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Machine Components/Cleaning/Environment/Fluid Power and Other Manufacturing Equipment

By Advanced Manufacturing Media

Cleanliness is now a quality issue

Keeping products clean is becoming a more significant part of manufacturing as standards for cleanliness, deburring, and finish grow more stringent.

“We’re finding that more and more companies continue to incorporate lean principles into their everyday manufacturing processes,” explains company spokesman Roger Hesse, Stoelting Inc. (Kiel, WI).

“However, one challenge many ‘lean’ companies face is the issue of maintaining part cleanliness standards in a one-piece flow environment. To meet tight cleanliness standards, many companies previously cleaned parts in large centralized batch systems, which have the advantages of longer dwell times and concentrated energy sources such as ultrasonics, agitation, and turbulation. However, they are now looking for less cumbersome, more streamlined one-piece flow-through cleaning processes.


“The challenge for the cleaning equipment manufacturer has been to develop cleaning systems capable of cleaning critical parts ‘one-piece-at-a-time on a continual flow-through basis.’ This must be done while maintaining customer cleanliness standards, which in many instances have become even more stringent in recent years,” Hesse concludes.

At IMTS Stoelting will feature a Nearfield, one-piece flow-through, high-end critical cleaning system as well as a Versaforce automated cleaning cell.

Standards of cleanliness are being formalized in industry. Before ‘how clean is clean’ was established on a situation-by-situation basis, now formal standards are evolving. To meet these needs, Sugino Corp. (Itasca, IL) is offering a new high pressure U-Jet cleaning unit. “In general, manufacturers are being held to higher standards of cleanliness,” states company representative John Fisher. “Not only must suppliers remove chips and obvious contaminates, they often are responsible for removing all coolants and cleaning fluids. Entire shipments have been rejected because the buyer found traces of solvent on ordered parts.

“At the IMTS booth we are going to emphasize our company’s diversity. We are not limited to cleaning and deburring equipment. We offer a wider variety of equipment to support machining operations. A major innovation will be our SSV ballscrew unit. In addition, we will offer a number of pumps, high-accuracy servo units, and drilling and tapping equipment.

Motors are among the key machine tool components. Here’s how one major supplier views the market.

“Reducing the total cost of ownership is definitely the mega-trend in the global industry, says Manfred Grundke, chairman of the executive board, Bosch Rexroth AG, Lohr, Germany. “Rexroth recognized this trend years ago and has developed a business model that reflects this demand. We offer components with superior performance, like our new machine-tool control, the IndraMotion MTX, one of the fastest CNC controls available.”


In another view of motion control. Paul Webster, CNC motion manager, GE Fanuc Automation (Charlottesville, VA) explains, “We are also increasing system flexibility. Servo features in spindles like positioning and contouring are more common. Live tooling functions such as rigid tapping, velocity control, and 6000 rpm or higher servos for servomotor are following a similar trend. These features are common in compound and dial-type machines. These same machines demand better waterproofing of drive systems. IP-67 is becoming standard in servos with IP-68 being requested.

“Additionally, we are putting all features into more economical packages. The distinction between the low and high-end system is becoming more blurred as overall performance increases.       

“While the overall trend is to less complicated/inexpensive systems, linear motors, built-in spindles and torque motors are slowly gaining popularity. As the economy improves, drive systems that require more design effort will gain ground. The performance benefits of these systems have been well known, but the additional expense of design work made them difficult to implement during harder times.

“The need for a competitive advantage in high-speed machining is making advanced spindles, high-speed linear and torque motors an attractive option. Built-in and direct-drive spindle motors offer higher rpm and rigidity than belted or gearing options and are becoming more popular in the machining-center market. The spindle market is being driven by these high-speed requirements and is producing spindles capable of high speed [over 15,000 rpm], but also high power output.

“The processing speeds of current CNCs allows faster control loops, vibration suppression functions, and servo features. Processor speeds will continue to get faster, as they look for even more stable servo control and higher speeds and resolution.”


At the show, GE Fanuc will demonstrate a plant application in a special automotive area. Attendees will see:

  • A simulated dial index control system featuring the new Series 30i CNC with 32 motors and eight spindles;
  • An assembly application suite based on Cimplicity Machine Edition software and a PACSystems RX3i programmable automation controller (PAC) with a new motion control module;
  • An automotive body shop application featuring Cimplicity Machine Edition software with Ethernet I/O connections and a PACSystems RX7i;
  • Cimplicity Manager software providing backup and restore to CNCs and PLCs; and
  • The Proficy Plant Applications manufacturing execution system (MES) software-which enables plant managers to gain clear insight into production processes to more efficiently manage their operations and achieve peak performance.

