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Perfect Analogy for Electrical Safety Principles

Driving to work, deep in thought, pondering the reasons companies use Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) in their electrical safety programs, I nearly slammed into the back of a bus

Process Reliability: The Springboard to Efficiency

I’m among the first to dive into the latest manufacturing innovations and see how they can improve our customers’ operations. Yet, I’m also among the first to advise them to pause and ensure that

Industry 4.0 and CAD/CAM Software: Five Questions

Forward-thinking CAD/CAM companies are addressing the emerging shift in manufacturing towards Industry 4.0. Where does CAD/CAM fit into this picture? Specifically, where does the software program

Show Newbies Inspiring

This year, SLM Solutions Group will be exhibiting or participating in over 200 trade shows and events around the world. Having attended many metal additive manufacturing (AM) events for nearly 20

Process Mentality Essential for Full Productivity

Without a fully optimized manufacturing process, individual machines and entire manufacturing operations fall short of their full productivity and cost-effectiveness potentials. To avoid this

Deep Hole Drilling Control

Like their peers in the manufacturing sector, many deep hole drilling machine OEMs rely on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) controls or reuse systems from other machine tool platforms they

Cutting Strategies for Airframe Components

Machining aerospace materials is a challenging task. Not only are machining operations tightly controlled, a wide variety of workpiece materials are employed, including aluminum, titanium, and

PLM, Augmented Reality Sharpen the Cutting Edge

Aerospace and defense manufacturing is known for its complex designs, continual changes and the need to negotiate tight margin requirements. At Elite Aviation Products (EAP), a division of Elite