Automation in the form of six-axis robots, for example, is one answer and one that is becoming more price competitive, and the talent, at Chiron, to successfully integrate the systems, is readily available.”

“Twin-spindle machines give manufacturers the ability to reduce manpower while increasing production with a machine that is about 30% more expensive than a single-spindle machine, without multiplying the number of operators, systems, and fixturing needed to support it,” Clark says.

Chiron will exhibit an updated version of its FZ12KW Magnum CNC vertical machining center with pallet changer and fast tool changes for mid to high-production of parts that have a 6″ cube (152.4 mm) or smaller. For medical device manufacturing, CHIRON will be displaying a small milling turret-type milling center, the FZ08KS, and also Chiron’s Mill 800 five-axis traveling column machine with a compound tilt rotating table for larger medical parts and some automotive applications.

Scott Walker, president, Mitsui Seiki (USA) Inc. (Franklin Lakes, NJ) believes there is a resurgence of interest by manufacturers in more expensive, better-built machine tools that are in demand for machining higher-value workpieces. His company will be highlighting two types of precision technology: jig boring machines and the three and five-axis Vertex VMC with and without automation. The Vertex VMCs are designed for precision machining of mold and die and aerospace parts. A five-axis trunnion-style HU635X machining center that is able to provide versatile machining of very complex parts to close-to-jig-bore tolerances will also be exhibited.

High-precision machining is key to the desire of manufacturers to find lean solutions to maintain their competitiveness, says Walter Schnecker, president, Datron Dynamics Inc. (Milford, NH). “The real secret to competitiveness is how the manufacturer uses the real estate that he’s working with on the machine bed, and the tools that the machine tool builder supplies him with,” says Schnecker.

Datron will exhibit its entry-level EZ Raptor high-speed machining center with 60,000-rpm, 600-W high-frequency spindle and built-in workholding for quick changeover of parts on its 30 x 40″ (762 x 1016-mm) machine bed. Tools are typically 1/4″ (6.35 mm) or under. The EZ Raptor is capable of multi-function milling, drilling, routing, engraving, and thread milling. Thin stock such as plastic foils 0.001″ (0.0254-mm) diam to large aluminum sheets 0.250″ (6.35-mm) diam can be securely held by the machine’s Vacu-Mate vacuum table.

Mal Sudhakar, VP, Mikron (Lincolnshire, IL) says that manufacturers are looking for the flexibility to respond quickly to their customers. “We’re addressing the whole area of automation by offering affordable systems that are built right into the machines. Our HSM Series machines feature table chucks with pallets instead of T-slot tables. Various clamping systems are available including 3R-Dynafix, Erowa UPC, as well as larger 600/800-mm pallets.”

The HSM 600(U) and HSM 800 ProdMod high-speed machining centers include a tool-storage tower with large tool storage capacity in a compact footprint. The ProdMod tool tower is built as a circular tower with racks and a robotic arm, offering 120, 170, and 220 tool positions. Because a large number of tools can be accessed quickly, fast setup changeover times can be achieved. Chip-to-chip time is about 5 sec.

Mikron will also exhibit its HSM 400U ProdMed and HSM 400U ProdMed Dental machines for manufacturing medical implants, including dental and orthopedic, and surgical and general instruments. Smart machining modules monitor measurements to check and evaluate tools and workpieces, inspect the tools for breakage, measure the workpiece, and document all results—all critical quality functions in the medical device manufacturing industry.

Makino Inc. (Mason, OH) will focus its exhibit on the various elements that go into process solutions. “It’s a total recipe and we’ll show how the elements such as the machine tool, cutting tools, toolholders, CAD/CAM programs and applications experience and know-how come together to produce effective and efficient processes,” explains Makino’s Mark Rentschler.

Makino will focus on lean manufacturing cells and systems, the variety of different types of automation and systems displayed in conjunction with Makino machines, and demonstrations of machining difficult-to-machine materials such as CGI and titanium. Makino will be demonstrating machining CGI with its new 800-mm HMC for machining cylinder-head and block production.