Loose, wet chips, usually considered a necessary evil, may be a greater source of profit in today’s economy.

“We are seeing much better activity than we did two years ago,” says Dennis Sultany, vice president, Puckmaster Inc. (Minneapolis, MN). “Many companies who have not upgraded their equipment in some time are placing orders. Some are buying because of improved business, and others because they have worn out equipment from lack of upgrading for a long period.

“Our equipment offers two advantages. First, it compresses chips into solid blocks or pucks that can be easily handled. Second, we recover machining fluids for reuse. For every 1000 lb [453 kg] of scrap we recover, we can send 20 gal [76 L] of fluid back to the machine’s coolant flow. Pay-off for our machines is greatly improved by the current booming scrap market.

“We will show four machines at IMTS. Three are chip and fluid recovery machines in various sizes, including a portable unit for smaller shops. The fourth is a shredder which breaks down larger scrap, and also removes unwanted foreign solids from the scrap, such as stray metal parts and broken bits.”

Fluid power is still an important part of machine-tool drive systems. Despite some inroads by electric and pneumatic system, hydraulic actuation systems are still commonly used, particularly where heavy forces are involved or power is needed in small areas. Hydraulic systems also do a better job of carrying off heat and offer long-term reliability.

William Wessman, product manager, Eaton Hydraulics (Eden Prairie, MN) notes a number of trends in hydraulic valve design. “This includes a trend to lower solenoid power. We have a new line of solenoid valves that operate on very low power. The user drives these valves from the PLC signals. There is an amplifier within the valve. This means lower control cost and less energy consumed. Usually the tradeoff when solenoid power is reduced is less force to move the valve. This can mean problems with very heavy loads, or when contaminants are present in the fluid. With the on-board amplifier system, this is not an issue.

“There is also a trend to better sound attenuation. This has been achieved with integrated pump/motors where vibration is minimized.”

Continental Machines (Savage, MN) is another manufacturer offering valves used in machine tool control. According to company spokesman Ron Neitzel, “The latest offering will be a proportional valve with onboard electronics. It will have onboard diagnostics that will allow remote problem diagnosis. This design uses Windows-based programming.

“The market is chiefly OEM and the valve can be used on virtually any hydraulic system for motion control.”

At IMTS Stoelting will feature a Nearfield, one-piece flow-through, high-end critical cleaning system as well as a Versaforce automated cleaning cell.        “Additionally, we are putting all features into more economical packages. The distinction between the low and high-end system is becoming more blurred as overall performance increases.

Product Previews

Linear Position Sensor


Analog absolute linear position sensor uses proprietary magnetoinductive technology to provide absolute position feedback. Optimized for precision positioning at shorter displacements, the new BIL allows motion control systems to be upgraded from end-of-stroke to the flexibility of continuous-position feedback. Available in 95 and 230-mm lengths, the BIL’s analog output provides theoretically infinite resolution (noise limited). Linearity is less than or equal to ±1% of full scale and repeatability less than or equal to ±0.1% of full scale.

Balluff Inc.
Ph: 800-543-8370

Tapping Fluid Fortifies Cutting Fluids


TRI-Logic RTD is a tapping fluid intended for reaming, tapping, and drilling operations. It’s suitable for all metals, including hardened steels, titanium alloys, and stainless. Designed to emulsify in water, it will blend with water-soluble metalworking fluids after use, fortifying the coolant’s extreme pressure cutting properties, and enhancing tool life and surface finish. Any residue left on workpieces can be removed using aqueous cleaning agents. It can also be added to neat cutting oil for severe operations like gearcutting.

ITW Rocol North America
Ph: 847-657-6185

Quill-Feed Machining Spindle


This pneumatic-fed quill unit features 8-mm drilling capacity, 180 lb-in (20.3 N*m) torque, and a motor rated up to 1 hp (0.75 kW) on a 60-mm-wide footprint. It’s constructed in a normalized cast-iron body, and the hardened and polished quill is fitted by hand to the body. Angular contact bearings deliver better than 10 µm spindle runout. Unit features a self-contained hydraulic feed-control module. Standard units come with motor, belt and pulleys, and weigh 48 lb (21.8 kg).

