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AI-based Solutions for Maximizing Throughput

AI and IIoT technologies are revolutionizing advanced manufacturing, tackling labor shortages, optimizing production, and reducing costs, with real-world success stories highlighting substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Marposs Celebrates 60 Years of Precision in North America

Marposs Corp. celebrates 60 years in North America and is expanding its portfolio with precision measurement equipment and acquisitions, making significant strides in the EV and semiconductor industries while emphasizing innovation and global reach.

AM for MRO Helps Extend Aircraft Lifespan

Discover how laser additive manufacturing is revolutionizing aerospace maintenance, repair, and sustainability, helping extend the lifespan of aircraft parts while mitigating supply chain challenges.

AM Eases Defense Supply Chain Challenges

Discover how additive manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing the defense supply chain. Learn how 3D printing is saving costs, enhancing military readiness, and ensuring rapid parts replacement. From the battlefield to maintenance depots, AM is reshaping military logistics and boosting supply chain security.

Strengthening Supply Chains

Amid supply chain woes and labor constraints, aerospace and defense industries innovate. Lean principles, vertical integration, and advanced tech reshape the supply chain.

Hexagon's Sixth Sense Announces Nine Startups to Transform Manufacturing Sustainability and Digital Reality

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division has chosen nine innovative startups for its Third Sixth Sense Cohort, emphasizing sustainability and digital integration. These startups offer solutions for critical manufacturing challenges, including product sustainability and design automation. Through the Sixth Sense program, they gain access to Hexagon's resources, accelerating their path to success and contributing to a sustainable future for the industry.