“In general, if you are making high-volume, low-valueadded parts in America, that’s a pretty hard thing to do today,” says John Roth of Haas Automation Inc. (Oxnard, CA). “What we see is that the American entrepreneurial jobshop market is very good at making lower-volume, higher value-added parts.

“For example, in America at this point, you’re probably not making water pumps for pennies apiece for a major car company. What you’re probably doing is making water pumps to keep that factory running when their overseas supplier fails to deliver.

“That’s where Haas equipment shines. The user can set that job up quickly, program it, edit the program, set offsets, get the chips out, turn the job around quickly, and move on to the next hot job, explains Roth.”

Haas Automation will have its usual full house of new and current machines at the show (more than 60 at last count), including the EC-630 HMC, a large capacity, highproduction machine that is being tested, tweaked, and readied for shipment.

The following products are representative of the machining centers and cells that will be displayed in theMetal Cutting pavilion of IMTS 2006. — James Lorincz


CGI-Machining HMC

An 800-mm HMC is targeted at tier-level production of CGI diesel engine parts, as well as large parts and difficult-to-machine materials in the aerospace, semiconductor, and oil-field industries. Axis travels are 1500 x 1250 x 1350 mm (X,Y,Z). Rapid feed rate is 50 m/min with accel/decel rate of 0.4 g. The 800 x 100-mm pallet can handle workpieces to 1500-mm diam and higher, weighing 2000 kg. SmartTool technology offers flexibility to reduce manufacturing steps, multiple tools, and setups, reducing cycle times and cost.
Makino Inc.
Ph: (513) 573-7200


Micromachining VMC

Model Zµ3500 VMC features a hydro-hybrid spindle that virtually eliminates wear and run-out resulting from friction caused thermal distortion. The Zµ3500 incorporates hydrostatic and hydrodynamic technologies for zero-metal-contact operation. The 25-hp (18.6-kW) spindle reaches 30,000 rpm for machining precision parts such as medical and dental devices. Travels are 13.78 x 11.8 x 11.8″ (350 x 300 x 300 mm) X,Y,Z axes. The 12-tool ATC is fully enclosed. Positioning is accomplished with cooled scaled linear motors at 0.6 g accel.
NTC America Corp.
Ph: (248) 560-1200


HMC Flexible Cell

Model nbh 5+ HMC can function as a standalone HMC or a flexible manufacturing cell. The nbh 5+ is optimized for first and second-tier suppliers with long runs of components with stable specifications. It features an extended 890 x 900 x 900-mm (X,Y,Z) working range, 800-kg pallet load capacity, 18 kW, 15,000-rpm motor spindle, and a 360° x 1° B-axis rotary table. Rapid traverse rates are 50 m/min on all linear axes.
Hüller Hille, MAG-IAS
Ph: (586) 566-2400


Control Software

Demonstrations of WinMax Control Software with a new Windows-based interface to reduce setup time and improve surface finish will headline new product introductions. Key product introductions revolve around the VMX series of VMCs. The VMX42SR is a five-axis VMC with a swivel head with a horizontal rotary table. The VMX60 adds 60″ (1524 mm) of travel. A performance series VMX includes a 12,000-rpm spindle, 1378-ipm (35 m/min) rapid traverse, and the new WinMax control.
Hurco Companies Inc.
Ph:(800) 634-2416


High-Speed VMC

EZ Raptor high-speed CNC machining center features a 60,000-rpm spindle for small tools 1/4″ 6.35 mm) and under. Machining area is 30 x 40″ (762 x 1016 mm). The EZ Raptor is capable of multi-function milling, drilling, routing, engraving, and thread milling of sheet material or parts in batch lots. The VacuMate vacuum table enables users to quickly secure flat workpieces such as plastic foils as thin as 0.001″ (0.025 mm) to large aluminum sheets 0.250″ (6.35-mm) thick to the bed of the machining system.
Datron Dynamics Inc.
Ph: (888) 262-2833