Somex Corp.
Ph: 888-SOMEX NA

Overhead Tapping/Assembly Arm


Mounting the Model OCVA-M-60 arm above the workstation allows the arm to stay away from the work flow until it’s pulled down to use. With a working range of 19 – 43″ (480 – 1090 mm) the arm can tap up to 9/16″ (M14) in steel and stays perpendicular anywhere it’s moved. For assembly work, the unit accepts torque to 50 lb-ft (68 N*m) and can be fitted with custom motor mounts that allow it to be used at various angles.

Ph: 800-837-2503

Fluid Purification Equipment


Equipment for tramp oil and sludge (TOS) removal and ultrafiltration technology for waste minimization of oily water will be shown. Among the systems shown will be: the T14-3AQ, a centrifugal recycling system for cleaners in aqueous washer baths; the Freddy TOS, a portable skimmer system; the Freddy Ecovac, a sump cleaner capable of suction and discharge of fluids at the sump; and the T14-3P, a portable centrifugal coolant recycler that operates at the machine tool. The last unit removes solids to 5 µm.

Sanborn Technologies
Ph: 508-660-9150 ext. 3112

Stopping Coolant Odors


Two Coolant Xtender models are designed to be permanently attached to machine tools. The CX100 AP is intended for use with sumps to 100 gal (378 L) and the CX250AP for sumps to 250 gal (946 L). The CX250P is portable and can move throughout the shop. The unit’s patented HaloFresh technology bonds chlorine to plastic beads that are bagged and housed in treatment chambers. Coolant is drawn from the machine’s sump, and odors are removed when it contacts the beads. The systems are safe to use with any water-miscible coolant.

Vanson Halosource
Ph: 425-881-6464



The Type SC 55104 100-mm-diam spindle is intended for milling molds and for high metal removal rates. Bearing stiffness is 150 N/µm. It uses a standard HSK 32 taper and maximum speed is 40,000 rpm. Torque output of the company’s 80-mm and 120-mm-diam spindle series is doubled, and their speed range is 200 – 40,000 rpm. In a grinding configuration, the Type SC 4060 spindle accommodates 1/2″ (12.7-mm) shank tooling in a 62-mm-diam housing at speeds to 40,000 rpm.

The Precise Corp.
Ph: 262-632-6173

High-Density Automated Storage


Vertical storage and retrieval solutions for small parts, tools, dies, fixtures, fasteners, and raw materials will be shown. Automated vertical systems are designed to increase throughput to 600%, save up to 75% of floor space, enhance picking accuracy to the 99.9% level, and reduce man-hours and inventory by as much as 2/3. A shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and a Vertical Carousel system will be shown.

Remstar International
Ph: 908-832-9337

Chip Compactors


Chipmunk metal compactors come in two models. Model 6000 is a 20-hp (15-kW) system with output of up to 500 lb/hr (227 kg/hr) aluminum and as much as 1400 lb/hr (636 kg/hr) steel and ductile iron. The model 2000 is a 10-hp (7.5-kW) system with output to 260 lb/hr (118 kg/hr) aluminum and up to 600 lb/hr (272 kg/hr) steel and ductile iron. Both machines deliver an 8:1 compaction ratio and eliminate cutting fluid and coolant spill risks during storage and transport. The machines require less than 100 ft2 (9.3 m2) of floor space.

Kurt Manufacturing Co.
Ph: 763-574-8321

High-Pressure Cooling

End Mill Holder supplies coolant to the cutting tool through a series of holes around the cutter. This gives positive coolant contact with the cutter and keeps all chips flushed away to avoid recutting. KoolBlast system also eliminates thermal shock to cutter edges from heating and cooling, and eliminates chance of coolant lines being defected by chips. The collar can be used on live or stationary tooling, for CNC lathes and screw machines. Unit is simply slipped over the tool and connected to the coolant line.

Advanced Industries Inc.
Ph: 734-433-1800

Cutting and Forming Lubricant


Dry-Cut minimum-quantity lubricant is a biodegradable, nontoxic fluid that contains no chlorine, silicones, or petroleum products. It’s intended for all metalcutting and metalforming applications on all materials. Ecological and biodegradable, it’s reportedly able to increase production and tool life, and eliminates flood coolant and waste disposal expenses. Free samples available.

