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Faurecia goes all in on Industry 4.0

Faurecia decided it needed to get serious about Industry 4.0 fast. To show the way, the French automotive supplier built a $64 million factory in Columbus, IN.

Simulation plays supporting role as additive, subtractive share stage

It’s no secret that Additive Manufacturing (AM), while often regarded as “emerging” technology, has secured its place in the manufacturing arena. There is good reason for this: AM offers a lure of solutions to previously impossible-to-solve design and manufacturing challenges.

Northwestern U Doctors, Scientists Outline New AM Materials for Medicine

PITTSBURGH—Doctors and scientists at Northwestern University have been working diligently for about seven years to bring new materials to clinics that handle plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as transplants, Sue Jordan, chief resident in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, told a crowd gathered to hear her speak today at the RAPID + TCT show.

EXPOMAFE 2017 Debuts in São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazil International Machine Tool and Industrial Automation Exhibition opened on May 9 and runs through May 13 at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, the largest and newest show pavilion in Brazil.

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. Opens New Headquarters in Whitestown, IN

Nearly 100 guests, including customers, officials from Whitestown, IN and Boone County, members of the media and a representative from the Swiss Consulate joined Rego-Fix Tool Corp. executives and employees to celebrate the opening of the company’s new North American headquarters in Whitestown on Friday, May 5th.

Aggressive Machining Requires New Approach to Toolholding

Today, the productivity needed to be globally competitive requires ever increasing metal-removal rates during operations such as roughing and high-speed slotting. Process reliability is paramount, especially when working with difficult-to-machine materials.

VIDEO: A Look Inside B&R, as Its Story Is About to Take a Turn

Summary of report from EGGELSBERG, Austria—Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, the 3,000-person firm that ABB recently said it would buy, shows Smart Manufacturing how it puts together automation PCs, or APCs, in a batch-size-one mode.

Getting a Grip on Rotating Round Tools

Toolholding for rotating round tools—end mills, drills, and taps—continues to evolve with innovative designs aimed at guaranteeing precision, security, and repeatability. As a result, suppliers of toolholding technology have made supporting the precision, security, and repeatability of shrink-fit, mechanical, and hydraulic toolholding the highest priority.

Technology Tailored to Shop’s Machining Needs

You don’t have to look too far to find tooling presetters that fit the machining requirements of just about any size shop. The value of off-line tool presetting—rather than stopping machine spindles to touch off tools as machines sit idle—continues to prove itself invaluable, especially to the smallest first-time user shops.