High-Torque Machining

Model VCN 510C/50 VMC delivers 30 hp (22-kW), 6000 rpm, and 206 lb-ft (279•m) torque with a 1:2 fixed gear reducer. The high-speed rapid traverse rate is 1417 ipm (36 m/min) at 0.5 g acceleration and chip-to-chip change time is 2 sec. Machining area is 41 x 20 x 23″ (1041 x 508 x 584 mm) on a table 51 x 21″ (1295 x 533 mm) for workpieces to 2640 lb (1197 kg). The machine is equipped with a 24-tool capacity ATC. Coolant-through spindle option is available.
Mazak Corp.
Ph: (859) 342-1700


Medical Five-Axis Machining

Mytrunnion-1 VMC is designed for simultaneous five-axis highprecision machining of small parts. The Z-axis is moved by the headstock and the X andY axes are moved by the table. The Mytrunnion-1 incorporates an Aaxis tilting trunnion table and a rotary C-axis with a 0.001° minimum indexing command. Table size is 4.7″ (119-mm) diam with a load capacity of 44 lb (20 kg). Maximum workpiece size is 13.8″ diam x 8.1″ (350 diam x 206 mm). Spindle is 30-taper with 15,000-rpm speed.
Kitamura Machinery of USA Inc.
Ph: (847) 520-7755


High-Speed-Machining VMC

AF-Series VMCs feature a castiron base and column for accuracy in high-speed machining applications such as mold and die. The AF-Series VMC has a direct-drive 12,000-rpm temperature-controlled spindle and Fanuc 18i-MB control. Also being shown are the BM-1200 VMC for heavyduty machining of ferrous materials, the FH450-S 40-taper HMC, and the Flexible Pallet Automation (FPA) and Matrix Tool Magazine, which can store and monitor 500 tools.
Toyoda Machinery USA
Ph: (847) 253-0340


Ultrasonic Machining

The Ultrasonic 20-5 linear is capable of five-axis machining of conventional metals, such as steel, aluminum, carbide, and hardened steel, as well as advanced materials such as glass and ceramics. Ultrasonic machining spindles create an oscillation that makes the diamond tool pulse with a frequency between 17,500 and 48,000 times per second depending on the spindle type, removing material five times faster than conventional methods.
DMG America Inc.
Ph: (847) 781-0277


Precision Machining Demonstrations

Model NH4000 DCG HMC will be displayed with a Carrier Pallet Pool (CPP) for untended parts production, minimizing setup time and improving efficiency. The system can be controlled from a built-in operating panel. The NMH6300 DCG HMC, NX3000 DCG production machining center, and NMV5000 five-axis VMC will be unveiled with machining demonstrations, as will the NT5400 DCG/1800SZ mill-turn. Automation will also be demonstrated on the NZ-S1500 DCG two-turret shaft lathe and the NL3000Y/750 CNC lathe.
Mori Seiki USA Inc.
Ph: (847) 593-5400


Production HMCs

Model XHC 241 is a high-speed linear-motor HMC for machining automotive powertrain components, such as transmission, clutch, and converter housings, valve bodies, cylinder blocks, and heads. The XHC 241 is capable of dry or MQL machining using an advanced through-the-spindle oil mist system, as well as conventional wet machining operation. Also being shown will be the XS 211 modular HMC for mid to high-volume machining of aluminum, steel, and cast iron workpieces.
Cross Hüller Ex-Cell-O Lamb, MAG-IAS
Ph: (586) 566-2400


Heavy-Duty Machining

Johnford HMC-500H features a moving saddle design that employs a box-in-box construction that keeps the spindle movement inside a box-shaped column casting. The 3.54″ (90-mm) diam direct drive spindle motor produces 35 hp (26 kW) and 260-lb-ft (352.5 N•m) of torque at 500 rpm. The 10,000-rpm CAT-50 spindle is oil cooled to minimize thermal growth. A 60-station arm-type ATC changes tools in 3.5 sec. Rapid traverse rates are 1575 ipm (40 m/min) in all axes.
Absolute Machine Tools Inc.
Ph: (440) 960-6911


Large Scale Machining

Model C 50 U dynamic machining center is designed for tool and mold construction and part manufacturers machining workpieces with 1000-mm diam, 810-mm height, and maximum weight of 1000 kg on five sides or five axes simultaneously. Basic machine structure is modified gantry design. Two swiveling rotary tables with integrated torque motor (C axis) and tandem drive (A axis) have swivel ranges from +30° to 115° for flexible use in five-axis machining. Also being shown is the C 20 U compact machining center and the RS 60 robot cell.
Hermle Machine Co.
Ph: (414) 421-9770


