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Measuring Health

Ensuring the accuracy, reliability and consistency of medical devices and their many components is serious business.

Call Me Chi

Smart Manufacturing talks to Professor Chinedum “Chi” Okwudire about vibration, additive manufacturing and why it’s so hard to get kids to play the piano.

Creating a Stir

When not printing tank parts for the U.S. Army, Matt Kelly makes a strong argument for an eighth category of additive manufacturing technology

Avoiding the Cliff

Annie Wang shares her thoughts on data, machine learning and the additive manufacturing industry’s need for collaboration

The Additive Advantage

AM is used in everything from aerospace and automotive to consumer products. But some of the earliest and most significant applications are in healthcare. To this end, the theme of this month’s Manufacturing Engineering is medical machining.

A Bird in the Hand

CMMs are invaluable. Vision systems, portable measuring arms and laser scanners come in a close second. But in the rush to get parts out the door, don’t forget the basics.

Cuervo’s Gold

Advanced manufacturing helps U.S. military further the mission of national security.

Saving Soldiers

Giving service members and their dependents a helping hand. Or maybe a leg. Or, sometimes, a second chance at life.