MQL Systems Div., Tapmatic Corp.
Ph: 800-854-6019

Guideway Modules

Belt-driven miniature guideway modules are only 16-mm high. Options available include limit switch, cover strip, bottom-mounted motor flange. For higher load capacities, a second carriage can be added. Maximum length available is 1142 mm and a maximum stroke of 886 mm possible. Speeds of 5 m/sec can be achieved. Repeatability of better than ±0.03 mm are possible. Operating temperature range is -40 to +80ºC.

Schneeberger Inc.
Ph: 781-271-0140

Chip Briquetter


This briquetter comes in five capacity ratings-to 2000 lb/hr (908 kg/hr) of aluminum. Difficult-to-handle turnings and bushy metal scrap can be processed automatically, saving labor costs. Users can recover cutting oils for re-use, and produce uniform, dense, dry pucks for the scrap-metal market. It also reportedly allows users to accurately track and account for their metal scrap output, and reduce transportation/storage costs.

Prab Inc.
Ph: 800-968-7722

ER Collet Nuts

Intended for high-precision and high-speed applications, these ER collet nuts have a friction-bearing design that allows high clamping forces without the need to overtighten. They’ll soon be standard on all of the company’s ER collet chucks. Tightening forces in these collet nuts reportedly yield a 300% improvement in breakaway torque over traditional solid nuts, and a 40% improvement over coated nuts. This latest collet nut includes a retaining clip to reduce unbalancing of the nut.

Parlec Inc.
Ph: 585-425-4400

Dust Collector


Able to handle almost any manufacturing-dust collection application, the model BDC is a self-cleaning, continuous-duty system available in eight series sizes. Pulse-jet technology pulses-off captured dust and cleans the filter while the system remains on-line. Filter options allow the system to maintain up to 99.99+% filtration efficiency. Inlet and outlet connections can be standardized, and air filtration capacities range from 500 to 7000 ft3/min (14 – 198 m3/min). To enhance its versatility, the system incorporates four different but standard filter configurations and designs.

United Air Specialists Inc.
Ph: 800-252-4647 ext. 8746

Dry Grinding


Patented system maintains cool workpiece temperatures. An internally cooled plate and/or chuck paired with a self-contained chiller keeps workpieces cool. Heat is absorbed by the plate or chuck without external coolant or mist systems. The Kool-Grind System prevents parts from warping due to temperature fluctuations, and reportedly eliminates waiting for parts to cool. It consists of a 4 X 4″ (102 X 102-mm) fine-pole Kool-Grind Plate No. 44, and/or a 6 X 12″ (152 X 305-mm) electromagnetic fine-pole Kool-Grind Chuck No. 612 paired with the Kool-Grind Chiller.

Harig Manufacturing Corp.
Ph: 847-647-9500

Proportional Pressure Compensating Control

Intended for the manufacturer’s line of PVM medium-duty axial-piston hydraulic pumps, this proportional (electronic) pressure control offers pressure cutoff for limiting maximum pressures. Available in either 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc, normally open or normally closed, it offers an option for an integral connector amplifier. Operating parameters are: 350 – 3000 psi (2.4 – 21 MPa) proportional pressure control, 600 – 3250 (4.1 – 22 MPa) maximum pressure cutoff setting, 100 psi (68 kPa) hysteresis in open loop operation, and 5 psi (34.5 kPa) hysteresis in closed-loop operation.

The Oilgear Co.
Ph: 414-327-1700

Automatic Door Openers


These openers protect operators from injury and help maintain productivity by automatically opening and closing machine tool doors. Specifically designed for field retrofit on existing machines, they reverse when objects are detected in their path. Three standard sizes are available from stock for vertical or horizontal orientations. Two models are offered: the ATD 50 with 103 N maximum pull force and 3.6 N*m maximum drive torque; and the ATD 101 with 250 N maximum pull force and 7.1 N*m maximum drive torque.

A&A Mfg. Co. Inc.
Ph: 800-553-6331

Precision Glass Scale

MicroScale comes in travel lengths from 1 to 60″ in resolutions of 0.5, 1, and 5 µm, and with an accuracy of ±5 µm. An enclosed aluminum housing and a recessed, chemical-resistant interlocking lipseal prevent entry of fluids, metal chips, and other contaminants. A feature called Position-Trac allows machine operators to re-establish workpiece zero from any position after a power interruption. Once power is restored, the readout or control reads a line pattern on the scale that lets it recall the last known zero.