Large Part VMC

VMC SV-8045 features double-column design, Fanuc 18i-MB control, and X,Y,Z-travels of 80 x 45 x 30″ (2032 x 1143 x 762 mm) and a table size of 86.6 x 39.4″ (2200 x 1000 mm). Spindle motor is a CAT-40 taper, 10,000-rpm, 20/25-hp (15/19 kW) unit. Rapid feed rate is 1181 ipm (30 m/min) in X,Y,Z. The SV-8045 is flexible enough for high-torque, heavy-duty cutting, as well as high-speed 3-D machining. Also being shown is the VMC SV-2412 Mini Mill.
Sharp CNC, Div. Sharp Industries
Ph: (310) 370-5990


Boxway VMC

Model GX 1000B VMC expands the company’s Bridgeport machining center line with a boxway machine that features 1000 x 600 x 550-mmX,Y,Z travels, 30 m/min rapid rates, spindle speeds of 8000 rpm, and 13-kW power. Load capacity is 700 kg on a table 100 x 500 mm (X xY). ATC can hold 20 tools.
Hardinge Inc.
Ph: (800) 843-8801


50-Taper Machining Centers

Model EC-630 HMC has a 40 x 32 x 35″ (1016 x 812 x 889-mm) work envelope, 50-taper geared-head spindle, dual pallet changer with 630-mm pallets, a 50-pocket side-mount toolchanger, and a built-in 5° pallet indexer. Each pallet handles a 2640 lb (1197-kg) load. Workpieces to 39.4″ (1 m) in diam and height can be handled. Model VF-3YT/50 VMC features an extended Y-axis travel. Work envelope is 40 x 26 x 25″ (1016 x 660 x 635 mm). A 30-pocket side-mount toolchanger and 30-hp (22-kW), 7500-rpm geared head spindle are standard.
Haas Automation Inc.
Ph: (805) 278-1800


Heavy-Cutting VMC

Model DMV 6030 VMC features one-piece Meehanite bed and box-type column, induction-hardened and precision-ground box-type guideways, and a table that is fully supported by the saddle in all positions with no overhang. Spindle is a 35-hp (26-kW) AC motor with speed to 12,000 rpm and 121 lb-ft (164 N•m) of torque. Load capacity is 3300 lb (1497 kg) with a 29.5 x 63″ (749 x 1600-mm) table. Table positioning accuracy is +/- 0.00020″ (0.005 mm) and repeatability is +/- 0.000080″ (0.002 mm). CNC control is Fanuc 21i with a PCMCIA card slot.
Doosan Infracore-Daewoo
Ph: (973) 618-2500


HMC Family

Family of three HMCs designed for job shops stepping up to higher levels of production feature three sizes with 400 mm2, 500 mm2, and 630 mm2 pallets. The HMC-400 and HMC-500 will be shown. The HMC-400 features coolant-through 10,000-rpm, 11-kW spindle and X,Y,Z-travels of 610 x 560 x 560-mm with +/- 0.007-mm accuracy. Twin pallets can handle 400 kg. The HMC-500 features a 10,000-rpm, 18 kWspindle and can handle workpieces to 500 kg.
Fadal Machining Centers, MAG-IAS
Ph: (818) 407-1400


Twin-Spindle Machines

Xi-Mill in 3 x 3 MM configuration is a twin carriage dual-spindle high-speed machining center for higher volume single and/or dual workzone machining. The X-Mill features two independently operating three-axis spindle modules. Two spindles are always machining either the same or two different parts. The X-Mill modules traverse at 2363 ipm (60 m/min), feed to 1181 ipm (30 m/min), accelerate at 0.5 g and have two 30 hp (22-kW), 15,000-rpm spindles.
Bertsche Engineering Corp.
Ph: (847) 537-8757


