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Punching Above Your Weight

Brian Post of Oak Ridge National Laboratory shares his thoughts on concrete printing, industry partnerships, and making the Mona Lisa

Fully Engaged

Mihaela Vlasea has built a career by bringing industry and academia together. She’s just getting started.

Powerful Parts

Tough materials, tight tolerances, low quantities, and complex shapes—leading suppliers offer advice for navigating the energy industry’s stringent demands.

3D Printing Company Adds Materials, Italian Firms

Desktop Metal Inc., the company founded in 2015 with no plan to produce a production-level printer, is now promoting 3D printing for high-volume serial production under its AM (additive manufacturing) 2.0 initiative.

Bigger, Lighter, Stronger, Faster

As aerospace ramps up its use of advanced composites, robots and automated manufacturing systems will assume ever larger roles in building and machining these challenging materials.