Acu-Rite Companies Inc.
Ph: 800-344-2311

Post Processing and Simulation Software

Called CAM-Post V16, this package offers enhanced NC post-processing with graphical machine tool simulation, Virtual Machine, in an integrated platform. Virtual Machine allows NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs against collisions automatically during post processing.

ICAM Technologies
Ph: 514-697-8033

Automatic Door Systems

Adaptable to most brands of mills, lathes, and other equipment with single or double doors, these automatic door systems use an air cylinder to open and close doors. Open/close command is given by a manual pushbutton or an M-function on the machine. A door-mounted safety strip exhausts air pressure if the door encounters an obstruction during closing. After an emergency stop, a soft-start value slowly returns air to the door system. The door-open command will not function if the spindle or chuck is running.

Midaco Corp.
Ph: 847-593-8420

Ceramic Balls

Cerbec balls are applied in hybrid bearings (steel races and ceramic balls) among other applications. Using the ceramic balls rather than steel balls provides: higher hardness, electrical resistance, and stiffness, lower thermal expansion, improved corrosion resistance, and lighter weight. Generally products using hybrid bearings exhibit less lube degradation and experience reduced product downtime with less maintenance.

Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics
Ph: 800-799-1457

Aqueous Metal Cleaner


Amberclean metal cleaner is a multipurpose, biodegradable cleaner that doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds or ozone-depleting substances. Surface active agents cut through and remove combinations of grease, oil, dirt, waxes, cutting fluids, lubricants, and other organic contaminants from machined metal surfaces. Corrosion technology protects metal surfaces during cleaning without the use of silicates. Well-suited for immersion or hand-wipe applications, the cleaner can be used with ultrasonic tanks and recirculation pumps, in dilutions from 5 to 25%, with soft or deionized water to 95ºF (35ºC).

Innovative Organics
Ph: 847-776-7846

Aqueous Washers

Designed for critical cleaning applications and high throughput, the Lewis Nearfield System uses magnetostrictive transducers to produce sound vibrations in an aqueous solution. The high mechanical energy of the opposing low-frequency ultrasonics allow the cleaning process to occur with less-aggressive chemistry and at a lower temperature. The system works well on complex surfaces and blind holes. A range of other aqueous cleaning systems will be displayed.

Ph: 800-545-0661

System for High-Performance Coatings


The Laser Arco system is a flexible module that can be adapted to most existing industrial deposition systems. It uses a pulsed laser to control the vacuum-arc deposition. This enables the deposition of film systems at temperatures below 100ºC and guarantees optimum cathode usage. It allows a wide array of possible new coatings without investing in a new coating machine. Any part or component that requires wear and corrosion-resistant coating with a low-friction coefficient can be considered as a candidate for coating by this equipment.

Fraunhofer USA CCL
Ph: 517-432-8711

Lifting Tongs

With safe lifting capacity at 6000 lb (2724 kg) and select models adjustable from 24 to 48″ (610­1219-mm) wide, the model 1-X and 2-X tongs are designed for use with an overhead crane. As the crane hook rises vertically, the scissors action closes on the OD of the part to be lifted, increasing the pinching action until resistance is overcome, hence lifting the item. This tool will grab and hold ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Master Lift Co.
Ph: 586-757-2118

Belt-Driven Spindles

This customizable line of belt-driven spindles–ProMetrix–includes high-speed-rated ceramic bearings for high-speed machining requirements. Hybrid bearings allow speeds to reach 2,000,000 DmN and higher with minimal thermal distortion. The line is capable of 12,000, 15,000, 18,000, and as high as 20,000 rpm. Spindles come in block, cluster, and cartridge designs, and are configurable to include various bearing configurations, hybrid bearings, spindle noses, drawbars, and more.

Setco Sales Co.
Ph: 800-543-0470

Blast System for Workcells


The RXS-400 subcompact rotary blast system can provide shot peening, blast cleaning, deburring, cosmetic finishing, and technical surface preparation in single-piece flow manufacturing or cellular production environments. The unit’s footprint is less than 9 ft2 (0.8 m2), and includes fork lift channels and lifting eyes to facilitate relocation. Interchangeable fixtures hold parts on two sealed ball bearing spindles mounted on the machine’s rotary table. As the component rotates at a controlled and adjustable speed, it is exposed to blast from multiple pre-positioned nozzles. A touch-screen operator interface for the system’s PLC is standard. Available options include adjustable oscillating blast guns, programmable linear traversing nozzles, and nozzle manipulators capable of motion in multiple axes.

