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Big Parts, Big Energy Goals

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers fresh approaches that could put wind in the sails of America’s clean energy sector,

The Next Frontier: Designer Materials

The additive manufacturing industry is on the cusp of designer materials, purpose-built powders that provide specific attributes either during the 3D-printing process or in the final part.

Design Keys: Parts, Not Prints

Traditional manufacturing principles stress designing for the process. For AM, however, design must encompass the entire process, starting with materials and printing but also consider thermal treatment, machining, chemical post-processing, volumetric and dimensional inspection, and mechanical testing.

How AM Can Help Mitigate Supply Chain Insecurities

The question is, how can manufacturers mitigate issues related to problems with carbon footprint, supply chains, and labor shortages? Additive manufacturing may be the answer; it has the potential to overcome many of these difficulties.

Be Green: 'Revert' to Scrap

If the additive manufacturing (AM) industry wants to improve its commercial and environmental sustainability, changing how we think of scrap—indeed refuting the whole concept—is something that we must embrace.