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The Quest to Maintain Consistency in AM Parts

Additive manufacturing’s (AM) benefits have long been known to the aerospace industry. Industry leaders, like Boeing, Airbus and GE, have led the charge in using the technology for production

Hexagon Thinks Big, Gets Bigger

It’s easy to become dazed by the continuing stream of buzz words. For those of us in manufacturing, all this buzz creates a sense of impending change, but no clarity on what that change might be.

Creating a Talent Pipeline Requires Collaboration

Manufacturers, and all businesses throughout Ohio, are looking for talent to compete in a global economy that is rapidly changing. With these changes comes the need for better collaboration

AI Enables Smarter Assembly, Superior Products

The next cycle of technology disruption is upon us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking hold in every industry and manufacturing is no exception. AI enables companies—from medical device and

Three Perspectives on Change in Manufacturing

The way products and services are created and delivered is always changing. In the past, the pace of that change was relatively slow and organizations had plenty of time to adapt to and plan for

Back and Forth to the Future of Manufacturing

With global operations in power systems; industry and infrastructure; and aircraft, defense and space, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group's footprint includes 83,000 employees, $35 billion

Forget Your Troubles, Come on Get Happy

Companies like ABB, Balluff and Sick would be within their rights to film a commercial with exuberant sensor product managers breaking out in a song of cheer.

Diving Into My Manufacturing Education

For the past year, I have had the incredible opportunity to pursue my passion for manufacturing by studying mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech (Atlanta); I would not be where I am today