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What defense firms can do to ensure industrial security

Defense systems are, by design, built to defend against threats. Today, however, manufacturers of these systems are focusing on an entirely new kind of threat: security breaches targeting their automation systems.

Heading to Mars? Pack a 3D Printer!

If NASA’s Journey to Mars project succeeds, the astronauts who make the 140 million-mile (225 million-km) trip to the Red Planet in the 2030s will need someplace to stay. The space agency is looking at 3D printing, using on-site materials, to manufacture humanity’s first deep space home.

Outlook 2018: Slow but Steady Growth

The US economy remains in a steady and sustainable moderate growth mode. Solid employment gains and gradually firming wage growth have supported household income, consumer confidence and outlays. The same dynamics should persist into 2018 and support a steady, modest pace of consumer spending.

Lean Manufacturing Helps ARS Take Dead Aim on Defense Industry Growth

In 2015, American Rheinmetall Systems (ARS) turned to the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP) for assistance in developing a lean manufacturing program within its facility. ARS needed to streamline its operation and efficiency in order to free up workers to take on additional defense contracts.

General Rules of Burr Minimization, Elimination

According to deburring expert Dr. LaRoux Gillespie, “Everything on burrs has to do with the ductility of the material that you are machining.” He pointed out that machining glass, which has zero ductility, would produce no burrs, while unalloyed copper is highly ductile and therefore prone to forming thick burrs that are difficult to take off.

Aircraft Primes: An Elite Club

Despite the industry’s growth and prosperity, the number of aircraft industry players remains relatively constant. While the industrial consolidation of the last two decades has ceased, there are few signs of significant new market players. A very broad range of factors is responsible for this stasis.

Metrology-Grade CT Scanning Comes into Its Own

Manufacturers are making ever more complicated parts and exploiting new, lighter materials. Internal structures of parts are often intricate, enhancing cooling or reducing weight. This is seen in precision cutting tools and turbine blades boasting internal cooling channels while internal matrix-like structures reduce weight.