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The IT Director Who Guided Hitachi to 'One Common Code Set'—From Norman, OK

The 70-acre Hitachi campus in Norman, Okla., where Michelle Mertens serves as IT director for Hitachi computer products employs just 400 people. And while that pales in comparison to the more than 700 people Hitachi employs in Asia, her factory led a worldwide initiative under which Hitachi unified its shop floor systems.

Precision Honing Powers Champion Racing Teams

In auto racing, small details have a major impact on success—a concept very familiar to performance racing parts provider Oliver Racing Parts (Charlevoix, MI). Oliver produces performance connecting rods for the world’s leading engine builders.

Smaller manufacturers can use AR to keep eyes on prize

As manufacturing becomes ever more complex, tools that assist workers with difficult or unfamiliar tasks are becoming critical to process efficiency and product quality. An explosion in the development of mobile, wearable, and augmented reality (AR) computing technologies has thus created a new world of possibilities for the manufacturing industry.

Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed singing praises of composites

Starting with the primitive laminates of the Wright Brothers era, the use of composites in aircraft has evolved over the last century from small amounts on nonstructural components to up to half of some aircraft and use on critical structures, such as wings. A key benefit is reducing weight.

‘The democratization of manufacturing’

In an interview with Manufacturing Engineering Editor in Chief Alan Rooks, DIEGO TAMBURINI, senior design and manufacturing industry strategist for Autodesk, details key strategies for remaining competitive and spells out the IIoT opportunity for manufacturers.

To Get on Industry 4.0 Path, Focus on the Here and Now

Industry 4.0 is inevitable, and everyone is looking to find a way forward. But manufacturing leaders who focus only on the technology involved will be frustrated—because the new industrial revolution is just as much a culture and people thing as it is a technology thing.

Advanced Shops Aim to be on the Top of their Game

Shops looking for ways to improve productivity in traditional subtractive machining processes need look no further than ways to reduce setup time, improve spindle uptime, and implement CNC programming efficiencies. Shop managers overwhelmed by claims about the future of digitalization and Industry 4.0 can find ways to translate that exciting promise into their day-to-day operations—today.