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Helical Cutters Go Deep and Long in Tough Materials

When it comes to achieving high material-removal rates in even the toughest materials, it’s hard to beat helical cutters. With the correct insert grades and cutting data, these cutters can achieve far greater depths of cut than non-helical milling tools without sacrificing reach or the ability to hold tolerance.

ISS Takes Manufacturing to New Heights

Two entities are taking steps to form an interstellar economy with the ISS as an orbiting manufacturing hub—the Center for Advancement of Science in Space in Melbourne, FL, (managers of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory) and Made In Space, a Moffett Field, CA, firm.

Service Mold + Aerospace: Canadian Shop Grows with Zimmermann Milling Machines

Service Mold + Aerospace Inc. is not your typical mold shop. While the shop’s core competence remainsthe design, engineering and building of injection, compression, low-pressure, blow molding, glass-encapsulation and forming molds for the automotive industry, it has emerged as a contract build-to-spec supplier of parts for that industry as well as for aerospace and medical customers in North America and Europe.

Getting a Good Fix on ‘FOD’

Manufacturers and fabricators build their reputation on the quality of the products they produce. A vital part of the quality process is regulating Foreign Object Debris (FOD), defined as any substance, debris or article alien to a vehicle or system which could potentially cause damage or prevent proper functioning of the system.

Open Source Connectivity Key to Automation’s Growth

On March 13 this year, thousands of Boeing employees gathered at the company’s Renton, Wash., factory to celebrate the 10,000th 737 to come off the production line. It broke the Guinness World Records title for the most produced commercial jet aircraft model.

Group Project Advances Rapid Blade Inspection

Record growth is shaping change throughout the aerospace and defense industry. Vast population growth, developments in emerging economies and increasing global political tensions are driving this boom cycle. Within this industry, the companies building airplane engines are facing huge order backlogs and looking for ways to speed the manufacturing process while maintaining the highest quality.