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Automated Systems and Control 135

Automated Systems and Control 135 This class identifies common methods of industrial automation. It describes the available technologies and explains how they are applied in manufacturing.

Robot Troubleshooting 331

Robot Troubleshooting 331 Robot Troubleshooting describes the systematic approach of solving issues that cause robotic malfunction. Robots are complex assemblies that have many components that

Vision Systems 250

Vision Systems 250 This class describes how vision systems work and how they are used for industry. It also describes concerns with mounting cameras and lighting. Intermediate Online 14 English

Robotic Control Systems 240

Robotic Control Systems 240 In this class, you will learn about the basic types control systems. You will also learn about the effects of PID control in closed-loop control systems and how to

Robot Installations 230

Robot Installations 230 This class covers the basic steps for installing and maintaining an industrial robot. Intermediate Online 12 English Objectives What Is Robot Installation? Before

Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220

Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220 This class describes the physical components of industrial robots. It also describes how these devices move and cause motion to perform work.

Robot Maintenance 170

Robot Maintenance 170 This class will teach you about the importance of maintenance, as well as the various approaches and methods used by maintenance workers today to keep industrial robots

Robot Sensors 150

Robot Sensors 150 This class describes the various types of sensors that provide feedback data to robots. It also explains the categories of sensors and shows how sensors are used in industrial

Robot Axes 140

Robot Axes 140 This class will describe the most common robot axes. It will explain how to understand these axes, and how they are used to control robot movement. Beginner Online 16 English

Applications for Robots 130

Applications for Robots 130 This class covers the most common applications of industrial robots. Beginner Online 13 English Objectives Why Use Industrial Robots? The Pros and Cons of Using