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Cobots and Simulation Software for Non-Destructive Evaluation

NASA's Langley Research Center is using collaborative robots (cobots) and RoboDK software to automate and enhance the inspection of aircraft fuselages. By utilizing dual cobots, heating elements, and infrared cameras, NASA has significantly improved inspection speed, accuracy, and coverage.

Hexagon's Sixth Sense Announces Nine Startups to Transform Manufacturing Sustainability and Digital Reality

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division has chosen nine innovative startups for its Third Sixth Sense Cohort, emphasizing sustainability and digital integration. These startups offer solutions for critical manufacturing challenges, including product sustainability and design automation. Through the Sixth Sense program, they gain access to Hexagon's resources, accelerating their path to success and contributing to a sustainable future for the industry.

Digitized Shops = Less Stress, Better Organization

Discover the discusses the benefits of digitizing manufacturing shops, highlighting how the adoption of digital tools and systems like ERP, QMS, and MES can improve organization, reduce stress, attract talent, and foster a more positive work environment.

Sustaining CAD/CAM Agility

Explore the transformative impact of cloud, edge computing, large language models (LLM), and convergence in the manufacturing industry, emphasizing the importance of integrated data systems and automation for improved productivity and innovation.