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Simulation plays supporting role as additive, subtractive share stage

It’s no secret that Additive Manufacturing (AM), while often regarded as “emerging” technology, has secured its place in the manufacturing arena. There is good reason for this: AM offers a lure of solutions to previously impossible-to-solve design and manufacturing challenges.

Northwestern U Doctors, Scientists Outline New AM Materials for Medicine

PITTSBURGH—Doctors and scientists at Northwestern University have been working diligently for about seven years to bring new materials to clinics that handle plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as transplants, Sue Jordan, chief resident in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, told a crowd gathered to hear her speak today at the RAPID + TCT show.

VIDEO: A Look Inside B&R, as Its Story Is About to Take a Turn

Summary of report from EGGELSBERG, Austria—Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, the 3,000-person firm that ABB recently said it would buy, shows Smart Manufacturing how it puts together automation PCs, or APCs, in a batch-size-one mode.

Comau, Microsoft, ICONICS Target Efficiency Together

Comau, Microsoft and ICONICS are debuting here at Hannover Messe the results of their work together to improve manufacturing production around the world, in terms of efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Cisco Introduces 3 Solutions to ‘Connected Factory’ Portfolio

For plant managers, being able to see and act on data is key. It holds the secrets to new product introduction velocity, real-time and dynamic optimization, and productivity stats at the worker level. To help plant managers tap into that data, Cisco is introducing three new solutions to the Connected Factory portfolio.

A3 points to Amazon, GM to talk Robots, Job Creation

There is a lot of noise around the issue of robotics and manufacturing jobs, some of it appearing in national business magazines like Forbes and Fortune, and one of the ways to quiet the voices claiming that automation kills jobs is to review the last seven years and to point to real-life examples of robotics applications keeping companies competitive, Association for Advancing Automation (A3) President Jeff Burnstein said today here at the Automate conference.

In Hamburg, Tiny Synergeticon Floats With Some Big Boats

David Küstner and Daniel Erdelmeier wrote their theses at Lufthansa Technik. Now, their firm, Synergeticon, provides digital assistance to factory workers—and its small but growing staff counts among its customers Lufthansa Technik and its partner Airbus, Küstner said in a group interview with British and American tech writers visiting ZAL (Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung) TechCenter for applied aviation research here yesterday.