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Going Beyond Chip Making: Saving Time

Every manufacturer aims for faster, better parts. While chip making time is often the focus when it comes to time savings, Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with Steven Baier, Vice President of Sales for Haimer USA, about time savings that go beyond cutting time.

The Roles of STEM Education in Taking On the Skills Gap

In this podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Dean Steadman, CNC Education Program Manager for FANUC America, about how manufacturing is different than it was 20 years ago and how FANUC helps students and current workers become proficient with robotics and CNC automation.

How Zoller Implements Tool-Management Solutions

At the Westec show in Long Beach, Calif., Cedric Hasenfratz, national sales manager at Zoller USA, explains what common challenges in manufacturing Zoller is determined to solve. He also goes over the company’s approach to implementing tool-management solutions.

How Employees’ Finances Affect Manufacturing Businesses

Financial stresses on your manufacturing employees can hinder their productivity. In this podcast, Geoff Giordano, contributing editor for Manufacturing Engineering magazine, speaks with Mike Domingos and Marc Howell of Prudential Financial about their latest research into the ripple effect on businesses when employees encounter financial issues. They reveal some ways to tailor your benefits packages to help head off financial emergencies for workers – and preserve your organization’s overall financial health.

Upgrading the Manufacturing Path

When it comes to the flow of making something – from concept to design to ordering to production – manufacturing hasn’t changed as much over the last 50 years as many may believe.

Analyzing Machine Data for Process Improvement

Today’s machine tools and ancillary equipment are capable of gathering vast amounts of data. The question is how to analyze this data in order to develop ways to improve key processes. In this episode, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Andy Henderson, Vice of Engineering & Data Science for Praemo Inc. about how data analysis impacts manufacturing, the data requirements to do effective analysis, and key methods of analyzing data for actionable results.

The Advantages for Manufacturers of Outsourcing Marketing Operations

In this podcast, Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Damien Cabral, partner in TribalVision, about the marketing challenges facing manufacturing companies in today’s business climate, why a company would want to use outsourced marketing instead of their own staffers, and some real-world examples of how this process works.

How Metalworking Fluids Can Be a Strategic Advantage for Machine Shops

Metalworking fluids are a key part of the manufacturing process, but many shops don’t understand the critical importance of choosing the right fluid for their processes. In this podcast, Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, speaks with Drew Borders, business development manager for Blaser Swisslube, about why metalworking fluids should NOT be thought of as a commodity and an “unavoidable cost” to a company, how metalworking fluids can be a strategic tool for manufacturers, and the role of new vegetable oil or ester-based metalworking fluids.

Maximizing Metal Additive Manufacturing with In-Process Quality Inspection

In this podcast, Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Ron Fisher, Vice President of Business Development at Sigma Labs about metal additive manufacturing and how their in-process nondestructive quality inspection system is enabling manufacturers to maximize their metal-based additive manufacturing operations and quality control.