Guyson Corp.
Ph: 518-587-7894

Coolant Cleaner

Able to handle sump sizes as large as 400 gal (1514 L), Model #315 pump/separator unit removes tramp oil and chips from coolant. With a 180 gph (680 L/hr) coolant recirculation rate, the cart-mounted separator can clean a sump in a few hours, then be moved to another sump and readied for operation by making one hose connection and a 1/4″ (6.4-mm) air-line connection. Using patented oil-separation elements and a bag filter, the system removes solids as fine as 5 µm, even if chips are floating on the sump’s surface.

Keller Products Inc.
Ph: 800-352-8422

Balancer for Turning

Defined as correction of any unbalance in a machine while it’s in operation, RealTime balancing provides vibration-free machining in turning operations. The RealTime Balancer compensates for part-tooling unbalance, making it unnecessary to slow down the spindle speed to minimize unbalance generated by vibration. Once the spindle is engaged, the balancer reportedly compensates for vibration in seconds.

Lord Corp.
Ph: 734-973-8300 ext. 203

Filtration System

Aqueous coolant management called The Guardian is designed to remove free and mechanically emulsified tramp oil as well as chips, swarf, and sludge from coolant sumps and tanks. A portable system, it has a footprint of 30 X 34″ (762 – 864 mm). The filter vessel accepts a one-micron-rated cartridge with 42 ft2 (3.9 m2) of media area.

Ebbco Inc.
Ph: 586-716-5151

Ballscrew Assemblies

New nut types are available for feed, positioning, and transportation tasks. Line includes precision screws, zero-clearance preloaded nuts, or adjustable single nuts in a variety of designs. Ballscrews are available with a variety of seals for effective wiping action and to prevent nut contamination. Units have integrated ballscrew assemblies with matching pillow blocks and nut housing. Longer units have screw supports. Motor mounts, couplings, or belt drives are optional.

Rexroth Bosch Group
Ph: 800-438-5983

Heavy-Duty Fluids

Cimcool has a new line of metalworking fluids designed for moderate to heavy-duty machining and grinding. The 3800 family is intended for aluminum and grinding in the auto industry and features lubricity, biostability, and low misting and foaming. They also offer cleanliness and bimetallic corrosion control.

Milacron, Cimcool Div.
Ph: 513-458-8117

Fluid Handling


Line of water-driven, proportional dispensers and chemical dispensing systems will be shown. The units are intended for fluid metering in ratios from 1:500 to 1:10, with flow ranges from 0.05 to 40 gpm (0.19 – 151 L/min).

Dosatron International Inc.
Ph: 800-523-8499

Improved Lubricant

SparCut NC is a nonchlorinated, heavy-duty, soluble-oil based cutting and grinding fluid. Fluid performs well in hard water, is bacteria resistant, and has upgraded antifoaming capability and emulsion stability. Improved lubricant package enhances tool life and surface finish.

Spartan Chemical Co.
Ph: 800-537-8990

Cleaners and Lubricants

Company offers a wide variety of cleaners and lubricants including P-80 temporary rubber lubricant emulsion and Micro-90 concentrated cleaning solution. P-80 aids the attachment of tight-fitting rubber and soft plastic parts by providing a film that makes rubber surfaces slippery. Micro-90 is a multipurpose cleaner used for jobs such as degreasing and cleaning filters.

International Products Corp.
Ph: 609-386-8770

Marking Systems


The Microlase laser marking system offers 15,000 hr of nearly maintenance-free noncontact marking on metals, anodized aluminum, painted substrates, and plastic. Other systems include the handheld Stinger, the Scribeliner, and the Mark3. The Series12 roll marker combines three tons of marking pressure into a 30 X 24″ (760 X 610 mm) floor-mounted unit.

Geo. T. Schmidt Inc.
Ph: 800-323-1332

Bioremediation Parts Cleaning

Bio-Circle system breaks down oil and grease in CO2 and water. This keeps parts-cleaning fluids constantly at full strength. It also eliminates the need for monthly solvent replacement and diminishing solvent strength. Unit can hold 450 lb (204 kg) of parts while a monitor ensures a constant solution temperature and pumping system performance.