Five-Axis Titanium Machining

MEGA4-800 five-axis HMC is optimized for titanium machining. Twin ballscrew-driven axes in X,Y,Z, a B-axis table, and A-axis tilt spindle with 180° sweep make five-sided machining, as well as full five-axis contouring of highly complex parts, possible. Part sizes to 1300-mm diam and 2000-mm high, weighing 2200 kg can be handled. Feed rate is 60 m/min with 1 g accel/decel rate. Spindle for hard metal cutting is available.
Cincinnati Machine, MAG-IAS
Ph: (859) 534-4600


Light Metal Parts Machining

Model AL 204 multispindle five-axis machining center has four spindles for machining complex, light metal parts in medium to high volumes with HSK 63 tooling. Working range is 200 x 400 x 450 mm (X, Y, Z). A multiaxis swiveling trunnion system reduces workpiece changeover time to about 2.0 sec. Synchronous motor spindles provide maximum drive capacity of 58 kW and maximum torque of 70 N•m. The AL 204 is equipped with the 160 iMB Fanuc control.
Alfing Corp.
Ph: (734) 414-5884


Five-Axis Machining

Two five-axis CNC machining centers used in the aerospace, automotive, architectural curtain wall, and door and window industries will be shown. Machines feature Siemens 840D CNC controls with spindle speeds to 30,000 rpm and 134 hp (100 kW). The PBZ DL series is available in lengths to 14 m and equipped with fully programmable vises, eliminating the need for hard tooling. UBZ NT series machines are modular and custom configured for each application.
Handtmann CNC Technologies
Ph: (847) 844-3300


Twin-Table Production

Two large TT40 twin-table high-production machines with 40 x 40″ (1016 x 1016 mm) travel and the TT24 twin table with 22 x 26″ (558 x 660 mm) travel will be introduced. Also shown will be HMCs and high-speed machining centers.
Milltronics Mfg.
(952) 442-6455


Five-Axis VMC APC

Five-axis APC for VMCs can be retrofit to virtually any VMC including those with built-in tunnion-type tables. System is standard with two pallet stations, one rotating pallet setup station, a linear-guided pallet delivery system, and three 20″ diam (500-mm) pallets. The system can be expanded in two-pallet increments. Accuracy is +/- 0.0001″ (+/- 0.0025 mm) and pallet-clamping force is 21,060 lb (9552 kg).
Midaco Corp.
(847) 593-8420


Cell Management

Cell Management System (CMS) features a Windowsbased PC program to control the robot and machine tools in an automated CNC machining cell in realtime. Jobs are prepared with the presetter program where workpieces are mounted to the pallet and linked to the NC programs. Data are transferred to the Cell Master database to allow jobs to be entered in the job queue to be put into production. Graphical overview of the cell shows status of all jobs in the cell and the current location.
Hirschmann Engineering USA Inc.
Ph: (847) 419-9890


Medical, Dental Machining

ProdMed machining centers are designed for highspeed machining of medical implants, including dental and orthopedic devices and medical equipment such as surgical and general instruments. The line includes the HSM 400U ProdMed, HSM 400U ProdMed Dental and the UCP 600 Vario ProdMed. The ProdMed systems include an integrated, automatic high-capacity tool changer with up to 220 tools and pallet-changing devices. Control is Heidenhain iTNC 530. Smart machine modules monitor spindle, automatically calibrate machine geometry, and process status.
Ph: (847) 913-5300


Production Machining Centers

Model JE50S B/A five axis HMC features a BT/BIG Plus 40-taper spindle, a 20″ (508-mm) working envelope, 2362-ipm (60 m/min) rapids, and a rotating and tilting work table with 32-mm faceplate. The JE50S B/A features a 12,000-rpm, 20-hp (14.9-kW) direct-coupled spindle, 256 psi through-spindle coolant, and a TNK high-volume rolling filter microfine chip conveyor. Also shown will be the JE30SL HMC, a pair of ES4000 VMCs, a new R50H horizontal machining module, and the JE80S HMC.
Enshu USA Corp.
Ph: (847) 839-8105


