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Lapping the Competition

The Don Schumacher Racing team tests the limits of machining to stay competitive.

Evan Rago

Evan Rago Logistics Sales Manager Vecna Robotics Evan Rago brings more than a decade of experience in operations process improvement and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Through his career, Evan

Steve Jones

Steve Jones, PhD, is a Technical Material and Process Consultant at Steelcase helping develop and deploy new technology at its global manufacturing sites.

Tom Moylan

Tom Moylan is Regional Automation Manager at Acieta. He supports the sales group through concept, design and development of innovative automation systems to solve manufacturing problems, such as

Robert Meshel

Driven by the passion for innovation in technology and business models, I relentlessly pursuing new strategic opportunities developed within the organization or by partnering with external

Ingrid Millán

Ingrid Millán Associate Partner McKinsey & Company Ingrid Millán is an Associate Partner in McKinsey’s Washington, DC Office. She is one of the leaders in the Digital End-to-End Manufacturing

Lov Kher

Lov is currently Managing Principal & Master Architect in Enterprise Innovation and 5G Solutions group at Verizon, working on emerging platforms (e.g., Computer Vision, AI over the Edge and

Autonomous Mobile Robots Drive Manufacturing Versatility

Robotics have come a long way since the first industrial robot was installed at General Motors. Denise Ebenhoech, Regional Head of Advanced Robotics Applications at KUKA Robotics, sits down with Chris Mahar, Associate Editor, to discuss recent developments within mobile robots. From cleans rooms to job shops to moving entire airplane assemblies, autonomous mobile robots are helping manufacturers succeed in today’s advanced manufacturing landscape.