Walter Surface Technologies
Ph: 860-724-0321

Cooling Chillers

Durachill unit provides up to 273,600 BTU/hr heat removal. It is used to cool lasers, furnaces, distillation apparatus, and other equipment. Drive motors range from 1.25 to 25 hp (0.9–19 kW). Unit comes with temperature, pressure, and flow-rate alarms as well as automatic condenser pressure cutouts.

Ph: 800-229-7569


Station simultaneously mixes and meters a central system sump. The station reduces labor needed to keep machines supplied with fluid. It also ensures machine will not run dry. Each unit has a high and low-level alarm, remote reporting, and remote controls.

Zebra Skimmers
Ph: 888-249-4855

Drill Storage

Cabinet holds complete sets of drawers for storage of screw-machine length drills. The three-drawer cabinet has 159 compartments. Made of heavy gage steel, the cabinet has smooth riding ball bearing slides. Unit measures 26 X 12 X 12.5″ (660 X 305 X 318 mm).

Huot Manufacturing
Ph: 651-646-1869

Handheld Marker


Model TMM4200 Pinstamp programmable handheld marker marks up to eight characters/sec. Equipped with a pistol-grip handle, the unit weights 4.5 lb (2 kg). It can also be used in online or fixtured applications. It’s teamed with the TMC420 controller with rubber keyboard and four-line LCD display. This controller stores as many as 75 marking patterns (no PC required). As many as 31 of the controllers can be networked to one host.

Ph: 740-477-5000

Washer for Lean/Cellular Manufacturing

Lean-Veyor is an inline conveyor-type spray washer. Its patent-pending internal ventilation and encapsulated spray and blowoff zone design reportedly reduces energy consumption by 50% when compared to more conventional spray-washer designs. Nongasketed housing access doors allow access to the interior spray and blowoff pipes for servicing, and the enclosed design keeps noise levels below OSHA standards. Its integral exhaust/demister package allows venting the machine directly into the plant atmosphere.

Ransohoff Inc.
Ph: 513-870-1711

Wireless Metrology


These metrology devices-T-Scan, T-Probe (Walk-Around CMM), and T-Cam, together with the company’s LTD800 laser tracker, create a local positioning technology for industrial measurement. Operators can measure inside deep parts and tools. The LTD800 produces high point density at 3000 points/sec) and achieves a measurement distance of up to 40 m. When an operator uses it in conjunction with the T-Scan hand scanner, he can digitize small-to-large objects and complex surfaces with very little setup time for inspection and reverse engineering applications.

Leica Geosystems, Metrology Div.
Ph: 770-447-6361

Machine Mounts

Designed for equipment that does not require floor fastening, including automatic lathes, grinding machines, and drilling/milling machines, M-Series heavy-duty machine mounts handle loads from 100 to 12,000 lb (45 – 5450 kg) and feature a built-in leveling bolt. FEM analysis enables the mounts to resist material fatigue caused by shear loads, lateral forces, and fast working cycle times. They have a nitrile pad that’s chemically resistant to most fluids and dampens up to 80% of machine or environmental vibration.

Sunnex Inc.
Ph: 800-445-7869

Tapping Fluid

SuperAllTap is intended for a broad range of tapping applications. Its nonhazardous formulation provides for a safe work environment and does not irritate skin. Because of its ability to emulsify into water, the fluid is well-suited for machines that use coolants, as it will wash off into the coolant system. Its high viscosity allows this tapping fluid to adhere to the tap and/or workpiece.

Hangsterfer’s Laboratories
Ph: 856-468-0216

Marking Machine

Consisting of a marking head and a control unit, the Multi 4 marking machine comes in four versions: a fixed benchtop unit for small parts; a portable version for heavy or large parts; a portable or benchtop version for all-size parts; and an integrated device for marking in production lines. It marks any surface that can be engraved, whether flat, concave, or convex. Based upon electromagnetically controlled microimpact marking, the machine marks figures, letters, logos, special characters, and data-matrix with up to 1000 possible settings.

Dapra Marking Systems
Ph: 800-442-6275

Coolant Handling Systems

At-the-machine chip separation/coolant filtration and recovery systems shown will include the CrosBelt coolant cleaning separator, which cleans coolants to 10 – 15 µm nominal, the ConSep 2000 II conveyor/coolant separator that removes chips and contaminates to a 25 – 50-µm level, the ConSep 1000 with AT Cleaner system for processing smaller chips such as those from cast iron, the VBU centrifugal chip wringer, and the Chip Tote CT-20 hinged steel-belt conveyor for chips and stamping scrap transport.