Table-Type Horizontal

Model BTH-110.R18(H3 table-type horizontal boring and milling machine is designed for high-speed general machining, mold and die, and IT-related applications. Machine accuracy with linear scale feedbacks for X,Y,Z options provides positioning accuracy of +/- 0.00016″ (0.004 mm) full length and a repeatability of +/- 0.00008″ (0.002 mm) with a spindle speed of 6-4000 rpm and a rapid feed rate of 708.7 ipm (18 m/min) X,Y,Z, 236.2 ipm (6 m/min) W axis, and 2 rpmB axis.
Toshiba Machine Machinery Co. Ltd.
Ph: (847) 593-1616


Horizontal Production Center

Model SPN901 horizontal production center can machine parts as large as 39.37″ (1000-mm) diam x 55.12″ (1400-mm) tall, and features stationary column, box-in-box design. The NIIGATA SPN901 center is a three-point mount machine with rapid traverse rates of 1968 ipm (50 m/min). Three choices of 50-taper spindles at 8000, 12,000, and 15,000-rpm are available. The synchronous swing-motion tool changer can change a 66-lb (30-kg) tool in 2.5 sec. Workpieces are delivered with a two-pallet rotary shuttle system.
SNK America Inc.
Ph: (630) 495-3737


Five-Axis Machining Table

A universal two-axis planetary table permits part positioning in all possible orientations in Liflex flexible transfer cells for fiveaxis machining in one clamping. The A and B axes of the planetary tables are mounted at 45° to one another. Parts may be mounted directly on the table or on a tablemounted fixture. The clamping system permits simple, fast changeover.
Lindenmaier Machine Tools
Ph: (734) 930-0300


Multistation CNC Cell

Triflex modular, multistation CNC machining cells incorporate from two to seven CNC machining centers on a common base. The Triflex machine uses a patented hanging indexing drum with hydraulically clamped Hirth ring couplings to provide four positions 90° apart. The drum carries planetary tablemounted workholding units arranged tangentially for five-sided machining of components to 200 mm on a side in a single clamping.
Turmatic Systems
(314) 993-0600



Model HB500 HMC features X,Y movement on the column with the Zmovement on the table, allowing sufficient area for chip removal in high-speed machining and general machining applications. The machine base is 20 x 20″ (508 x 508 mm) pallet with APC. Maximum part dimension is 36 x 36″ (914 x 914 mm) with a total maximum workpiece weight of 1300 lb (589 kg). Spindle is a 50-taper built-in spindle with 30-hp (22.3-kW) main motor and a maximum rpm of 10,000.
Tong-Tai Seiki U.S.A. Inc.
(845) 267-5500


Real-Time Control Machining

THINC control will be demonstrated on 19 machines, including the MU-500 five-axis VMC with trunnion table. The double-column bridge machine features direct-drive table, offering a 1,000-rpm function for combination turning and milling. The Multus B300 mill-turn incorporates an H1 turret with an ATC and is milling and turning capable with the flexibility of a sub-spindle for one setup machining. Completed merger with Okuma & Howa will add 22 new models under the Okuma brand of which the Millac 800VH and 2SPV80 will be displayed.
Okuma America Corp.
Ph: (704) 588-7000


Machining Centers

Sirius 650 VMC is a 50-taper machine with 51 x 26 x 26″ (1295 x 660 x 660 mm) X,Y, Z travels. Standard spindle speeds to 5000 rpm (gear driven) with an option of 8000 rpm (direct drive) are available. Main spindle motor is 25 hp (18.6 kW). Table load is 3300 lb (1497 kg). Also being exhibited are the M2-5AX fiveaxis VMC designed for aerospace engine manufacturing, the AF 5000 HMC with a 40-taper HSKA63 spindle, and the HI PLUS 610D dual-pallet VMC with a Fanuc 18iMB control.
Hwacheon Machinery America
(847) 573-0100


CNC Rotary Transfer

Multistar CX-24 rotary transfer machines tooled up with threeaxis CNC machining units provide flexibility and quick changeover from one part family to another. The new CNC unit comprises standardized modules configured with one, two, or three NC axes, allowing operations in the vertical upper, lower, lateral, and inclined positions. Different shaped components with dimensions to 25-mm diam can be machined.
Mikron Corp. Monroe
Ph: (203) 261-3100

This article was first published in the August 2006 edition of Manufacturing Engineering magazine.


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