Mayfran International

Small Dispensing System


A carousel point-of-use dispensing system, the RoboCrib1000 is intended for small-to-medium-sized companies and job shops. It also give larger companies the option of decentralizing MRO inventory to the point-of-use by placing the machine into manufacturing cells. The system has the capability to manage more than 1000 items in a 3 X 3′ (0.9 X 0.9-m) footprint.

AutoCrib Inc.
Ph: 714-274-0400



Spindles on display will include the company’s cartridge-style Hi-Speedpower spindles. They employ hybrid ceramic bearings, individually inspected for accuracy. Spindles shown will range in operating speed from 8000 to 120,000 rpm. A new repair facility will also be announced, along with a new spindle-repair business for all makes of spindles, and a service that will troubleshoot spindles at the customer’s plant.

Bryant Spindle
Ph: 802-885-5161

Automatic Lubricator


Consisting of the SureFire automatic lubricator and the ZEM-Series positive-displacement injectors, the SureFire lubrication system can pump oil and soft grease to as many as 100 lubrication points. It’s a self-contained electric-motor-driven gear pump that adapts to a range of production machinery. The automatic lubricator comes in three reservoir sizes, 1.8, 2.7, and 6.0 L. ZEM pre-fixed volumetric injectors come in four series with output volumes ranging from 0.01 cm3 to 1.5 cm3 per lubrication cycle.

Bijur Lubricating Corp.
Ph: 919-465-4448


A replacement for standard bellows couplings, ADS-Servo Insert couplings deliver high torsional stiffness yet allow vibration damping. These properties help CNC controls optimize the servo loop to its maximum gain, minimizing or eliminating resonance, thus reducing cycle times. Coupling performance is due to tight tolerances specified when machining jaw teeth, which result in true zero-backlash fit with the insert. Sizes cover torque requirements from 10 to 655 N*m, with bore sizes from 6 to 60 mm. High-speed balancing is also available on all sizes.

Rimtec Corp.
Ph: 630-628-0036

Marking Systems

Products on display will include several low-maintenance touch-screen-controlled marking systems. Among them are Pro-Point 2331, a permanent indenting marking system for metals and plastics; the I-Mark V80 ink-jet system, which can control as many as eight drop-on-demand printheads (up to 64 valves); and I-Mark V801 OEM Controller, which is suited for integrating ink-jet printing into single-line production processes.

Matthews International Corp.
Ph: 412-665-2488

Linear Slide Kit System

Kit’s primary component assemblies have a geometry of 25 µm/300 mm. Each of the primary LK 300 Fas-Trax slide kit assemblies can be used alone or bought as an assembled slide. The first primary component assembly comes with a profile rail, and an offset rail bracket with machined rail edge and mounting holes. The second, the ballscrew assembly, includes a 25-mm DIN ballscrew with a 10-mm lead. The third includes the precision-ground 25-mm-thick top and bottom saddle and base plates, which are 300-mm wide and up to 1750-mm long.

SKF Machine Tool Precision Technologies
Ph: 800-445-6267

Magnetic Conveyors

Tuf-Trac magnetic chip and parts conveyors provide maintenance-free handling of ferrous chips, turns, small parts, and stampings. Permanent magnets move inside an air-tight submersible housing to attract and hold ferrous pieces. The conveyors place magnets on 305-mm centers supported by twin roller-drive chains riding in oil-impregnated polyethylene track. Ceramic or Erium rare earth magnets glide ferrous material along a stainless steel, self-cleaning slider plate. Standard models vary in shape from straight horizontal to multiple doglegs including low-profile units in widths from 203 to 1118-mm wide.

Ph: 814-835-6000

Spindle-Lift Tables


Two new lifts include the DryLin SLW, a compact, flat linear table with a spindle drive. It’s the first spindle-lift table available as part of the DryLin W linear guide system. The table delivers great torsional strength at a height of just over 1 1/8″ (28.6 mm). DryLin HTSP is a low-cost, plastic spindle-lift table available with DryLin R linear bearings. The HTSP is equipped with plastic crossbars and slides. Weight can be further reduced by combining the table with a carbon shaft and aluminum spindle. Stroke is always adjustable, manually or via servomotor.

Igus Inc.
Ph: 888-803-1895


This article was first published in the August 2004 edition of Manufacturing Engineering magazine.

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